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bright lacquer lips

Good lipstick is a small detail that can raise self-esteem to any woman. Changing her shade, a fashionista can easily change her appearance without changing her wardrobe and hair style. Varnish lipsticks are very popular in the new season. What they are, what compares favorably with the category of conventional coatings, and whether it is worth spending on a new thing, we find out in today's material.

What is lip gloss?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “lip gloss”? For certain, by analogy with a fixer for hair or a coating for nails, something incredibly resistant and glossy. There is an image of lip gloss with a dense, almost “glass” finish, the appearance of which is more suitable not for daily walks, but for evening outings or photography. If you look at it, it’s almost like that. Exception - only sensations after application.

plain and glossy lipstick

A lacquer for comfortable and convenient product from the “two in one” category: gloss and lipstick in one tube. The tool looks like a shine in that it is packaged in a convenient tube with an applicator or brush, creates a gloss and cares for the skin. The similarity with lipstick is to create a dense texture and bright lasting color.

Nude and active colors

The history of the appearance of lacquer lipstick

For the first time such makeup products appeared in 2009, due to years of research of a couple of giants of the cosmetic industry Chanel and Lancôme, who managed to incorporate resistant pigments into the cream texture. As a result of the experiments, the release of the first varnish lipstick. But the new items are not very popular. The Lancome agent turned out to be too sticky, and the novelty from Chanel was overdrying the skin.

juicy tones

Already in 2010, Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss appeared on the shelves of cosmetics stores with a bright shine with active pigment. The novelty immediately attracted the attention of young girls who are just not to face a dense classic, and the ladies in age as a means of rejuvenation in make-up.


The popularity is also due to the fact that the representatives of the weaker sex still love to use balsams, considering the classic lips are not comfortable to use, and the sparkles are too frivolous due to the abundance of glitter and excessive stickiness. It is because of the universality of the connection lacquer reached the space popularity and immediately won the hearts of consumers.

Advantages of lacquer coating

To understand what determines the popularity of the product, you should consider its advantages, which should be read before buying. Speaking about the merits, the manufacturer and users note these points:

  • can saturate the sponge with bright color and shine;
  • provides perfect hydration;
  • beautifully rests on the mouth, evenly distributed over the surface;
  • gives the lips sexuality and extra volume;
  • significantly softens the surface;
  • perfectly protects the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors;
  • most models have a pleasant, sweet aroma;
  • 2 in 1 texture: lipstick + gloss;
  • A beautiful bottle will decorate any comets.

original make up

Does lacquer have disadvantages?

Along with praise, there are negative reviews indicating clear flaws in lacquer coatings.

  • the release form - mainly small volume flasks;
  • not all ladies like to use the applicator;
  • some models may leave marks on the dishes;
  • the applicator is too “shaggy”, which makes application difficult;
  • if the skin has peeling, then under this makeup, they are more clearly visible.

Important! Feelings of each lady can be special, so relying on someone else's experience would not always be appropriate. You can experiment with the texture of the gubnushka, and then draw a conclusion based on personal experience.

bright color

Types of lacquer lipstick

Those varnishes that exist today are conventionally divided into three main groups that have a special purpose and have already formed a target audience.

Products with good pigment and high density

Impact on the skin:

  • softening and smoothing the surface;
  • nutrition of delicate covers and their hydration due to the content of argan oil in the composition;
  • beautiful, smooth application;
  • dense texture;
  • saturation of shades and enhanced persistent gloss;
  • suitable for application both in the morning and in the evening (depending on the tone);
  • You can create mixes due to the ease of mixing textures.


For lovers of saturation, we recommend to pay attention to such means:

  • brilliant coating Lacquer Rouge from the manufacturer Shiseido-cost about 1300 rubles;
  • Extraordinaire lacquer coating from Loreal Color Rish - price 400-500 rubles;
  • "Glossy chic" from Oriflame - the price is 500 rubles;
  • cream texture Rouge G de Guerlain L’Extrait from the company Guerlain- costs 2000-2400 rubles.

lip treatment

Bright and light cover

This group includes the brilliance of the "new generation". After application, they are absolutely not felt on the lips, because instead of wax, water often enters into the composition, which disappears after application, and leaves behind a slight shimmer and rich tint. This group of cosmetics gives the makeup the most effective look, so it is ideal for day makeup and does not look hard in a light evening make. Of the disadvantages, can dry the delicate, sensitive skin.


  • Addict Fluid Stick makeup fluid from the company Dior; you can buy for 2000 p;
  • Rouge Infusion Liquid Lacquer Lipstick from Sephora - 300-400 rubles;
  • shine Lacquer Gloss from Shiseido-price of about 1,500 rubles.

glossy makeup

Maximum resistant products

These types can only conditionally be attributed to the lacquer, they are rather extra-resistant lipstick. According to the application and the result of the funds are almost identical. The models are a two-sided bottle, in which one part is a cream with a pigment, applied to the lips with an velor applicator, and creating a matte finish with velvet.


But the second is a gloss, applied with a brush, which adds vinyl gloss to make-up. These models guarantee maximum durability due to volatile elastomer compounds and oils that are not wiped from the surface even during meals. Note:

  • Aqua Rouge liquid substance from Make Up For Ever - 1650 rubles;
  • resistant Pro Longwear Lipcolour from the company M.A.C- 1500 rubles;
  • lip Rouge Double Intensite from Chanel- 2200 r.

MAC company

Reviews of different types of lipstick

  • Svetlana: I use lip paint Infaillible lip paint from L'oreal Color Rish for over a year. Initially, I liked red, but decided to buy a neutral, more nude shade. Cost embarrassed, but as soon as I decided to buy and try, I realized that it was worth it. It is easy to lay down, it feels like oil has been applied to the skin, and this is pleasant.


  • Irina: ordered from The One Lip Sensation Vinyl gel catalog from Avon. Lipstick-mousse, which manufacturers sang praises, but to check the tool turned out to be "not so hot." Liquid consistency with a fatish luster, which is erased with a damp cotton pad. Talk about saturation and durability is not necessary.


  • Eugene: lipstick from the bourgeois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque appeared in my makeup bag after I saw the promotional photos on the billboard, from which a gorgeous brunette with a smart smile was smiling. The price bites, but the efficiency of application and durability in use covers all costs.


  • Catherine: The product from the company Shisaydo Lacquer Rouge occupies a dominant place in my makeup bag. Light, almost weightless coating that allows to moisturize the skin. It fits perfectly, does not roll, and there is no feeling of fat on the surface of the mouth.


Already thousands of women have noted the combination of juicy brightness and durability of makeup. Perhaps liquid varnish lipstick will allow you to discover the doors to a new world of beauty.

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