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Losing weight at home without much effort and tight dietary restrictions is the dream of many women. Japanese slimming method of Dr. Fukutsuji allows you to become thinner by a few centimeters, doing at home alone. And time for such classes is needed just a little bit, just 5 minutes a day.

What is Japanese gymnastics for weight loss?

The Japanese method of losing weight with a towel is already widely known throughout the world, because the book of Dr. Fukutsuji, describing it in detail, was sold in the amount of 6 million copies. At its core is a Japanese slimming roller in the form of a rolled towel and one single stretching exercise. A doctor from Japan for several years observed patients and came to the conclusion that one of the reasons for the "spread" waist was the unnatural location of the pelvic bones and hypochondrium, and if the skeleton was returned to its normal state, the waist would become thinner.

In addition, by slightly changing the exercise, you can “lift” the chest, straighten your posture, and even add a couple of centimeters to your height. In fact, the Japanese weight loss with a towel is not a weight loss in the usual sense, but a normalization of the skeleton in the lumbar and hip sections with a concomitant decrease in volume.

How to do gymnastics method Fukutsuji

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Japanese slimming with a towel or the Japanese method of losing weight Dr. Fukutsuji can be carried out at home. You will need a large towel, tape or cord for fastening and a hard surface - a couch, a massage table or just a gymnastic mat on the floor. The towel must be tightly wound and wrapped with tape so that it does not unfold - you get a so-called Japanese roll for weight loss. It should be at least 40 cm long (but not protrude on the sides when you put it under your back), 7–10 cm thick (with back pain, you can make a thinner roller). Further execution instructions are as follows:

  1. sit on a hard surface;
  2. place the cushion immediately behind the buttocks across the back;
  3. gently lower into the supine position, holding the roller with your hands so that it will be exactly under the navel (to check the correct positioning of the roller with both index fingers, feel the navel, use vertical arms with your hands on the sides of the navel to the waist) - if the finger pads hit the roller, it means it is located correctly);
  4. spread your legs shoulder-width apart (heels should touch the floor) and turn your feet inward so that your thumbs touch each other;
  5. stretch your arms behind your head and straighten them, place your palms on the floor and move them together so that the little fingers touch;
  6. relax and lie down in this position for 5 minutes;
  7. after the time has elapsed, carefully roll over to your side, rest for a minute, then gently rise to a sitting position, sit for a few minutes, and only then get up.

In the early days, such Japanese weight loss can cause discomfort, especially for an unprepared person, so the exercise can be performed not for 5 minutes, but less, increasing the time each time. Since the Japanese method of losing weight involves the skeletal system, the process of returning bones to their natural place is usually accompanied by painful sensations. In case of severe discomfort, you should stop exercising and seek advice, for example, an orthopedic surgeon who will check the condition of the spine and determine the presence or absence of diseases due to which the Japanese method of losing weight may not suit you.

Recommendations for the gymnastics

At first glance, the Japanese system of weight loss is simple and easy, but it can cause difficulties. In the first place, this is due precisely to the painful sensations that accompany the process of stretching the skeleton. However, Japanese weight loss is a real way to improve well-being and get a boost of energy.

To achieve the result, Japanese gymnastics for weight loss should be performed on a regular daily basis. It is also recommended to do a little warm-up before starting the procedure. In this case, the sensations will not be so painful, if at all. There are no clear restrictions on the execution time during the day– classes in the morning invigorate and add energy, while the evening ones allow you to relax and get better sleep.

In addition, it is worth adding that the Japanese method of losing weight can be slightly modified. So, having moved the roller under a breast, it is possible to tighten it, and at the same time and to improve a bearing. If the roller is moved under the beginning of the ribs, then the waist will become more pronounced.

Contraindications to gymnastics Dr. Fukutsuji

Japanese slimming with the help of Dr. Fukutsuji method requires prior consultation with a doctor if you have spinal diseases, back problems or hip problems. Scoliosis, protrusions and intervertebral hernia in different parts of the spine, other diseases - a reason to consult a specialist. Also, Japanese weight loss is not recommended for women during the first year after childbirth.

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Do you want to improve your well-being and reduce your waist effortlessly? Allocate 5 minutes a day to yourself, proceed step by step, shifting the roller from the waist to other positions, and after a short period of time you will surely surprise the surrounding with a regal bearing and a confident appearance.

Combine exercises with the Japanese diet

Since the stretching exercise acts more on the skeleton, without affecting body fat, classes should be supplemented with proper nutrition. For example, the Japanese diet for weight loss helps to eat a balanced and tasty at the same time. Its essence lies in the daily diet, the caloric content of which does not exceed 1200-1400 kcal for women and 1500-1700 kcal for men. This amount of calories is enough to maintain the body without active physical exertion, such as in the method of Dr. Fukutsuji. If the body needs additional energy, it will be replenished at the expense of just fat reserves. At the same time, the Japanese diet allows you to eat variously, there are many different soups and vegetable dishes in it, not only healthy, but also tasty. Want to increase the effect of stretching exercises? Add diet food!

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