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Scars never adorned women and one thing when it comes to "thin scar on your favorite ass"And the other is about not aesthetic scars on the face or the seams after cesarean. Today we will talk about how to remove scars. We will not talk about folk methods, since they are all ineffective, and a lot of time is needed to achieve the minimum result. In the case of scars, this time is very expensive, because as you know, old scars are removed several times more difficult than fresh ones. We will talk about really working ways to reduce scar.

How to remove a scar?

In critical situations, no one thinks about aesthetics. And in case of damage to the skin integument, our body tries to restore as soon as possible. "malfunction". It happens by scarring. Ideally, an inconspicuous scar with a flat surface remains at the injury site, but the process may be disrupted due to insufficient collagen synthesis. As a result, the scars may be uneven or depressed, keloid or different in color from the surrounding skin.

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Alas, the scar tissue is designed so that the scar can not be completely removed. But modern methods allow to eliminate this cosmetic defect by 90%. We will not torment for a long time, but proceed to the most effective ways.

Pharmaceuticals in the fight against scars

First of all, we will introduce you to all sorts of pharmaceutical preparations in the form of silicone gels, sprays and dressings. The cost of such funds is too high, but their effectiveness is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of real people. If you start using the drug immediately after the wound has healed on the scar that has just appeared, you can reduce the scar almost completely. Consider the most popular and effective drugs.

Dermatiks gel and dressings

The drug, which has a huge number of enthusiastic reviews- Dermatiks is available in the form of a gel and dressings:

  • The gel contains inert silicone and acts on a superficial level, without affecting the body as a whole, and therefore has practically no contraindications. The use of Dermatiks helps relieve itching, reduce redness, smooth the scar and eliminate discomfort. It can be applied to any part of the body, including the face. After the gel has dried, you can put cosmetics on top. The mechanism of the silicone gel is as follows: covering the scar, Dermatiks forms a thin film without a sticky layer, thereby creating a scar occlusion - collagen fibers are rearranged parallel to the plane of the epidermis. In addition, the gel well moisturizes and softens the horny layer of the dermis, it allows you to smooth the scars. Based on the reviews, we can conclude that the gel will help to almost completely remove the scar in 2-3 months of regular application. The price of the drug from 1500 to 2300 rubles in different pharmacies.
  • Dressings Dermatiks recommended by doctors for faster wound healing. The appearance of the dressing is similar to an ordinary plaster on a fabric basis. It is reusable, that is, until the sticky layer remains, you can re-glue the bandage on the skin. It should be worn almost around the clock, at least 12 hours a day for a long time: on fresh scars, the result will be noticeable after 3 months, and on old scars in a year. Some women with this tool managed to make the scar after cesarean almost imperceptible and smooth, but here it is important to act immediately while the scar is fresh. The dressing can be cut into pieces of the required size for more economical use. The price of one package is about 1,400 rubles.

Dermatix in the form of gel and bandages

Until 2007, Dermatiks gel was produced according to the Kelo-cote formula, more about it later.

Kelo-cote gel against scars

The most effective remedy for keloid, atrophic and hypertrophic scars is Kelo-Cat gel. It also works on scars after removing tattoos, piercings, burns and post-acne. The drug is available in the form of spray and gel, the first option is convenient for application to hard-to-reach areas of the body. Its use contributes to the creation of ideal conditions for the healing of scars; they can also process scars on the face. The drug softens and heals damaged tissue, and also creates a protective silicone barrier, preventing the negative impact of environmental factors. The price for Kelo cat gel is about 2000 rubles, the cost of the spray is about the same. Scar removal using Kelo cat will take at least 2 months in the case of young scars and about a year with old scars.


Mepiform Silicone Adhesive

A more affordable analogue of Dermatiks' bandages, but removing scars with it is no less effective, especially in the case of young scars. With prolonged use makes the scar invisible and is an additional protection of the damaged area from ultraviolet rays. It is important to stick the plaster on dry skin to avoid irritation. To put a plaster on uneven surfaces, for example, if there are scars on the face (on the wing of the nose or above the lip), you can make a notch along the patch of the patch, then it will not frown. The plaster is suitable for repeated use, it can be wetted with water. The price of Mepiform plaster is about 200 rubles per piece.

Mepiform patch

Laser scar removal

If we consider the surgical methods of how to remove scars, the most effective is the laser removal of scars. However, the procedure is not allowed to everyone - contraindications are age up to 18 years, taking retinoids, herpes on the intended skin area. Laser scar removal is by far the most humane and progressive surgical method. Scar tissue under the influence of a laser beam evaporates, while the surrounding scar tissue is not injured.

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The advantages of the laser are as follows:

  • Laser scar can be removed almost completely. To achieve the desired effect can be carried out several procedures at intervals of about a month. During this period of time, the treated surface of the skin has time to fully recover and during subsequent laser treatment the specialist will be able to accurately determine the desired depth of exposure of the beam.
  • The procedure is almost painless, you will feel only a slight burning sensation of the laser. Sometimes, during laser resurfacing, general anesthesia is used, but in most cases it is performed under local anesthesia. Soreness of the procedure depends on the size of the scar and its location.
  • All manipulation takes up to an hour, and on small injuries it takes about 15 minutes.
  • The procedure is completely contactless.
  • The laser can be used on scars of any kind and size.
  • Subsequent care of the treated area of ​​the skin is not difficult, it involves the use of moisturizers, the rejection of cosmetics and water treatments for the first 3 days, the use of sunscreen and the avoidance of direct contact with sunlight for a month.

laser scar removal

Held laser grinding according to this scheme:

  1. If the scars are located on the face, careful removal of cosmetics.
  2. The skin is treated with a 0.05% chlorhexidine solution.
  3. Then the specialist will test the skin on a laser beam in a small area of ​​the scar.
  4. At the request of the client can be applied anesthetic cream.
  5. Next is the treatment of scar tissue directly with a laser.
  6. At the end of the site for the regeneration of tissue laser exposure is treated with a special spray.

The cost of processing one square centimeter of skin on average is about 1,500 rubles. To achieve a good result, 3-4 sessions are usually needed.

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