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Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life, but not everyone is able to survive this period without unpleasant consequences for appearance. The “swam” figure, skin that has lost its tone and stretch marks after childbirth manifest themselves in varying degrees in each woman who has given birth, regardless of predisposition to them before pregnancy and on health status. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks (another name for stretch marks), it is necessary to understand the reasons for their occurrence, and then pay attention to the condition of the skin at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Causes of stretch marks after pregnancy

  • Changeable hormones. For all its naturalness, pregnancy is a stress for all body systems, and the skin is no exception. Postpartum stretch marks can occur due to the lack or excess of certain types of hormones in the body, in particular, collagen and elastin.
  • Strong and fast weight gain is one of the main causes of micro-breaks in collagen fibers of the skin.
  • Insufficient firmness and elasticity of the skin. A sedentary lifestyle, poor metabolism, a lack of sun, low physical activity, and poor nutrition lead to the fact that the skin constantly loses moisture and its natural elasticity. During pregnancy, the skin stretches heavily, and if the supply of its elasticity is low, it will not be possible to avoid tearing.
  • Genetic predisposition. Quite often, the tendency to the appearance of this cosmetic defect is inherited. If your mother has stria, do not despair and despond. Warned means armed! Create a phased scheme for combating stretch marks and follow it from the first day of pregnancy.

use of cream for striae

A few tips on how to prevent stretch marks after childbirth

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks is much easier than trying to remove them after the appearance. Do not neglect the recommendations to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, a few simple steps will help to avoid this problem and not worry about the skin that has changed after childbirth.

  1. Eat right and drink plenty of clean water. The diet of a pregnant woman, watching her appearance, must contain products with a high content of antioxidants, vitamins E, C, A, omega-3 acids, zinc and selenium. All these elements are necessary for the skin constantly, and especially during pregnancy.
  2. Every day, before going to bed, rub a cream into the skin that prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Such creams are very effective during pregnancy. Any good cream for stretch marks after childbirth contains vitamins necessary for the skin, moisturizing complex and special additives that enhance the healing effect of the cream. Regular application of cream against stretch marks will help prevent their appearance, make the skin firm and elastic.
  3. Massage all the major problem areas - abdomen, thighs, upper legs. This massage can be done both independently and with the help of someone from the family. If there is such an opportunity, allocate time and money for regular visits to the massage room - such an investment in your appearance and health will pay off a hundredfold.
  4. Choose for yourself a special prenatal bandage, which should be worn from the 20th week. This bandage solves several problems at once: it reduces the load on the spine, supports the fetus in the correct position and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

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What to do if stretch marks still appear?

Striae after childbirth immediately after appearance appear as bloody, bright red or blue stripes under the skin, with time they turn pale and gradually become white or light gray. Feels under the skin as bumps and small scars. This is a cosmetic defect of the skin, for health postpartum stretch marks do not pose any danger. Removing stretch marks after childbirth does not need to tighten, the more time passes from the moment of their appearance, the harder it is to get rid of stretch marks.

Those women who have gone through a caesarean section can also get stretch marks on the abdomen and other problem areas. After a cesarean, you need to be patient and wait until the tissues cut during the operation grow together. All means of stretch marks after childbirth using caesarean section can be applied without restrictions, but only after complete healing of the scar.

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Important! Many popular remedies for stretch marks after childbirth should be used with caution, as they contain aggressive acids and other components dangerous to the young mother. These tools primarily include various chemical peels, acid injections and creams with retinoids. Their use should be postponed until the body is more or less restored, or used only after consulting with a specialist.

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Remedies for stretch marks after childbirth

There is a huge amount of various means and methods for removing stretch marks after delivery, not very effective. Remember that no, even the most expensive cream will not relieve you miraculously from stretch marks without additional procedures - exercises, wraps, peels, massage and others. All means of stretch marks after childbirth are effective in the complex.

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So, the most effective ways to remove stretch marks after childbirth:

  • Microdermabrasion and chemical peels - removal of the upper layer of the epithelium. Not suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Grinding with a laser. Quite expensive, but very effective procedure, with its help you can even out long-term postpartum striae.
  • Injections of collagen or hyaluronic acid - all of these drugs increase skin elasticity. Are injected under the skin once a week for two to three months.

How to remove stretch marks after giving birth at home?

If stretch marks appeared after childbirth, and before that there were no problems with the elasticity of the skin, pay special attention to your diet and physical exertion. From the first day after birth, it is not necessary to immediately run to the gym and work out on all simulators in a row for the fastest effect — the loads should be moderate and gentle. Most likely, you will not have to resort to using more radical means. For all other women, the following step-by-step instructions will help remove postpartum stretch marks:

  1. Increase skin tone. Charge and a few light, but regular exercises should firmly enter your life. Warm up and move more often! Do not forget that many women managed to remove stretch marks after giving birth at home. For inspiration - read reviews and see photos of those young mothers who have long forgotten about this problem, enjoy all the pleasures of motherhood and look great at the same time - let their example inspire you to classes.
  2. Massage with oils. Use almond oil (make sure you are not allergic to it), wheat germ oil or jojoba oil. These oils in combination with massage have proven to be a very effective remedy for stretch marks after childbirth. As with all methods of dealing with stretch marks, massage with oils should be regular.
  3. Get rid of stretch marks at home will help mumiyo. Dissolve it in water, mix with some neutral cream and apply on problem areas. The result will be visible after a couple of weeks of using this tool.
  4. Renew your skin with scrubs. You can use both ready-made and hand-made compositions. Scrubs polish the skin and remove dead particles. To effectively deal with striae, do not neglect this procedure, do a scrub yourself 2-3 times a week.
  5. Cold and hot shower. Effective for both prevention and reduction of existing stretch marks. After birth, the temperature of the hot and cold water of the contrasting shower should not differ much, start with warm and slightly cool water, and then gradually increase the difference. Contrast shower improves skin condition and perfectly removes stretch marks on the body after childbirth.

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Do not expect a quick effect - a noticeable result from the use of all the listed funds will be in two or three months, so please be patient on the way to your goal - smooth skin without stretch marks.

If you have something to say about solving this problem, write your recommendations and ways to solve the problem in the comments below the article!

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