How to get rid of cellulite with honey

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"Orange peel"- this is the terrible enemy of any woman. Cellulite affects all the most beautiful parts of the female body. And from this women's hatred for him becomes limitless, and the methods of dealing with it are more and more inventive. One of these methods of dealing with cellulite at home is an anti-cellulite honey massage!

How honey from cellulite helps

The fight against cellulite with honey came to us from Tibet. In ancient times, such rubbing helped with colds and muscle aches. Over time, the honey massaging came to Russia. People, in those days when visiting the bath, rubbed the steamed body with this delicacy, so that all the useful substances could penetrate the opened pores. In our time, honey also remained a useful cosmetic.

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The benefits of anti-cellulite honey massage

Honey massage helps in the fight against fat deposits on the body, it removes all the excess water from the body and promotes weight loss. It is carried out for the gluteal zone, thighs, as well as the abdomen. This procedure is very good in the fight against cellulite, as well as improves skin color and makes it smoother. Massaging the body with honey, you get rid of toxins and extra centimeters.

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Contraindications to honey massage from cellulite

  • Since honey is a strong allergen, people who are allergic to it cannot use this procedure.
  • If you suffer from varicose veins, or your vessels and capillaries are close to the surface, then the procedure is contraindicated to you, because the massage is very aggressive.
  • Also, it is not necessary to resort to it for people with skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.).
  • Hypertensive patients also should not conduct honey massage.

What honey is suitable for combating cellulite?

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For the procedure at home, you need natural honey, liquid in consistency. Only the natural product of the life of bees will give the desired effect! Why you can not use candied honey? It can traumatize the skin, but such a remedy cleans well, scrubs the skin. You will need a small amount, about 2 tablespoons. You can also add 5-6 drops of citrus cosmetic oil to them, in addition to the pleasant aroma, the oil will enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

Technique of honey massage at home?

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First you decide on the zones. As a rule, frequent lesions are harmful.  "orange peel"- This is the hips, buttocks and abdomen.

  1. You will spend 2-3 tablespoons of honey on these areas. First you need to slightly warm the honey, and then add oil and mix. The resulting mixture can be applied to the body, making a clapping motion, as if we are driving a lot into the skin. After about 5 minutes, you will feel how the palms begin to stick to the skin and pull it off, this is due to the thickening of the honey. During the massage you can feel discomfort. With each clap, the palms will stick more and more, and movements will be more active. The feeling of discomfort gradually disappears as the body begins to get used. After a while, the honey will begin to be absorbed, and a white layer of wax will appear on the surface of the skin.
  2. Now you can move from pats to rubbing. Rubbing the skin, you can remove stretch marks and pigmentation on the skin. The procedure of massaging lasts 15-30 minutes, but the duration may increase depending on the age of damage.
  3. At the end of the session, you can wash off the remnants of warm water and apply a soothing lotion on the body.

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How often is a honey massage?

As you noticed, during the massage, honey changes its texture and color, all this is explained by the displacement of fat, salt and toxins from the body, all this "muck" dissolves in medke. Since the massage from cellulite is an aggressive procedure, the pain can be an unpleasant addition to it. And to get used to them, you should conduct a session about 7 times in 2 weeks.

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Spending honey rubbing at home will not only get rid of "orange peel", as well as save your money! After passing a whole course, you can lose up to 7 cm in the treated areas! The break between the courses of massage should be done for at least 3 months. But it is worth recalling that such rubbing is only an additional component in the fight against cellulite! If you eat right and play sports, you will not lose the result obtained from the massage.

Video of honey massage from cellulite

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