Japanese eyelash extension equipment in detail

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Japanese eyelash extensions are one of the most popular and effective options for girls to transform their eyelashes, making them longer and thicker. Eyelash extensions using the Japanese technology allows you to make a correction no more than once a month, and the actions of the beautician are completely painless. Japanese eyelash eyelash extension involves the work of the wizard individually with each eyelash.

Pros eyelash extensions on the Japanese technology?

  • Japanese eyelash extensions give them naturalness and "theatrical effect".
  • If you treat them correctly, they hold on for a very long time.
  • Artificial cilia are very light and the hostess does not even feel them.
  • Building on the Japanese technology withstands sunshine, raindrops, tears and other effects.
  • One of the most important advantages of this type of extension is the ability to forget about the existence of carcasses for a long time! After the procedure, it seems that another one is glued to each native eyelash, they are very thick and bright, so that the mascara becomes unnecessary.

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Eyelash material and thickness

The piece extension of cilia became real because they were created from sable, mink, silk and silicone. Materials vary in stiffness and thickness:

  • The thickness of the mink cilia is 0.15 mm, with your eyelashes with them as if already painted.
  • The sable eyelashes are almost twice as thick as mink — 0.25 mm; when they are extended, they produce very thick and dense cilia, but they have the shortest wearing period.
  • Silky cilia are the softest and thinner, their diameter is 0.1 mm. According to reviews, it turns out that these cilia are the most popular.
  • For creating "surround look" use cilia made of silicone.

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Technology build Japanese method

Make a build-up on the Japanese system can only be highly skilled, because unlike other types, the Japanese eyelash extension is the most laborious and requires maximum attention. Japanese extension scheme:

  1. It is necessary to go to the procedure with an absolutely clean face, there should be no cosmetics. Even with contact lenses, they must be removed.
  2. The client chooses the effect she wants to get after the session. The master can create 3D volume on the eyelashes, simply lengthen them, make “puppet eyelashes” or increase them to the corners of the eyes to achieve "fox look". The volume of your cilia is increased by using the correct diameter of the blanks.
  3. The girl should lie on the couch and keep her eyes closed throughout the procedure, as the work of the master happens with very sharp tweezers. The beautician first makes the degreasing of cilia by special means. Then the lower eyelashes are sealed with special stickers, this is necessary in order to avoid their gluing.
  4. On each native eyelash, the master glues a special artificial glue. Glue is used on the basis of resin. What exactly the number of blanks will be glued depends on what result the client wants to get, sometimes it reaches up to one hundred and fifty pieces per eye, and the length starts from six millimeters and reaches sixteen.

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Girls write reviews that after opening, the eye very often tingles within a few minutes, but it is not dangerous, the eyes react to glue. On average, the procedure is fully carried out in two hours. An unqualified specialist with his own hands can seriously spoil the healthy native eyelashes of clients, a good cosmetologist must have certificates and a catalog of works that can be viewed. So check the availability of these papers from your master.

Eyelash extension at home: instructions and recommendations

before and after hair volume increase

The extension of the cilia is complete and incomplete, the Japanese refers to the full, because the eyelashes are not fastened with bunches, but by the piece. Materials needed for Japanese eyelash extensions:

  • A set of cilia, they can be purchased in special stores. About eighty to one hundred and twenty "hairs".
  • Glue. It is necessary to choose it very carefully, it must be transparent, not allergenic, often the glue comes in a set with cilia.
  • Tweezers. You can buy separately, but you can use the one that comes in the set.
  • Tonic or lotion to degrease the work area.
  • Cotton wool, better tampons or cotton swabs.
  • Any vegetable oil.
  • Toothpicks or a stack is a needle.

staggering volume

Girls are not recommended to do this procedure on their own. To perform the procedure at home, contact the masters, because many experts do not work in beauty salons, but at home. Instructions step by step eyelash extension on Japanese technology:

  1. All materials should be placed in an accessible place so that you can immediately take everything you need. First degreased "hairs" and eyelids artificial "hairs" I will stay longer if my family is perfectly clean.
  2. Then everything happens in stages: squeezed glue on the plaster or foil, glued to the hand. The blunt tip of the workpiece must be dipped in glue, they must be held with tweezers.
  3. Need to glue from the temple and gradually move in the nose. To prevent the hairs from sticking together, it is necessary to leave small intervals between them.
  4. It is impossible that the glue gets on the skin of the eyelids, so you need to build up a little below the roots.
  5. As a rule, artificial cilia are attached to the relatives in the 1/1 ratio, however, if the native eyelashes are rare, you can attach two artificial cushions to the same native. Blanks are glued exclusively in one direction. You can increase the cilia and the top and between relatives.
  6. Eyelashes need to be increased in 3 stages: first, twenty or thirty pieces per eye, then as many in the second eye, then the procedure is repeated. After this, the eyelashes are adjusted.
  7. So that the hairs do not stick together, they are separated either by a needle or a toothpick.
  8. If the eyelash by mistake was not enlarged in the right place, then you can easily fix it by removing it. To do this, moisten a cotton swab in the oil and attach it to the place where the workpiece is glued and after a couple of seconds it can be easily removed, but after that you need to degrease the native again.

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