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Aqualyx for Intralipotherapy

Intralipotherapy is a unique method of dealing with local fat deposits. The procedure is rapidly gaining popularity due to its relatively low cost. Its second name is "office liposuction" technology received due to the rapid recovery period that does not require a change in the normal rhythm of life. About what intralipotherapy is, its advantages and disadvantages, its effectiveness and safety, read on.

What is Intralipotherapy?

An innovative method of influencing body fat Intralipotherapy involves the introduction of Aqualyx into problem areas. This drug belongs to the category of lipolitikov, its active substance is a salt of deoxycholic acid. The same acid, only in a different concentration, is used in mesotherapy for slimming. In humans, deoxycholic acid is produced by the liver and is involved in the breakdown of fats from food in the intestine.

information about intralipotherapy

With the introduction of injection Aqualyx, the drug is distributed in the problem area, gradually "dissolves" membranes of fat cells and destroys them. In addition, Aqualix stimulates the lymphatic system so that fat is naturally excreted from the body and contributes to the production of collagen so that the skin does not sag at the injection site. The technique was developed by Italian professor Pascual Motolez. The drug is registered in Russia and Europe, has a confirming registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor and a certificate of quality.

Benefits of Intralipotherapy

Intralipotherapy Aqualix has already been tested by many women in Russia and most of them were satisfied with the procedure. The advantages of the technique include:

  • Efficiency. The result of the manipulation you can see within a few days after the injection, as soon as the swelling comes down. For most women, Aqualix helped with such problems as "ears" on the thighs, second chin, thick sides, fat deposits in the knees. As you know, such zones are difficult to adjust diets and physical exercises.
  • Short rehabilitation period. You will be able to continue living at your usual pace, after the procedure no rehabilitation measures are required, only to wear compression underwear to improve the appearance of the skin.
  • The speed of the procedure. Intralipotherapy Aqualix on average takes you about half an hour.
  • Painlessness The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. All you can feel is the insertion of a needle into the skin.
  • The speed of obtaining a result. In order to solve the problem of body fat varying degrees, it takes from 2 to 6 sessions.
  • Relatively low price. On average, the cost of one drug ampoule is 4000 rubles. For different zones may require from 1 to 3 ampoules. Also, in some clinics, you need to separately buy a special needle for the injection, its estimated cost is 600 rubles.

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If you adhere to proper nutrition and keep a little active lifestyle, fat deposits in the treated areas will not appear again. Destroyed fat cells will not recover at the injection sites, and therefore the result can be maintained for a long time.

Disadvantages of Intralipotherapy

The technique has disadvantages and we will tell you about them. The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • After the injection, many women notice painful sensations in the treated areas.
  • Large needles and bruises can form at the site of needle insertion.
  • There are contraindications, the technique is not for everyone.
  • In order for a specialist to introduce Aqualix, the thickness of the fat fold should be at least 1.5 cm.
  • The end result depends on the qualification of the specialist and his compliance with the technique of the drug administration.
  • After the procedure, it is forbidden to sunbathe, drink alcohol and steam in the steam rooms. The restrictions are minor, but some women because of the psychological aspect after the procedure really want champagne, on the beach or in the bath.

set of aqualix in syringe

Intralipotherapy is not able to solve the problem of excess weight, but the authors of the technique do not promise this effect, and therefore it is not possible to attribute the item to shortcomings. The drug acts on local fat deposits and is introduced into certain areas. That is, if you are overweight, the method is not suitable for you. It is designed for women whose figures are relatively slim, but there are problem areas such as "breeches" or tummy.

How is intralipotherapy

As we noted earlier, the procedure is quite fast. Intralipotherapy is performed with the help of special long needles Lipoinject, allowing to use "fan" the technique of introducing Akvaliks. Before intralipotherapy specialist will conduct an inspection and determine the desired dose for a particular patient and the number of sessions that will provide the desired result. The picture shows areas that can be adjusted by Aqualix.

Aqualix injection zones

Only a specialist in a beauty salon or clinic can manipulate! It is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. The specialist will make measurements of volumes in the corrected zone.
  2. Then a special marking is applied to the correction zone, indicating the direction of drug administration.
  3. The specialist will open the bag with a disposable alcohol wipe and treat the area of ​​drug administration.
  4. Then a 2% Lidocaine solution will be introduced into the vial of Aqualix.
  5. Special needle preparations are injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue.
  6. The doctor will perform a special massage for a better distribution of Aqualix. This will prevent uneven contours at the injection site.

a woman is given an injection from Aqualix

After the procedure, a specialist may recommend that you enhance the effect of intralipotherapy with a course of lymphatic drainage massage or ultrasound cavitation. If a patient has been prescribed for more than 1 session, the next one can be done at intervals of 3 weeks.

Contraindications to Intralipotherapy

Although Akvaliks drugs do not have a toxic effect on the body, acting locally, and are considered safe for humans, the procedure has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Poor blood clotting.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys and heart.
  • Individual intolerance to lidocaine and its components.
  • Obesity (if the body mass index exceeds 30).
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Inflammation or allergic reactions on the skin at the injection site.
  • Acceptance of anticoagulants.


Recovery period after intralipotherapy

The following recommendations will make the recovery process after the procedure faster and more efficient:

  • After intralipotherapy, it is recommended not to take alcoholic beverages during the first 2 weeks.
  • It is necessary to refuse visits to the solarium, saunas and baths, as well as limit your stay in the sun for 2 weeks after the session.
  • Revise your diet and remove fatty, fried and high-calorie foods from it.
  • To improve the excretion of metabolic products, you should observe the water balance, drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • The recovery process will be even faster when wearing compression underwear during the first week after the manipulation. These can be trousers or a bandage (compression ratio of 12 mm, depending on the zone being corrected.

compression underwear

Of course, there are also negative reviews of women, whom the technique did not help to cope with their problem, but alas, there is still no universal method and the result may be different in each specific case. Experts do not promise any incredible results, so it’s not worth waiting for a miracle, but the technique really works, and, importantly, it is safe. Remember that this is a local correction, not a way to lose weight. What do you think about the Aqualix Intralipotherapy? Leave your opinion in the comments under the article.

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