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Permanent makeup

The most natural result among all techniques of permanent makeup gives tattooing lips with feathering. If you emphasize the contour is too small, and full "that mach", the golden mean will be the permanent makeup of lips with shading. Let's learn more about the technique, look at the photo of how the lips look after tattooing with shading and find out how the procedure is carried out from the video plot.

Features of the technique of tattooing lips with shading

If you are among the fans of lipsticks and contour pencils, but tired of unstable makeup products and constant make-up adjustments, lip pulling will help to forget about these problems. In addition, this technique of permanent makeup allows you to simulate the correct shape of the mouth, make their outlines clear and at the same time gives the lips a natural look.

carrying out the procedure

Not to create effect "eaten lipstick", the colors of the tattoo are selected as close as possible to your natural shade. The color of the pigment for permanent makeup can be chosen darker by 1-2 tones, but no more.

Types of tattooing lips with feathering

Permanent makeup of lips with shading is of the following types:

  • Watercolor technique. Feathering on this technique is light, and the contour is thin. Sponges become slightly richer in color, but in general, the result looks very natural. If, having made such permanent make-up, to cover the mouth with a transparent shine, the effect of presence on the lips of color shine with a natural shade will be created.
  • The effect of lipstick. This technique involves a dense shading and a clear pronounced contour. Correct selection of color tattoo is one of the main tasks of the master. With a good selection of pigment your lips will look like slightly tinted lipstick, but the result will remain natural.
  • 3D feathering. If you want not only to adjust the shape, but also to visually increase the volume of the mouth, you will be interested in this technique. With the help of needles of different thickness, as well as light and dark pigments master "stuffing" contour with feathering. The technique allows you to create the effect of plump lips, but unlike full 3D lip filling, they will look natural. By the way, if you dream of plump lips, we recommend that you get acquainted with a painless and safe method using a Full-lip lip simulator.

watercolor technique

Lip tattooing with shading

How your lips will look after tattooing with shading entirely depends on the professionalism of the master. By this point it is necessary to approach with all seriousness. To find a good specialist, you can read reviews on tattoo lips with feather on the subject forums. There you can see decent examples of permanent makeup and find a master in your city.

applying permanent makeup

Preparation for tattooing lips with shading

In order for the procedure to bring the desired result, to be comfortable for you, and healing was fast, it is important to follow all the recommendations before the procedure, which the cosmetologist will give you. The preparation is as follows:

  • To make the mouth softer, it is necessary to use a scrub and remove dead skin cells of the lips during the week to day X.
  • Twice a day, moisturize the skin on the lips with a nourishing cream. A regular face cream will do.
  • Additionally moisten sponges with hygienic lipstick or natural oils: peach, jojoba, almond or olive.
  • Special protective lipsticks or plain petroleum jelly will help protect sponges from harmful environmental factors.
  • On the eve of the procedure, it is necessary to take a remedy for herpes within 3-5 days, for example, "Acyclovir". It is necessary to drink the medicine for another 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • During the cold season, the beautician may recommend immunomodulators, for example, "Herbion Echinacea" or "Immunex".
  • The day before the scheduled day, do not drink alcohol and coffee.

beautiful permanent

The scheme of the procedure of tattoo

First of all, the master will assess the condition of the skin of your mouth. If it is too dry, sometimes a specialist can conduct "emergency" Moisturizing measures. To help the beautician in the selection of pigment, grab with your favorite lipstick or pencil, which you sum up the contour. Step by step the whole process has the following scheme:

  1. The master will prepare new disposable needles and nozzles, put on gloves, select the natural color of the tattoo.
  2. "Working" the area is disinfected with a special agent.
  3. Then the wizard will sketch a sketch using a special pencil.
  4. As anesthesia, special creams or injections can be used. The injection is stronger, but some reviews suggest that, due to anesthesia, "to distort" sponge and the result is poor quality.
  5. After that the master will break to "stuffing" contour. If you choose a tattoo of lips without feathering, this procedure will be completed.
  6. Next is the feathering of the lips selected shade of pigment.

the introduction of pigment under the skin

The whole procedure takes less than an hour. The cost of the procedure can vary greatly depending on the qualifications of the master and the region. The price varies from 4-10 thousand rubles.

Recommendations after tattooing lips

Your sponge before and after the procedure will be very different. Immediately, severe edema and excessive hue may be observed, and the mouth may resemble a duck's beak. Do not be afraid, it will pass in a couple of days. As a rule, swelling lasts a day or two, gradually decreasing. When the recovery process is complete, the color will be less saturated, and the shape will return to normal. After the procedure you should follow the following rules:

  • On the first day, the skin should be gently wiped with Miramistin.
  • Sponges should not be wetted during the week. The first day after the manipulation is not recommended even to brush your teeth.
  • It is necessary to drink liquids only through a straw.
  • The formed crusts can not be ripped off in any way.
  • Lubricate the skin should be ordinary Vaseline or Bepantenom Plus.

bright pigment

The lip feathering will last for 2-3 years. To prevent the pigment from growing dim and losing its saturation, protect the sponge from UV rays. Having made a permanent lip makeup, it is recommended to take into account the use of products with sun protection factor.

Video: Performing the procedure of tattooing lips with feathering

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