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What should be a lunch for weight loss ?! The answer to this question will be given in this article. We will tell you how to prepare a healthy lunch for weight loss, which will help you cope with extra pounds and give silhouette slimming. Many young ladies are sure that if you want to lose weight, dinner should be as modest as possible and there should not be so many products in it. In fact, everything is wrong, a diet lunch for weight loss can be prepared from many products that make up a full menu.

What is it, the right lunch?

From 12 o'clock in the afternoon to 15 in the body, there is a very active process of producing enzymes that break down food and promote the speedy processing and assimilation of food consumed. During this period of time, our body needs to get enough energy, and it is for this that we need a full-fledged meal, but which will not be deposited with extra pounds on the body. A healthy lunch for weight loss should contain the necessary body substances and vitamins that will help a person feel full and vigorous.

Carbohydrate content

For carbohydrates in the dietary lunch meet cereals, pasta from coarse wheat varieties, potatoes only in baked or boiled form and in small portions, bran or whole grain bread. These carbohydrate-containing products will fill the body with an adequate supply of energy and for several hours you will feel full and cheerful.

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Protein content

Proper lunch for weight loss can not do without the inclusion in the diet of proteins. The ideal representative of protein foods will be lean meat, fish, poultry. Meat should be either boiled or cooked in foil. A serving of meat should not go beyond 200 grams. Not less popular protein product is boiled eggs and low-fat cottage cheese. Salt and sugar food can not be a substitute for salt can be soy sauce, and instead of sugar, use raisins or dried apricots.

Fat content

In autumn and winter, you must include hot soups in your dietary lunch menu, and in summer, cold soup. Do not add fry in soups. It is allowed to use vegetable oils, broths on skinless chicken breast, fish broths. Do not use refractory fats.

Turning on side dishes

A healthy lunch for weight loss can not do without a side dish, but when choosing it, you need to be careful. As a side dish, it is better to cook legumes — lentils, string beans or regular beans, mun, as well as cereals — for example, rice, oatmeal with a low content of butter.

The inclusion of vegetables and fruits

Useful diet lunch can not do without vegetables and fruits, raw, stewed, boiled and fresh. It will be very useful to include fresh greens. And as a recipe, it is better to choose a green apple or any citrus fruit.

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Sweet inclusion

Sweet meals at lunchtime in the diet are allowed, but in limited quantities, because they give a recharge to the brain. Calorie content should not exceed 100 kcal, these are three marmalades or 1 marshmallow.

Inclusion of liquids

You can drink plain water in unlimited quantities; everyone should drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day. Lovers of sweet drinks is better to forget about them. The maximum that you can afford is water with lemon and a small spoonful of honey. Black tea is better to replace green.

We make the right menu

The best lunch for weight loss should have a varied menu. You can make the menu based on your preferences and naturally starting from the permitted products. Recipes for dining can be the same as in everyday life, you only need to limit the use of fat, salt, sugar, seasonings and other unhealthy goodies.

Option number 1

  1. The first dish of an emaciated dining diet can be a soup of lean meat. Meat is best chopped into pieces and add to the broth.
  2. The second dish can be sauerkraut.
  3. For dessert, allow yourself 2 small pieces of dark black chocolate and a cup of green tea in its pure form, without cream and sugar.

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Option number 2

  1. You can make cream soup from vegetables. To prepare such a dish, you can use cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.
  2. The second fornication will be the pepper stuffed with chicken lean fillet. Pepper can be stewed in a tomato-garlic sauce.
  3. For dessert, allow yourself juice from any berries, but without sugar.

Option number 3

  1. Prepare fish baked in foil, seasoned with lemon.
  2. In the form of a side dish, use a salad in the form of vegetables, seasoned with low-fat natural yogurt or very low-fat sour cream.
  3. In addition, you can take a piece of bread from their wholemeal flour.

Option number 4

  1. You can afford for a dietary lunch lean casserole, made either from vegetables or from low-fat cottage cheese.
  2. For dessert, you can cook a simple dish in the form of fresh apricots, seasoned with grated carrots and a small amount of light cottage cheese.
  3. All this wash down with herbal tea without sugar.

Useful tips

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Remember that the right lunch for weight loss is a complete meal, not consisting of solid snacks. Follow our tips:

  • Eating soups at lunchtime, you get a third less calories than those girls who exclude this dish from your menu.
  • Never drink your lunch with cold drinks because it can slow down or even stop the digestive process.
  • In case you have a good lunch of high-calorie meals, then try to unload your dinner as much as possible, making it very dietary, this will help you to compensate for eating too much and not to lose your slim figure.
  • Try to dine almost at the same time, the best thing is if you fall into the interval from 12 to 15 hours - this is the peak of the body.
  • In no case do not exclude from your life lunch in an effort to lose weight, it can adversely affect health. And if you are predisposed to fullness, then your organism can respond very painfully for a lunchtime refusal and in the evening will try to fill in the uneaten during dinner.

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