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French actress Leticia Casta called L'Oreal's products "affordable chic". Founded more than a hundred years ago by Eugene Schueller, L'Oreal is today the leading cosmetics manufacturer in the world. Every girl probably has at least one tool of this brand. The subject of the article will be the Loreal lip decorative products. We will tell you about the latest products of L'Oreal for lips of 2015 and their features, we will show beautiful photos and informative video.

Popular Loreal Lip Remedies

Loreal lip aids have both their fans and those to whom they have not approached. Then you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the company's popular products and their value, and you may want to buy one of them.

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Infaillible mega brilliance impeccable

Loreal Infibell's new lip gloss, presented in 24 shades from the color of champagne to purple, will surely lead you to confusion when choosing one of them. Especially fond of girls red matte hue.


The product has the following advantages:

  • The bottle is simple and stylish, has a limiter, providing economical use.
  • Convenience of application provides a special shape of the applicator: it is curved in a zigzag manner and has a thin tip.
  • Loreal Infaillible lip gloss is quite resistant, the result is able to hold out in a decent form for up to 4 hours.
  • Texture means hides all the flaws of the skin, not clogged in the folds and corners of the mouth.
  • The tool does not dry the delicate skin on the lips.

Almost all reviews of Loreal lip gloss are positive. You can buy it for approximately 400 rubles.

L products'Oreal

Lacquer lipstick Extraordinator of the company L'Oreal

Loreal lip gloss is presented in 14 saturated glossy shades. The applicator has an unusual shape: its tip is bifurcated. Among the advantages of lipstick extraordinator are the following:

  • Apply Loreal lip varnish evenly.
  • The color is saturated even with a light coating.
  • The result will please you about 2 hours. To increase the durability of this tool, you can use the Loreal lip liner to match the lipstick.
  • The tool perfectly moisturizes the skin and does not create a feeling of stickiness on the lips.
  • It has a delicate peach smell.

lacquer lipstick

The disadvantages include the fact that the gloss disappears rather quickly, and when applying lipstick in 2 layers, a non-aesthetic strip is formed at the place of contact between the upper and lower jaws. The cost of the product is about 450 rubles.

Shine Karess Satin Fluid by L'Oreal

This product is a cross between a lipstick and a gloss. Loreal Shine Caresse lip gloss palette consists of 8 beautiful shades, including 3 bright colors and 5 muted. If you apply one of the muted shades to the sponges, you will get the effect of kissed lips, as in L'Oreal advertising: natural light color and "wet" radiance.

Shine coupesse

The advantages of the tool are as follows:

  • Satin lip gloss L'Oreal Shine Karess has a weightless texture and is almost not felt on the lips.
  • It is convenient to put means thanks to the applicator in the form of a heart.
  • The fluid has a light berry flavor.

The disadvantages include the fact that the pigment means strongly eats into the skin. And if you try to remove the tool with a napkin, you will only erase the glossy shine, and the pigment itself will remain on the skin in divorces. The price is about 470 rubles.

Shine qaress

Top Gloss topcoat for lip volume

The unique covering increasing the volume of sponges at once after drawing. By the way, if you are interested in ways to give sponges volume, we recommend reading the article about the Fullips simulator.

The Top Gloss tool for giving volume to the lips can be used simply as a shine, and can be applied on top of lipstick to make the lips shine, and color-resistant. The product has a slight menthol aroma, does not weigh down the sponge, does not create a feeling of stickiness and cares for the skin on the lips. The cost is about 350 rubles.

Top gloss

Lipstick Color Rich on L'Oreal

Color Riche lipstick is presented in 24 juicy shades. It has a soft texture, thanks to which it easily falls on sponges and does not clog up. To obtain the desired tone, it is enough to apply it in a single layer. AT "sock" The tool is comfortable, does not make the mouth heavy and does not cause discomfort. Thanks to vitamin E in the composition, the skin gets moisturized, and the lips become tender and sensual, a small shimmer creates the effect of smooth lips. The cost is about 370 rubles.

Color riche

Loreal lipstick Rouge Karess

Lipstick Rouge Karess contains 2 times less wax in its composition than classic lipstick. Due to this, its texture is very light, lipstick Rouge Karess as if wraps lips with a veil. The advantages of Rouge Caresse lipstick are as follows:

  • It seems to melt on the lips, gliding over them when applied.
  • The product is presented in 16 beautiful and delicate shades.
  • Lipstick, even after 2-3 hours of presence on the lips does not slip and does not clog up in cracks.
  • Lipstick comes off the lips smoothly, without streaks and stains: first the gloss comes off, then gradually the color.
  • Gives a clear outline and without using a pencil.

Rouge carresse

Its disadvantages include the uneconomical use and low resistance. Buy lipstick Rouge Karess can be about 500 rubles.

Glam Shine Glitter by L'Oreal

Loreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss is one of the universal favorites. Reviews about him are not just positive, but enthusiastic. The advantages of the product are as follows:

  • The compact bottle fits even in the smallest women's handbag.
  • It contains nourishing oils that care for the skin on the lips.
  • Shimmer gloss is very shallow, it does not feel on the lips and creates the effect of the brilliance of diamonds.
  • A wide brush makes the glossing process convenient.
  • The texture of the medium is thick, it does not flow into the folds and does not roll into the white stripe.
  • Feelings of gravity and discomfort does not create.

Glam shine

The cost of Glam Shine is about 380 rubles, but to purchase this product is currently problematic. And what are your favorites of L'Oreal? Share your impressions of decorative cosmetics of this brand in the comments below.

Video: Fluid Shine Caress by L'Oreal

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