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invizibable springs

At about the same time as the famous Tang Teaser comb, Invisibobble hair ties became fashionable. They gained wild popularity due to an interesting unusual design and their unique, as the manufacturer claims, properties. What is this miracle gum Invisibobble?

Invisibobble design

Externally, Invisibobble gum looks like small springs closed in a ring. Most of all they resemble the cord of old phones. Rezinochka made of a dense polymer material, something between a rubber and plastic. Moreover, the production scheme is environmentally friendly, as the manufacturer says. The material is quite dense to the touch and elastic, due to which the spring invisibobble easily stretches, but at the same time regains its shape. On the surface there are no joints and seams, it is solid and absolutely smooth.

variety of springs

The manufacturer offers a lot of colors of the product. Invisibobble elastic bands are black, transparent, gray, imitating all natural shades of hair, as well as brightly acidic. The official website of the manufacturer offers to familiarize with the main collections of rezinochek, and also from time to time presents new limited collections of unusual colors, so to speak, for gourmets.

pink and black rubber

Properties hair tie Invisibobble

Why so fond of these devices around the world? Here is a list of unique properties that are stated in the description of Invisibobble hair ties:

  • due to their shape, they do not over-pull their hair and do not leave any wrinkles on them, which is very important for the health of the hair;
  • the invisibobble spring can be easily removed from the hair, since its surface is perfectly smooth, which means that it does not pull out or break the hair;
  • the wonderful gum perfectly keeps hair collected in a tail or a bunch, at the same time without dragging and without causing discomfort, a headache;
  • gum Invizibable allows you to make yourself a lot of different hairstyles for any occasion, from a regular tail to beautiful evening styling;
  • the product is durable and durable, it easily restores its shape;
  • Plastic rubbers are naturally not afraid of water and detergents;
  • suitable for any texture, density, thickness, type of hair;
  • by the way, according to the manufacturer, Invisibobble hair bands are made of environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health;
  • we can not say that the gum due to its unusual design and bright colors can also be worn on the arm, like a bracelet.

All the listed qualities occur only if the original is intended, and not its imitation.

tail with invizibable

Hairstyles with invizibable

Regarding the creation of hairstyles using these rubber bands, everything is elementary. Make yourself a tail or a bundle is not difficult. If you want something more complicated, then on the official website there is a section where it is shown step by step how to make a beautiful hairstyle at home using these springs. There are styling for everyday life, there are more elegant and evening options.

hairstyles with famous springs

Comparing the original with fakes

There are a lot of products that look like an elastic band for invisibobble hair bracelet, this is not surprising, considering its popularity. Reviews of many women who have tried both, allow us to distinguish features that distinguish real rezinochki from imitations:

  • The density and elasticity of a real invizibable is different, the forgeries are denser, but at the same time they are easy to stretch and poorly restore the shape, or do not restore it at all.
  • A real gum is invizibable, if it has already stretched strongly, in hot water quickly takes on its original appearance.
  • Fakes really break the hair more and leave creases.
  • The original is much stronger, imitations break when stretched.
  • Often on counterfeit elastics there is a longitudinal or transverse seam that can cling to the hair.

The feedback that a real gum invisibable receives is really good. However, in fairness it should be noted that often the girls come across very good fakes, which also serve for a long time and meet all expectations, while standing at a much lower price. But, come across such not always.

spring bracelets

How much does Invizibable cost?

Original rezinochki sold in plastic transparent packaging for 3 pieces of the same color. The official site offers to buy such a set for 290 rubles (a set of standard collections). It turns out that one gum, it is an invisibobble bracelet, costs about 100 rubles. However, the price even for real rezinochki can vary greatly from different intermediaries - from 250 to 450 rubles, and the cost of invisible from the limited "special" collections is somewhat higher. Fakes on different sites, on the same Aliexpress, can have very different costs - from 10 rubles per rezinochku.

beautiful hair ornaments

In general, judging by the reviews and the growing popularity, the elastic band for the hair is an invisibobble thing worthy of attention. Moreover, it can be used both as a rubber band and as a decoration for a hand, just two in one!

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