How to care for face skin in winter

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With the advent of cold weather, the topic “How to care for your face in winter” becomes more relevant, and this is no accident! Competent skin care should be based not only on the features of its type, but also take into account the nuances of seasonality. Depending on the external factors affecting the epithelium, the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands changes, which leads to structural changes in the skin of the dermis, and accordingly, those who seek to preserve the beauty and health of the skin integument for a long time must also make adjustments to the daily care system. .

Step by step scheme for the face in the winter

Oddly enough, but our skin in the winter, mainly suffers not because of low temperatures outside, but because of fluctuations in humidity. Common problems that women face during this period are: drying of the skin, the manifestation of vascular pattern on them (couperosis), cold allergy, desquamation and loss of elasticity. To get rid of and even prevent the manifestation of such unpleasant consequences will help correct face care in the winter.

Standard winter care should include:

  • gentle cleansing;
  • intense toning;
  • deep moisturizing;
  • effective protection;
  • active nutrition;
  • the right choice of decorative cosmetics.

Next step by step we consider the features of each item instructions for winter face care.

Gentle cleansing

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Facial skin care in winter, during the period of intensive influence of pathogenic environmental factors, should be based on gentle cleansing of the skin.

  1. First, the use of abrasive and alkaline products should be minimized. Their coarse structure dries the surface layer of the epithelium even more, which leads to skin care in the winter only to aggravate the problems. During this period, it is advisable to move to a gentle / waterless washing. This principle of cleansing is based on the gentle removal of contaminants with cosmetic milk or micellar water. In addition, at home, and most importantly with their own hands, you can make a decoction of chamomile flowers, which are recommended to rinse your face daily.
  2. Facial treatment in the winter for oily skin also needs special handling; it is recommended to select cleansing agents with glycolic acid content. Its active substances gently, but effectively remove the horny parts of the epithelium, while not destroying the natural lipid protective barrier on its surface.
  3. Winter face treatment allows deep cleansing of the skin, just the frequency and intensity of the procedures should be reduced compared to other seasons. Peeling, grinding, microdermabrasion with the use of acid mixtures or natural cosmetics (which can be independently prepared at home) is carried out no more than once every two weeks, and even less often - depending on the needs and characteristics of your skin. If you do not run the risk of deep cleaning yourself, you can contact the beauty salon, where experienced cosmetologists will competently carry out the necessary procedures and will tell you how to take care of your skin in the winter for you.

Intense toning

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Toning is an essential procedure for year-round facial treatment. Winter facial skin care is only supposed to allow for more fortified blends.

  1. The decrease in solar activity during this period allows the use of essential oils, which have a particularly beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the deep layers of the epithelium and affect the activation of the psychosomatic function of the body.
  2. It is very effective for toning the skin to use frozen cubes with a decoction of chamomile or calendula, which you can easily prepare with your own hands.
  3. It is recommended to avoid in the daily care only alcohol-containing tonics or lotions that are too aggressive for this period of the year.
  4. If your skin is prone to rashes or inflammations (acne, comedones, acne), then it is recommended that you deal with the deficiencies locally, for which you can use tea tree oil.

Deep moisturizing

moisturizing procedure

Many people mistakenly believe that winter face care does not involve skin moisturizing procedures. This is fundamentally wrong!

  • Weakened, dry skin is in dire need of intense, and in addition, deep hydration of the dermis. During this period it is especially effective to use natural oil mixtures for its moistening, which not only saturate the cells with moisture, but also make it possible to retain it in the tissues, making them more elastic and elastic.
  • For oily and problem skin, it is recommended to select water-based moisturizing emulsions marked “non-medicinal” in order not to provoke the appearance of new defects. In the winter season it is especially recommended to carry out salon procedures for moisturizing and toning the skin. As a rule, such sessions include comprehensive care, step-by-step cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin.

Effective protection

Facial care during the winter period involves the use of effective protective agents, both sunscreen and cold-resistant.

  • Choose creams or balms with panthenol, green tea and seaweed extract (sea), vitamins D and E - these components effectively cope with free radicals and stimulate the natural protective functions of the epithelium.
  • Also, do not neglect sunscreen cosmetics. Ultraviolet radiation, although becoming less intense, still contributes to photo-aging of the skin.

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Active nutrition

Do not forget that skin nutrition is not only the use of external cosmetics, but also a balanced menu that will help to saturate the cells with useful substances from the inside. Increase the dietary intake of nuts, fish, spinach, eggs and liver - these products contain the necessary micro and macronutrients that our skin urgently needs.

  • In cosmetic care, choose products with retinol, collagen, vitamins, fatty acids and hyaluronic acid, which contribute to the active recovery and regeneration of the skin.
  • Very useful at this time of year will be face mesotherapy sessions. The scheme of the procedure involves the introduction of a vitamin cocktail into the subcutaneous layer, which actively affects the tissues and helps to restore the elasticity and, of course, the elasticity of the skin.

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Choice of cosmetics

In contrast to the warm season, when cosmetologists advise to minimize the use of decorative cosmetics, face care during the cold season - this is highly recommended.

  • First, with minor imperfections - couperose, rashes, peeling, the foundation will not only help to hide their appearance, but also become a protective barrier against external irritants (dust, dirt, wind, etc.).
  • Secondly, modern cosmetic products contain vitamins and nutrients that only beneficially affect the condition of your face.

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