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Magnetotherapy as a method of influencing the human body has been known for many years. But lately, interest in it has increased significantly. And all because the magnets have begun to actively promote as an effective way to combat the extra pounds. Rings, slimming magnets on the ear or on the legs - you can buy anything on the net. Does magnetic slimming really work or is it another divorce for the lazy, you will find the answer in the article.

The essence of magnetic slimming

Many of us use magnets: someone uses them for domestic purposes, someone for the prevention and treatment of diseases, while others simply decorate the refrigerator with them. But besides all this, the manufacturers of wonder products claim that it is possible to use magnets for weight loss, while not deny yourself food and not change your lifestyle in the direction of an active one.

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The mechanism of their work is as follows: slimming magnets contribute to the formation of weak currents in the blood. As a result, blood cells move through the vessels faster, delivering oxygen to the tissues and carrying away the products of metabolism. But not every magnet has a miraculous effect. In order for it to possess such properties, its power must be in the range from 800 to 2200 Gauss. But if you decide to buy this wonderful product for yourself, how can you be sure that the power really corresponds to the declared one?

In addition, sellers are focusing on the fact that their product, whether it is a magnet for losing weight on the ear or on a finger, affects hormones that activate fat burning and reduce appetite. And indeed, hormonal disruptions are often the cause of the appearance of excess weight, but alas, it will not be possible to affect the hormones in this way. Balance hormones can only medication or eliminating the cause of imbalance.

Popular products with magnets for slimness

Let's take a closer look at products that are designed to replace fitness and proper nutrition. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Magnetic slimming rings. These decorations are made of copper. The manufacturer suggests wearing a ring on a specific finger, depending on which problem zone you want to act on, for example, you need to put a piece of jewelry on your thumb to make your face thin, and your kilograms go from your hips to your little finger.
  • Magnets for legs for weight loss. The material for their manufacture is silicone. Magnetic bracelets are put on the big toes and when walking the magnets affect the acupuncture points on the fingers.
  • Nano Slim in the ear. These are two tiny magnets that are mounted on the ear at a certain point. It is necessary to wear this jewelry at least 6 hours a day.

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To help magnetic slimming

There are emotional discussions about magnetic slimming: some people confidently say that putting on magnetic rings for losing weight or bracelets, the appetite really disappears, and the volumes are melting. The explanation for this can be a well-known placebo effect, and slimming magnets for fingers is another beautiful legend to enhance self-hypnosis. But the placebo is effective and its effect is used even for the treatment of serious diseases. Therefore, if you believe, it is quite possible that it will work for you.

As a rule, reviews of those who have been helped by this method say that they have changed their lifestyle and eating habits, as the rings served as a reminder of the cherished goal of harmony, were a kind of motivation, such as pictures that are hung on the refrigerator.

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Where to buy slimming magnets

If you still decide to try one of these products personally, it will not be problematic to buy. The Internet is full of offers from different sellers. And you can buy them on Russian sites, and order from Chinese online stores, but the price will be different. For example, weight loss magnets for toes can be bought from 100 rubles, and the cost of a ring on a hand is approximately 500 rubles. A set designed for ears can be bought for about 600 rubles on a Russian site or ordered from China for about 200 rubles.

And how do you feel about such alternative methods to combat obesity? Leave your feedback in the comments under the article.

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