How to lose weight for the new year

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Ahead of us all is waiting for the bright winter holiday of miracles - the New Year. Of course, in the new calendar year you want to enter another, updated person. And the easiest way to start is with your appearance. If you look at girls with aspen waist with envy for a long time, or at guys with big biceps, then maybe you should set a goal to lose weight by the New Year? This will be a good starting metamorphosis. In addition, you can wear your old favorite dress to the New Year's party, which amazes all the guests. Are you motivated? Then read on how to lose weight by the New Year 2016!

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General weight loss regimen

Any weight loss system has general rules, failure to comply with which destroys the dream of losing weight. Methods of losing pounds may vary slightly, but the essence remains the same in all.

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Here are the basic provisions, following which you can achieve a slim figure for the New Year:

  • Calorie deficiency. You have to spend more calories in motion than consume them with food. As a result of this deficiency, the body begins to take the necessary calories for energy from fat reserves - hence the desired fat burning.
  • Balanced diet. When you have decided on the norm of calories per day (which is an average of 1200 kcal, with such a daily calorie you will lose weight), it is important not to forget about their distribution among proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For example, for 2000 calories you can drink 220 ml of vegetable oil. But everyone understands that it is not just stupid, but also dangerous, because the body does not get anything but fat. Protein, fat and carbohydrate ratios of 35/25/40% of the total diet should be followed, respectively.
  • The consumption of quality calories. Calculate daily calories, the rate of proteins, fats and carbohydrates - the right idea. But it can be destroyed by filling this rate with flour products, fatty foods and sweets. Using sausages as protein sources, fats - refined butter, and carbohydrates - cookies is not the best idea. You need to select healthy foods with a minimum glycemic index that will not raise your sugar level in the body. But this is exactly what contributes to weight gain.

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How to lose weight for the New Year?

Having dealt with the basic rules for those who want to lose weight, it is worth talking about more specific weight loss methods for the New Year. If you start to follow a special program now, then you still have plenty of time left to lose weight by the New Year. Losing extra pounds in 2 months is the most comfortable and safe way to lose weight. Losing weight in a month in this way is also possible, only you have to limit yourself a little harder. So, what should be done step by step to lose weight by the New Year 2016?

how to lose weight for the New Year

The whole method of weight loss for the New Year holidays consists of only a few points:

  1. Adhere to proper nutrition. Do not call it a diet - it is only an updated nutritional system that can help you stay in shape for at least a lifetime. To lose weight with a balanced diet for a couple of months, you should limit your calorie. Follow the calculations: 1.5 g of proteins per 1 kg of your weight, 1 g of fat per 1 kg of weight and 3 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight. Indicators for all will be different, but on average it is 1200-1500 kcal per day. But do it gradually! You should not shock the body and dramatically reduce the amount of food consumed to such a level - this can lead to stress. Gradually lower your usual calorie to this figure during the week.
  2. Move more. The ideal option is to enroll in a gym. If this is not possible, then spend time training at home. Hour intensive training 3-4 times a week is enough to lose weight. In addition, move as much as possible: give up transport - walk more, stop riding the elevator - go up the stairs yourself, prefer walking in the park to going to the cinema.
  3. Meals should be regular. Do not postpone food for later. You can not eat all the daily calories in one sitting (especially in the evening). On the day you need to eat 4-6 times. The intervals between meals should not be more than 4 hours. If you eat less often, then the body begins to think that “hard times” are approaching and making reserves of life-saving fat. It is eating often and in small portions, you do not allow for the body stress and start your metabolism.
  4. Most of the carbohydrates should be eaten in the morning. Carbohydrates are energy. It is needed only in the morning when you are active. In the evening, with the onset of well-deserved rest, your body does not need a lot of calories, because it has no place to spend them. So, the carbohydrates eaten in the evening, are sent to those extra pounds. Better eat proteins - this is the basis of muscle mass, the maintenance of which does not depend on the time of day.

By following these simple instructions, you are guaranteed to be able to lose weight by the New Year, and also "eat" at the New Year's party, all you want, because you will be where to grow!

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Sample menu for weight loss 1-2 months before the New Year

You can use this exemplary menu for weight loss for the New Year or create a similar menu for the New Year's diet, based on your taste preferences:

  1. Breakfast (400-500 kcal): about 300-350 g of ready-made porridge (any, except for semolina) on milk; half a banana, 15 g raisins.
  2. Lunch: (300-400 kcal): 40 g of any cereal (except white rice and bulgur), a dish of chicken breast, cooked in any way (except frying in oil) 100 g
  3. Day snack: a handful of any nuts (about 30 g).
  4. Dinner: Any dish of chicken or turkey breast 100 g, a large plate of any fresh vegetable salad (about 300 g), seasoned with 3-4 tablespoons (about 10 g) of any vegetable oil.
  5. Evening snack (2-3 hours before bedtime): 100 g of 5% curd and 150 ml of 1% kefir.

In the pre-New Year's diet, try to limit yourself to salt, exercise physical activity and do not forget to drink 2 liters of ordinary water per day!

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Little secrets for comfortable weight loss

The following nuances will help you cope with the task and lose weight before the New Year:

  • Eat varied. You will quickly get tired emotionally if you constantly chew dry chicken breast and unsalted buckwheat. Experiment! Recipes for various dietary dishes are available on the Internet. You will be surprised to learn that even such provocative dishes like pancakes, kebabs or sandwiches can be harmless for weight loss.
  • Once in 2 weeks, allow yourself to deviate from the diet. Sometimes make yourself nice. For example, in the morning, eat a desired piece of cake or a portion of fried potatoes. So you prevent the threat of disruption.
  • Drink a glass of water before eating. Not only is it beneficial, the water also fills your stomach, thereby deceiving your body and reducing its appetite. So you can eat less for a meal.
  • Use small dishes. The same amount of food can be psychologically perceived differently, depending on the size of the dishes. If you use small plates, the amount of food on them will visually seem larger, respectively, the stomach will be more satisfied.

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Using these simple step-by-step instructions, you will easily and with pleasure get rid of extra pounds by the New Year holidays. Those who have already tried to follow this technique, leave only the most positive reviews. Write about your successful and unsuccessful ways to lose weight in the comments below. Successes to you in achievement of the purpose and happy New year!

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