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Want to make up your lips in the morning, in the evening they were still bright? So that neither a cup of coffee drunk, nor a lunch snack, or even kisses with a loved one spoil the makeup? Then you need lip tints! If you do not like exaggerated makeup and the feeling of the presence of cosmetics on your lips, this tool will be a real find for you. Let's take a closer look at this cosmetic product and choose the best lip tint in your cosmetic bag.

What is lip tint?

"Tint" translated from English means "shade". This is the essence of this cosmetic product. When applied to the mouth, tint lip balm gives them a natural, matte shade. A novelty came to us from Korea, and you probably noticed in the photo of Korean girls that their lips are always bright, but at the same time they look natural. The product is fundamentally different from the usual lipstick and gloss:

  • The product contains a large amount of pigments that are absorbed into the skin and stain the sponge for a long time. Some products can last up to 8 hours.
  • Tints do not emphasize peeling of the skin and do not gather into lumps, as is the case with glitters and lipsticks.
  • As a rule, they have no taste, and their smell is mild, which makes it possible to completely forget that you have cosmetics on your lips.
  • The very first coating dried the skin, apply them recommended for balsam or hygienic lipstick. But modern products no longer have this disadvantage, but rather "are working" as balms. When applied, your sponge will be moist and protected from harmful environmental factors.
  • The intensity of the makeup can be adjusted independently: each layer will enhance the shade of your lips. This allows you to create with the help of this coating as a barely noticeable natural make-up, and to achieve a bright and resistant color.

result on the lips

To achieve the effect of seductive puffy lips, you can increase their volume with the Fullips simulator, and then apply the pigment only on the central part. As a result, you get a sexy sponge with an effect of kissing.

What does a lip lipstick look like?

The very first tints looked like a liquid of bright color, and the watery consistency allowed the pigment to be quickly absorbed into the skin. Today, this product is available in a wide variety of forms and packages: jelly-like, cream, solid and liquid, in bottles with an applicator, in miniature jars and even in packages in the form of markers.

bottle with applicator

What is included in tint?

A tool that will be present on the lips all day should be safe. You can not worry, tint lip balm is such. The basis of its aqueous or gel, the pigments in the composition can be both synthetic and natural. Also in the composition, as a rule, there are natural oils, such as almond oil or jojoba oil, plant extracts, such as aloe and chamomile, vitamins and sunscreens.

bottles with different shades of tint

How to use tints?

When applying and removing funds from the lips you need to know some details:

  • To make the result perfect, it is recommended to pre-scrape the skin on the lips with a soft scrub based on ground coffee or sugar. After getting rid of dead cells, the tool can be applied more evenly, and the pigment will go without stains.
  • Remember that the pigment quickly penetrates the skin, so here, as they say, do not yawn! If the product falls behind the lip contour, eliminate "bloopers" will not be so easy.
  • Resistance is the main "chip" tint You will see this with demakiyazhe at the end of the day. To pigment "left" your sponges, normal wipes or washing with soap and water will not be enough. Having bought this product for yourself, you should keep on hand the micellar water or milk to remove makeup.

how to apply

Choosing the best lip tint

If you decide to acquire this product, before you buy lip liners, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of those who are already active. "yuzat" This Korean Must-have. Focusing on the reviews of tints for lips, we have collected the best contenders for the role of your future cosmetic pet.

Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip

The most popular girls are Tint lip lips Tony Moly. This Korean brand has official stores in many cities of Russia, and products can be ordered online. Tonymoly Delight Magic Lip has a jelly-like texture and sweet aroma. The product is presented in 4 shades: strawberry, green apple, red and pink berry. This tool will surprise you not only with its durability and ability to moisturize sponges, but also with the fact that it changes color after application. For example, the shade of a green apple looks like a green jelly, and on the lips of the jelly gets a beautiful pink color.

Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip

Tony Moly Magic Lip lip tints have one drawback: they are packed in small jars, there are no applicators for application. Covering the mouth with finger pads is not always hygienic, and carrying a separate brush is not convenient. Its cost is about 200 rubles.

Tony moly tint delight

Tint for lips Delight Tony Tint is presented in 3 shades: cherry pink, red and orange. A bottle resembles the usual lip gloss, but the product is not creamy, but liquid. Tint for lips Delight Tony Tint has a light fruity aroma, its durability is very high, your make up will last all day and even after makeup remover on the lips there will be a slight pigmentation. The applicator is convenient to apply the liquid, and the packaging with the limiter does not allow it to flow out. Tints for lips Tony Moli can be used for the skin, creating with their help a light blush on the cheeks.

Tony moly tint delight

The disadvantage of Tonymoly is that it has a bittersweet taste. The price is about 180 rubles per bottle of 9 ml. Sample variants of small volume can be bought for 100 rubles.

Benefit benetint

Tinta for lips Benefit, despite its shortcomings and high cost, remains a bestseller for several years. Packaging resembles nail polish, apply a liquid pigment with a brush. Many girls often use it as a blush, because the tool dries the skin of the lips, and when applied to the balm does not differ persistence.

Benetint from Benefit

But the product has the advantages that provided him such a favor of beauties: he absolutely does not imprint on objects with which sponges come in contact, has an unobtrusive aroma of rose petals, and the color comes off evenly, without stains and stains. Buy Benefit Tint for lips can be approximately 2,700 rubles, by the way, you can find these Tint for lips in Letual.

Benefit benetint

With these resistant pigments, you will forget about lip coloring during the day, lipstick marks on the glasses and a feeling of stickiness that the gloss creates. If your cosmetic bag has already settled this "korean guest", share your opinion in the comments at the end of the article.

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