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Statistics, published in fashionable glossy magazines, says that the first thing men pay attention to when looking at a woman’s face is her lips. Not eyes or any other part of the face, but a sponge. Why is this happening? Perhaps the brightness, fullness and freshness of the lips can fully reflect the charm of a woman.

To date, plastic surgery performed on the mouth, are considered the most common in the world. However, not every woman who dreams of increasing them will risk this painful and rather dangerous step. Moreover, most men express a negative reaction, having learned that the lips of their chosen ones are increased by artificial means. What do women who want to make their lips more voluminous and attractive while avoiding surgery and injections? We present to your attention the device for lip augmentation Lip Pump, which is already used by many stars to create a gorgeous makeup just before an important event!

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Lip plumper - increase without operations

Lip Pump Lip Vacuum Enlarger is a device that instantly enlarges sponges at home. With the help of this plumper you can independently make them more sensual and sexy, and also give them a rich and juicy tint.

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Possessing the properties of a pump, a device that increases lips with a pump, compacts and increases their volume, while improving blood circulation. Proper use of this device allows you to increase the volume of sponges up to 50%.

Reviews of Lip Pump differ exclusively positive character. This device has received recognition, both among beginners and among recognized experts in the field of beauty. It contributes to a fast, symmetrical and, which is important, a painless increase in the mouth. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to follow the simple instructions of the device itself in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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How to use the Lip pump correctly?

The scheme of using a vacuum lip extender is quite simple. First of all, the sponge should be prepared using the correct application of the device in the first two weeks. Initially, it is recommended to use the device in stages in five approaches a couple of seconds per day. After two weeks, each approach can be increased to 5-8 seconds. Thus, it will be possible to keep the volume and fluffiness of the mouth for a long time and to avoid changing their color, which occurs due to improper or excessive use of the device.

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When used properly, the Lip Pump lip augmentation machine will add to the mouth:

  • amazing volume;
  • seductive sensuality;
  • alluring sexuality.

Moreover, the Lip Pump suction cup smoothes small wrinkles around the mouth and, thanks to the vacuum massage, provides fast skin rejuvenation. The use of the Lip Pump Flapper does not require the use of various cosmetics, including harmful chemicals, as well as visits to the doctor, for which large sums of money are often paid.

How much does the effect of enlarged lips from Lip pump?

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Of course, for each person the result will be different. After using the device for two weeks, maintaining the desired lip volume depends on the pump thrust. Reviews of Lips Pump confirm that the average volume of the mouth lasts from 4 to 8 hours. To create an average volume, it is recommended to use the lips pump device for lip augmentation during the morning procedures and during the day if the need arises.

If you have tried this device in action, please leave your comments below the article! Perhaps your experience will be useful for our other readers!

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