How to remove a cork from the ear

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“How to remove the cork from the ear?” - everyone faces a similar question anyway. Sulfur compacted consistency accumulating in the ear canal, violates the function of hearing. Today we will understand what to do if you are faced with a similar problem and is it possible to do without doctors using only popular methods?

Causes of traffic jams

A certain amount of sulfur is constantly formed in the ear canal. Gradually, it dries out, particles of dust and microbes accumulate in it, after which sulfur exfoliates and independently goes out. Its normal removal also contributes to the vibration of cartilage, which moves while talking and chewing. To understand how to remove the cork from the ear at home, you need to know the reasons for its occurrence. Sulfur plug in the ear appears in the following cases.


  • Cotton buds. Sulfur is compacted even more deeply with constant cleansing of the ears with chopsticks. Trying to remove the cork with the same tool will also not lead to a positive result.
  • Improper hygiene. Too frequent removal leads to stimulation of gland secretion, the amount of sulfur secreted increases.
  • Negative conditions. More often the formation of traffic jams is observed in those people whose profession is associated with excessive noise and dust. Such factors include the protective functions of the body, and the amount of sulfur is increasing.
  • Increased cholesterol. Incorrect metabolism and violation of cholesterol contributes to the appearance of seals in the ear canal.
  • Humidity. With increased humidity, the separation of sulfur increases significantly. For example, an adult swimmer who spends a lot of time in the pool.

cork formation

Symptoms of the problem

You need to know the symptoms of ear disease, to be able to promptly wash the cork.

  • The feeling that laid ear in the morning or after taking a bath. Feeling does not pass a very long time.
  • Enhance the sound of your own voice in the ear canal.
  • Noises, rustles and extraneous "gurgling" sounds.
  • The middle ear is inflamed.
  • Cough, headache, dizziness, nausea.

the symptoms

But sometimes it happens that the accumulation of sulfur is almost asymptomatic, and the hearing does not deteriorate immediately, while the seal does not completely block the channel.

Medical remedies for treatment

For effective removal, you can use the following drugs.

  • Aqua Maris Oto. Soften and remove seals. Means on the basis of sea water, which has no contraindications. It is shown to people who systematically use ear plugs or hearing aids. The price in a pharmacy for 100 ml is about 350 rubles.

Aqua Maris

  • Remo Wax. Does not contain antibiotics, softens the channel, gently cleans it. The drug contains components that contribute to the retention of moisture, and prevents the appearance of new traffic jams. You can buy for 400 rubles per 10 ml bubble.

Remo Wax

  • Vaxol Drops from traffic jams in the ears, which contain olive oil. Soften the channel and envelop the mucous membrane. Drip 5 days for a few droplets. Suitable as a preventive measure if the child or adult has increased sulfur production. This tool is more expensive, 10ml spray costs about 700 rubles.


  • Candles. These are wax candles that are inserted into the ear and set on fire. According to the manufacturer, the essential oils and plant extracts that are in the composition, when heated, intensify their action and contribute to the removal of sulfur. But according to qualified specialists, this method is real wildness, which is not practiced in developed countries.

candle and funnel

Effective folk remedies for ear plugs

If you do not have the opportunity to consult an ENT doctor, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. Traditional methods in the fight against seals in the ears are often effective, but they must be applied with great care. Experimenting with "grandmother's" recipes is not worth it, if the patient has headaches, bloody and purulent discharge from the ear, a suspicion of perforation of the eardrum. Recipes are designed to remove sulfur, and not to treat serious ear diseases.

  • The way to remove the cork in the ear with hydrogen peroxide is difficult to call popular, it is recommended by many doctors. Bend your head so that the sore ear is at the top. Put a few drops of 3% peroxide on the problem ear. The medicine should not spill out. After 3-5 seconds, foam will appear, at which point the agent dissolves sulfur and disinfects the channel area. After the procedure, pull the cork will be much easier.


  • Almond oil. Not only softens and dissolves the plug, but also moisturizes the mucous membrane. Slightly heat the butter to a warm state and bury it in 5-7 drops, then close the passage with a cotton swab. Repeat as necessary. After a couple of days, you can wash. Using almond oil will significantly speed up the process.

almond oil

  • Soda solution. It is used not for instillation, but for washing. Put a weak soda solution into a pear or syringe without a needle and rinse your ear. Washing takes place as follows: do not direct the jet not at the eardrum, but so that the water flows down the canal wall. The procedure is repeated until the cork is completely dissolved.

soda solution

  • Baked onion with dill seeds. Prepare it by cutting off the tail from the untreated head so that the recess is obtained. Pour dill seeds into it. Wrap it in foil and place in the oven at medium temperature, and bake until brown juice flows. Bury the juice 3-4 drops before bedtime, closing the passage with a swab.


Possible complications with sulfur plug

A cork made of sulfur is inherently not dangerous, but if it is not removed in time, it will lead to big troubles. Remember that negative seals are not caused by the seal itself in the canal, but by inaccurate and improper removal. Possible consequences:

  • Navralgia. Appears in the event that the tube is large, sits deep and presses on the auditory nerve. May cause dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, cough.
  • Decrease and loss of hearing. In some cases, the accumulation of sulfur can cause inflammation of the canal, which can result in partial or complete hearing loss. Only long-term treatment can restore hearing.
  • Inflammation. Sometimes active washing can contribute to the appearance of an inflammatory process, which in turn leads to otitis media or hearing loss. Accompanied by painful sensations at the washing site, a general decrease in hearing.
  • Perforation of the eardrum. Improper washing of the ears leads to damage to the membrane if the pressure of the water hits exactly into it, as well as due to attempts to remove the seal with cotton swabs or other mechanical tools.

wrong and right

Preventive measures

If you follow simple rules of hygiene, it is possible to prevent the appearance of sulfur plugs.

  • It is unacceptable to use studs, sticks or pins to clean the ears, because it may cause injury.

cleaning products

  • Note that the use of cotton swabs is not prohibited, but only the cleaning procedure is carried out only outside the canal or for cleaning the auricle.


  • When swimming in rivers, a pool or another body of water, protect your ears from water. This contributes to the emergence of new problems with sulfur, as well as infection. Wear swimming caps or tampons for the ears.

healthy ears

Remember, you can clean your ears yourself, but you must be sure that the cause of the painful sensations is the sulfur plug. The best way out would be to go to an otolaryngologist.

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