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In the modern world, the cult of body beauty makes women constantly look after themselves, the pursuit of body youth becomes an important part of their lives. Age-related changes in the skin of the face make the fair sex feel particularly uncomfortable; in this regard, the beauty industry regularly releases new tools to combat them. One of the latest innovations was the cream Instantly Ageless from the company Jeunesse, whose manufacturers promise an instant lifting effect and smoothing even deep wrinkles in two minutes.

The official site of Genes suggests to buy instantly ageless anti-wrinkle cream in the online store for 4890 rubles, product delivery is carried out in Russia and abroad. Quite affordable price, if the tool really rejuvenates the face, is not it? What is the uniqueness of this cosmetic? How does instantly rejuvenation instantly ageless? What are the real reviews of Instantly Ageless cream? In this article we will try to figure it out.

How does instantly ageless gel work?

The manufacturer positions the tool for the eyes Jeunesse Instantly Ageless as a worthy alternative to Botox injections. Insantly Ageless instant action cream helps to smooth wrinkles at home, get rid of eye bags and puffiness, narrow pores and even out skin tone. The product has no contraindications and is safe to use. Instantly ageless cream is available in two forms of packaging - ampoules and sachets.

release form tube and sachets

The composition of the cream includes active microcomponents, - Argireline, phenoxyethanol, sodium silicate and magnesium silicate, - which restore the skin at the cellular level, revitalize it and minimize fine wrinkles and pores, providing a perfect look. The effect of the cream is noticeable after 2 minutes after application and persists for 10 hours.

Application Instantly Ageness

The instruction is attached to the preparation, which states that the agent can be used daily. The rejuvenation scheme suggests that the effect will be achieved if the skin care is performed in stages:

  1. Before applying the product, wipe the face with a cotton pad dipped in water - the product interacts more effectively with moisturized skin;
  2. To avoid traces of instantly Ageless, heat the sachet or ampoule in your hands or in warm water. Before applying the gel, rub it between your fingers;
  3. Apply a thin layer of the product to problem areas and leave on the skin for 2-3 minutes. While the gel dries, it is advisable to keep the face stationary.

botox effect

What else is important to consider when using the cream:

  • Apply a moisturizer or makeup products can be no earlier than 10 minutes after application;
  • Since Instantly Ageless Cream actively affects the muscles and skin of the face, there may be tingling or tightening sensations that disappear after a while;
  • The gel is incompatible with oil-based cosmetics.
  • The effect of Instantly Ageness is maintained for 8-9 hours, the constant use of the product restores and rejuvenates skin cells. The tool is effective not only for the skin around the eyes, but also in other problem areas.

Contraindications to the use of gel Instantly Ageness

The manufacturer describes the product as hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for health. However, it is undesirable to use it until the age of 23, since until this age the skin is renewed independently.

manufacturers predicted effect

Real reviews on rejuvenating gel instantly ageless

Maria: “Like any woman, I want to look young in order to like myself and others. I bought a sampler instantly Aegless, like the original. Definitely there is a result, despite the fact that my wrinkles are shallow. However, I will not use it - strapped skin, as if smeared with gelatin, is terrible! The gel is clogged in wrinkles, the skin flakes off. The effect resembles a frozen mask, but when you smile, wrinkles appear even stronger. I tried to apply Instantly Ageness on a moist face, the skin became like parchment, I began to look 20 years older ... "

Natalia: “I didn’t believe it at first "miracle"until I tried it myself! After a few minutes, the effect is already visible; the skin pulls up, wrinkles disappear, couperosis disappears, and so on. But, it's not for long. After a few hours, everything returns to its former state. ”

Daria: “I will tell you about my unfortunate acquaintance with the advertised cream Instantly Ageles. I read reviews on the Internet, allegedly he removes wrinkles and bruises under his eyes, and decided to order it for himself. On the official website, two small tubes of cream cost 2000 rubles, after the order the manager called me back, confirmed the application and promised that I would not regret choosing! A couple of days later I met a courier, he gave me a small box and left. She opened the house - an ordinary can of cream without designations instead of the stated 20-gram tubes; neither instructions nor certificates were attached to it. At home I washed my face and anointed the wrinkles, but they did not disappear anywhere. And the worst thing is that after an hour the face turned red and itched, and the cream was declared as hypoallergenic! I called the company, but no one picked up the phone. Do not spend money on this "miracle"! "

Anna: “Cream instantly ageless left an ambiguous impression. I step by step, as in the instructions, put it on the area around the eyes, the skin stretched as if it had been smeared with egg white. Due to the bags are reduced, but after a while, huge wrinkles appear, and the skin looks overdried! But it's better to endure than walk with swollen eyes. ”

Findings on the use of rejuvenating means Instantly Ageness

Instant Cream Instantly Ageless is positioned as an innovative development in the field of skin rejuvenation and an alternative to botox injections. The manufacturer promises instant effect and complete safety for health. However, many of those who purchased and tried the remedy left negative reviews on the Internet, either due to the absence of visible changes or the appearance of an allergic reaction - itching, scaling, redness. Evidence of the effectiveness of the cream is almost absent, most positive reviews are advertising. Having visited any forum where users express an opinion on acquaintance with this drug, it can be noted that negative reviews are either deleted, or they are exposed as the machinations of competitors and anti-advertising.

instantly ageless skin rejuvenation effect

Moreover, little is known about the real composition of the cream and its effect, and therefore it is difficult to predict what the result will be and what side effects it may cause. There are also cases of consumer fraud when they received a product of inadequate quality without the necessary certificates, that is, there is a high probability of buying a fake product that is harmful to health for a high cost. Therefore, it is worth considering before giving money for a cream with a dubious reputation. If you have tried instantly ageles cream and you have something to say, you can leave a comment under this article.

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