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Japanese technique Zogan

Japanese women look amazingly young. It is not surprising that the Japanese facial massage, also known as Zogan or Asahi, caused genuine interest from our compatriots. The technique of lymphatic drainage massage was described in detail, illustrated in the pictures and shown in the video by its Japanese author, Yukuko Tanaka. The method has contraindications and in order to achieve a rejuvenating effect you need to know a lot of subtleties. But as they say, the eyes are afraid, and the hands do and a large number of women began to repeat self-massage techniques at home. And the results confirmed the well-known truth: "That Russian is good, then German is death". We will talk about the dangers and consequences of Asahi Zogan's Japanese facial massage.

About Asahi Zogan Massage

Japanese face massage by Asahi Zogan, whose name translates as "Face creation", at first glance, easy to learn. The essence of technology in the impact on the bones of the skull and deep tissues of the face. Self-massage is performed with the entire surface of the fingers, some movements require the participation of the entire hand.

The author Yukuko Tanaka shows on the video attached at the end of the article, the positioning of hands and describes the pressing force, the direction of movements. All movements are performed smoothly, along the lines of lymphatic drainage, in the process there is an impact on "points of beauty". According to promises, in a few days self-massage will bring visible results:

  • Wrinkles are noticeably reduced and smoothed.
  • Increases skin elasticity.
  • Oval face tightened.
  • Post acne and pimples disappear.
  • The complexion will even out.

clean skin japanese woman

All this should be achieved due to the fact that lymphatic drainage massage helps to eliminate toxins, improve the blood supply to the tissues, eliminate excess fluid. Since the technique involves a forceful effect and belongs to a deep massage of the face, in the process muscle relaxation and strengthening of the vessel walls is achieved.

Rules for performing Japanese massage Yukuko Tanaka

The most important rule: Japanese facial massage is performed strictly along the lymphatic pathways. Themselves lymph nodes should not be affected. There are 5 basic tenets:

  1. Before the procedure, you must thoroughly cleanse the face.
  2. To hands slid over the skin, rather than stretching it, be sure to use milk, butter or massage cream.
  3. After examining the location of the lymph nodes, movements are performed carefully and without pressing on the nodes themselves.
  4. If you experience any pain during the process, stop the procedure.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the face is cleaned on a mandatory basis.

lymphatic drainage line

The dangers of massage Asahi Zogan

To all the above rules, you need to add the following: you need to learn any massage. Making any manipulations with your own face, follow the rule: "Do no harm!" The technique is simple only at first glance: you look, you repeat, and numerous negative reviews have already confirmed this. For most women, wrinkles, on the contrary, appeared; in addition, a Japanese facial massage contributes to its noticeable weight loss, giving the face a youthful, but emaciated look. About the main hazards in more detail:

  • Acne. One of the most common problems is the appearance of subcutaneous acne along the lines of lymphatic drainage. Japanese facial massage is not recommended on critical days. The appearance of acne can also be an allergic reaction to an oil or cream, or it can be the result of non-compliance with the technique. Faced with such a problem you need to stop the procedure until the complete disappearance of acne.
  • Slimming face. The effect, which is achieved by almost 90% of all women, is face slimming. Some reviews suggest that body fat is reduced to a minimum. It is not recommended to use the technique for women with an already thin face or it is worthwhile to work only on its upper part.
  • Edema. If the Japanese face massage by Asahi Zogan is performed in the evening before bedtime, he often provokes the appearance of edema. In this case, it is recommended to change the time of the procedure.
  • Kuperoz. If you have a tendency to appear "spider veins", self-massage should be performed very gently, without pressure. As a prophylaxis, you can use a cream to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, for example, Hesperedin.
  • Flabbiness. Some women note that the skin does not tighten, but rather sags and becomes flabby. If you have thin skin, and perhaps also thinned with peeling, power equipment does not suit you, and you can only make gentle strokes. Discard this technique in order to avoid a similar problem!

women of different ages

In addition, the cause of the negative consequences is that the skin problems of a 20 and 60 year old woman are completely different, and therefore the movements are different. In the network you can find video tutorials for different ages. If you decide on self-massage, read them.

Contraindications of Japanese massage Asahi

Facial massage in Japanese has a number of contraindications:

  • Dermatological diseases.
  • Problems of the lymphatic system.
  • The presence of any inflammation of the skin.
  • The presence of rosacea.
  • Diseases of ENT organs.
  • Feeling unwell.

Opinion of a cosmetologist about self-massage by Asahi Zogan

To warn women against possible problems, cosmetologists and professional massage therapists do not recommend self-massage without first learning the basics.

Cosmetologist with years of experience Tiina Orasmäe-Meder warns that: "To perform massage on the video is the same as learning to play the piano on video and comments like "We click quickly on the black sticks, and then with one finger on the white". You will be able to imitate learning, and it is unlikely that you will properly massage."

beautician session

If you first encounter with self-massage, it is recommended to contact a professional at least for a minimal set of hands. It is important to know the physiology of facial tissues and Langer lines, that is, lines of skin tension. If you have tried this technique personally, we are waiting for your feedback under the article. Your experience will be useful to other women.

Video: Asahi Zogan Japanese Massage

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