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blonde with bright lips make-up

Today, makeup artists have a huge number of ways to perform makeup, but among them there are classic techniques. One of them is Hollywood makeup. He was named so for a reason - this is the favorite make up of Hollywood beauties. Every girl should certainly master it, believe me, he will help you out more than once! What is it, make-up in the Hollywood style, how to apply it correctly, what subtleties you need to know and what makeup cosmetics to use, let's understand.

Features of Hollywood Makeup

Before you make a Hollywood makeup, you need to know its features:

  • Makeup in Hollywood style implies a perfectly even tone of face.
  • Hollywood eye makeup should be made in classic dark colors, making the look expressive. There are 2 variations: Smokey ice and black arrows.
  • According to the rules of makeup should be placed on the eyes or lips. In Hollywood make-up, both eyes and lips can be filled with active colors, but still keep in mind harmony: if you choose Smokey Ice, use matte textures for your lips, if you have delicate arrows in your eyes, you can make your lips shining. Most often, makeup artists use bright red lipstick.
  • Eyelashes should be well-dyed, and eyebrows clearly delineated. To curl was more spectacular, you can use false eyelashes ribbons or tufts.

We perform Hollywood make-up yourself

This type of makeup more often flashes on the faces of the beauties on the red carpet. But to try it on yourself, it is not at all necessary to be an actress or a model. This make up will be a great addition to the evening look, highlighting the beauty of any type of face. The color scheme is universal and will suit brunettes, red-haired beauties and blondes equally well. And due to the fact that the technique of creating a Hollywood makeup is very simple, each will cope with it with ease with their own hands. Now let's step by step analyze the subtleties of applying decorative cosmetics in each stage of make-up of movie stars.

make up with step by step scheme

Create the perfect face tone in a Hollywood make-up.

As a rule, the makeup of Hollywood stars is used as evening makeup, so it will be appropriate to use cosmetics with reflective particles. These products will make your skin fresh and your face rested. Step by step scheme of applying cosmetics on the skin of the face looks like this:

  1. Apply foundation to your skin. It will even out the complexion and make it easier to apply subsequent layers of cosmetics.
  2. Using the concealer, mask the dark circles under the eyes.
  3. Eliminate deficiencies in the form of redness with the help of the corrector.
  4. Apply a thin layer of concealer, perfectly matched to the color of your skin. Light coverage will provide high-quality sponge, for example, the legendary beauty blender.
  5. To make the face more expressive, use the sculpturing technique and highlight the area above the lip, under the eyebrow and around the outer corners of the eyes with a bright highlighter.
  6. Apply a thin layer of shimmering powder to the entire face, and cover the T-zone with a layer of powder-veil to prevent unnecessary shine.
  7. Apply a little blush on cheekbones.

If you have to meet with cameras, do not abuse the highlighter, put it on the dot, otherwise your face may have ugly highlights on the photo.

Color eyes in the style of a movie star

The technique of creating a Hollywood eye makeup can have 2 variations of performance, as we have already noted above. We will tell you both.

Hollywood Smokey Ice

Smokey Ice in Hollywood

Such a Hollywood eye makeup is harmoniously combined with nude lips, but if your image is quite bright, it can be rich shades of lipstick: burgundy, peach, red. The main thing is that the image is not overloaded, your subtle sense of proportion will help you here. Use the classic shades for Smokey Ice: light gray for the inner corner of the eye, graphite for the mid-century and black for the outer corner. Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. Apply a foundation under the shade to the skin Then makeup will show the color better and will last longer.
  2. Take a light gray shade of the shadows and use a fluffy brush to apply it to the entire moving eyelid, paying particular attention to the inner corner.
  3. Graphite tint is applied to the middle of the moving century, it is better to use a flat brush. Well blend with a fluffy brush the border of color.
  4. Use a flat brush and graphite tint to move the lower eyelid, evenly distributing the shadows.
  5. Take black shadows and a small beveled brush. Run a wide arrow along the cilia growth line from mid-century to the outer corner of the eye. Do the same on the lower eyelid.
  6. Paint the cilia with black mascara, you can use mascara with the effect of false eyelashes to create a curly curl.

Arrows like a film star

wide arrows on the eyelids

The makeup of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn is recognizable thanks to graceful shooters. Repeat them easier than ever, for this there is a mass of decorative cosmetics. We recommend that you use the felt-tip liner, especially if you encounter arrows for the first time. With it, it will be easier to draw a smooth line than with a liquid eyeliner and, unlike a pencil, you will get a rich black deep color line. Step by step do the following:

  1. Apply a light beige shade to the entire upper eyelid.
  2. Hollywood eye makeup implies thick luxurious eyelashes. If your native cilia are thin and short, you can glue the patch tape: remove the tape, holding it by the middle of the tweezers, apply a thin layer of glue, attach the tape as close as possible to your real cilia and press.
  3. Use a black pencil to go inside the eye along the line of the growth of eyelashes in order to make invisible a joint of overlapping tapes with skin.
  4. Liner swipe the arrow, slightly stretching its tip. Line thickness is average.

Making Hollywood Sponges

girls with red lips

The final stage is juicy red lips. Bring the lips in red pencil, and then, using a red lipstick cream texture, paint the lips. Begin to apply lipstick from the lip of the groove in the center of the upper lip, moving to the corner of the mouth. If you want the lipstick on the lips to last longer, apply a pencil on the entire surface of the lips, using it as a base. You can use a matte lipstick or pigment, but for such a texture means you need to prescale the skin of the lips. Then matte lipstick will fall perfectly.

Makeup in the style of the red carpet is ready. We hope that our photo selections will inspire you to create a Hollywood makeup, and the schemes will help you to execute it flawlessly.

Video: master class on hollywood makeup

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