Infrared sauna

infrared sauna

Infrared sauna is a pleasant thing and loved by many, it feels as good as a regular bath, but has its own characteristics. With the right approach, the procedure is good for health, but under certain conditions it can be harmful. You can use the infrared sauna not only in health centers and spas, but also at home.

Effect on the body of the infrared sauna

The main role in this case is played by infrared radiation. The same emit the sun, the human body and any warm object. IR radiation does not heat the air, like a furnace in a conventional bath or sauna, but the human body itself, that is, the method of heat transfer — wave. And the body is warming deep. Infrared heaters in the sauna spread heat evenly, there is no accumulation in the upper part of the cabin.

Infrared sauna due to the heating of tissues has a number of physiological effects on the human body:

  • increased blood flow and metabolic processes in all tissues;
  • excessive sweating;
  • increased heart rate, vasodilation;
  • relieving spasms;
  • impact on the course of inflammatory processes;
  • the expansion of the skin pores, the discharge of the cornified epidermis;
  • increase the ability of the skin to regenerate;
  • calming effect on the nervous system.

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Infrared sauna– benefits, harm, rules of operation

All of the above effects can be viewed from two points of view; they can bring both benefit and harm to the body. This is influenced by many factors, including the state of health and the presence of diseases and injuries at the time of using this device.

The benefits of infrared saunas

Under favorable conditions and in the absence of contraindications, the use of an infrared sauna is indisputable. About the same say reviews of lovers of the procedure. Based on the above effects of heat on the body, you can bring out the positive moments of visiting the infrared sauna:

  • acceleration of metabolism, tissue oxygen saturation;
  • relieving fatigue, muscle tension, for example, after playing sports or hard physical labor;
  • the discharge with sweat of excess fluid, the elimination of swelling;
  • removal of toxins and slags;
  • increased immunity;
  • training the heart muscle, increasing the elasticity of the vascular wall, and thus preventing its damage, development of heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • removal of spasms, elimination of pain associated with them;
  • acceleration of healing of inflammations, infiltrates;
  • improvement of tissue repair after injuries, operations;
  • skin cleansing, renewal and regeneration;
  • removal of emotional stress, fatigue, insomnia.

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Infrared sauna damage and contraindications

All the positive effects of infrared radiation can be negated and even seriously harm. No need to self-appoint a procedure, hoping to cure some disease. The harm of an infrared sauna will be evident if you ignore contraindications to its visit. These include:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels, stenocardia, or heart attacks that have already been transferred;
  • metabolic diseases, such as diabetes;
  • renal failure;
  • the presence of a cold or any infectious disease in the acute phase;
  • increased temperature is not dependent on the cause;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • skin diseases with acute inflammation, suppuration;
  • malignant and even benign tumors;
  • diseases that are accompanied by a tendency to bleed, since the expansion of blood vessels can cause massive blood loss;
  • menstruation in women, since blood loss may increase (it happens that a woman prescribes thermal procedures to herself, hoping to relieve pain);
  • the first time after injuries and operations;
  • pregnancy and postpartum period;
  • Separately, it can be noted that there is unverified data on the harmful effects of IR rays on the cerebral cortex. Even the instructions of some Japanese saunas mention this.

How to visit the infrared sauna

To fix, and not to spoil your health, you need to know how to use the infrared sauna. The admission procedure is as follows. The duration of one continuous stay in the sauna is 20 or 30 minutes, not more. And the frequency of taking procedures 3-4 per week. Too often, going to the sauna is not worth it. At the same time inside it is better to sit, legs down, straightening his back. After exiting the cabin you should not douche with cold water, a warm shower will be enough. And be sure to drink a large mug of water, mineral water or green tea to restore the water balance.

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Sauna at home: ready-made booths, portable devices and making their own hands

There are infrared saunas almost everywhere - in health centers, spas, fitness clubs, even beauty salons and massage rooms. But an infrared sauna at home may also be appropriate. There are three options for its home use - a hand-made ready-made store and a portable mini-sauna.

Ready infrared cabin

Now they are sold everywhere and are popular because they are easy to use, they are powered from an ordinary outlet, they “eat” little electricity and are safe. And they are compact and environmentally friendly. The best infrared saunas are made of natural wood, usually it is Canadian cedar or hemlock.

Standard single cabin has a size of 1x1x1.85 m, and double - 1.3x1.2x1.9m. It is quite acceptable for a city apartment, but still the size of the room for the booth should be 2 times its own size. Installation is easy, even without the help of the assemblers - all the parts are assembled step by step;

ready cabin

Making infrared saunas with their own hands

Cheaper, but by no means easier, will do everything yourself. Do-it-yourself infrared saunas are done on the condition that you have skills in electrics, the ability to handle building materials and after consulting with the BTI and the fire inspectorate.

The best infrared saunas, created by hand, are obtained from linden, alder, aspen inside, and from dry conifer wood for carcass. Outside the frame is sheathed with MDF. The door can be taken interior, but from the array and tightly closing. In addition, infrared heaters will be needed - 5 pieces, which can be found in the building hypermarket.

Portable cabin

The most affordable and simple option for home use is a portable infrared sauna. It is a lightweight folding structure made of a frame covered with insulating material and having thin heaters inside. It can be carried, stored in a closet, even taken with you on long trips. Such devices are bought often and have positive reviews. By the way, their plus is that the head remains outside the capsule during the procedure, this eliminates the harmful effects of rays on the brain.

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Where to buy and how much is infrared sauna

An infrared sauna at home can be a very expensive pleasure, and it can cost quite reasonable money. You can buy a ready-made full-fledged booth or its mini-version in building hypermarkets or on Internet sites. Sample rates:

  • The cost of infrared saunas from Canadian cedar per person can be from 60,000 to 150,000 rubles, depending on the design, manufacturer and components. Quadruple version of the same material from 180,000 to 250,000 rubles.
  • Portable infrared sauna can have a price from 4 000 to 16 000 rubles.
  • The cost of the construction of the cabin of the house will depend only on the selected materials, the cost of components and services of specialists in a particular area, for example, electricians.

Use the infrared sauna wisely, have fun and only benefits for your health!

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