Lower eyelash extensions

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The extension of the lower lashes is most often done in conjunction with the upper. Creating a curl on the lower eyelid, in contrast to the already traditional procedure for the upper cilia, has its drawbacks and is not suitable for all girls. Whether such escalation is expedient, about its disadvantages and advantages further in the article.

Technology eyelash extension on the lower eyelid

Eyelash extensions on the lower eyelid are based on the same technology as on the upper eyelid: the master gradually glues a hair behind a hair to the base of your real cilia with a special glue. The difference of the procedure is that it is unreal to do this with closed eyes. The client's eyes are open during the manipulation, and the wizard step by step performs the following actions:

  1. The master sticks special protective strips on the lower eyelid under a natural curl or puts a silicone pad on it.
  2. Natural hairs are treated with a degreaser.
  3. With the help of tweezers, the master picks up an artificial blank and dips it in glue. This should be done in such a way that there is no visible drop. Excess glue should be left on the silicone pad.
  4. Then, holding the eyelash with tweezers, the master fixes it in the chosen place on the eyelid.
  5. According to this scheme, all cilia are glued until the desired volume is obtained.
  6. Eyelash extensions on the lower eyelid, in contrast to the similar procedure for the upper, professional master can even do to herself, because the whole process takes place with open eyes.

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Advantages of curl extensions on the lower eyelid

Modern beauties are very lucky: having come to the cosmetology room or beauty salon, you can “correct” your appearance. For example, in just a couple of hours a girl can get voluminous eyelashes, which nature has not awarded her. Undoubtedly, lush eyelashes look very beautiful and feminine. Using this service, you will receive:

  • Natural curl with elastic cilia of intense color.
  • You can forget about applying mascara for at least a week.
  • You will look spectacular at any time of the day.
  • In a complex extension of the lower eyelashes and upper will make the look open.

Disadvantages of the procedure

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Eyelash extensions on the lower eyelid are not as popular as on the upper. And all because it has several disadvantages:

  • During the procedure, you will need to be wide-eyed, which is very uncomfortable. This can cause tearing and discomfort to the eyes.
  • Not all beauties suitable eyelash extensions on the lower eyelid. So that instead of an open look, sad eyes do not work out, and even worse are spider legs, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of natural eyelashes and take into account the shape of the girl's eyes.
  • It is important to find not just a master, but a professional who will do the work subtly and carefully, because in the lower eyelid all the “bloopers” will be more visible. In addition, the risk of getting material in the eyes is much higher than with a similar procedure in the upper eyelid. To glue for the extension of the lower eyelashes did not get on the mucous, the master must be very experienced.
  • When creating a curl on the eyelid, most often used a special hypoallergenic glue to build the lower eyelashes. And the resistance of such glue, alas, will not allow cilia to be worn for longer than 2 weeks. Is this extension worthwhile?
  • In the sock, the lower cilia can be felt and cause discomfort. Even choosing the thinnest and shortest blanks, they still get long and will reach the skin. It is important to choose the optimal length.

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Where to carry out the procedure, at home or in the salon?

If you want to build eyelashes with your own hands at home, you should know the technology well, be able to use the materials and be aware of the possible consequences of this step. The process is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Even self-gluing false cilia is quite difficult, what can we say about building. If you just read the instructions on the Internet and decided that you can do it, it is better to stop and contact a professional. Moreover, the cost of this service in the cabin is about 1000 rubles, and in order to buy a set with the most inexpensive materials, you will have to pay at least 600 rubles.

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As with any procedure, building on the lower eyelid has its pros and cons. With the proper conduct of all stages, your eyes will look wider. The service can be used to create a spectacular image for a photo session or a holiday, but unfortunately, the result will not please its owner for a long time. Is the game worth the candle? Of course, you decide!

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