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Chic cilia

Hollywood eyelash extensions are extremely popular not only among celebrities, but also among ordinary girls who want to give their look expressiveness and correct the shape of the eyes. This is a simple and affordable procedure that can be easily repeated at home. Particularly impressive build-up looks at the photo - it creates the effect of thick fluffy eyelashes, and the view opens and becomes attractive, which is often used for stars on the screen and covers of glossy magazines. It was from there that the name "Hollywood volume" came.

The bottom line "Hollywood" method

The technology of the Hollywood eyelash extension is to attach to the root of each eyelash an artificial hair (from 1 to 3) in one row. Rarely, who in this technology attaches 1 hair, most often it is 2-3 artificial hairs attached to each native. The result is over volume, which is why it is called Hollywood lashes. For the session, thin materials are used (maximum thickness 0.07 mm) to create the illusion of naturalness and not to overload the eyelid. The classic version involves doubling the existing eyelashes, but the quadruple and quintuple volume is also popular - 4 and 5 hairs per each natural eyelash, respectively.


The technique of separation of each hair differs from the beam method in its accuracy and avoids unnatural gluing with other cilia and skin.

Types of hollywood lashes

Depending on the volume and density, there are such types of Hollywood extensions:

  • Classic - full uniform volume throughout the growth line;
  • Hollywood Light - hairs are glued through one that allows you to achieve the most natural result. It is used if your own curls are naturally thick and luxuriant, but do not differ in length and curved shape.
  • Thickening to the outer corner is a technique often used by girls with bulging round eyes. Allows you to achieve an attractive "cat's-eye" and visually raise the lowered corners of the eyes, giving the face a sad look. The scheme of action is from the inner to the outer corner, gradually increasing the density and number of artificial hairs.

The material used is weightless hairs made from natural materials - mink or silk. Silicone for the Hollywood extension is not suitable because of the gravity of the material and the large thickness, giving a "dolliness" and unnatural look.


The result of the Hollywood volume

The Hollywood effect is more expensive than the usual build-up, but it has significant advantages and benefits:

  • Despite the large thickness and pomp, if you wish (depending on what effect you want), curls can look natural and almost not be felt on the eyelids;
  • Do not require the use of mascara;
  • They are not afraid of rain, water and sweat;
  • Uniform distribution throughout the hairline;
  • The effect persists for several months.

before and after

Care Rules

To keep the result as long as possible, you should follow these rules for care:

  • You can not rub your eyes - the less often you touch the eye, the longer the result will last;
  • Fatty lotions and oils for removing makeup corrode glue, because of what it loses strength, and eyelashes fall off;
  • It is recommended to sleep on the side or back, so that the curls do not deform about the pillow;
  • The use of mascaras and curling irons is undesirable;
  • Bathing in salt or chlorinated water is prohibited.

Great result

Hypoallergenic glue is used for the session, so it is absolutely safe. Contraindications to the event may be a tendency to allergic reactions, eyelid hypersensitivity, blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Poor vision or wearing contact lenses are not a contraindication to a session.

It is not recommended to wear bundles constantly - between procedures it is necessary to take a break of 1-2 months, during which the growth line of eyelashes should be lubricated with nutritive oils.

The results of the wizard

Building up hollywood lashes at home

When gaining the necessary knowledge and skills, the procedure can be done on its own without outside help (but this is not very convenient). First you need to get the necessary materials: eyelashes, tweezers, collagen patches, glue and a mirror.

Hollywood lashes

The danger of carrying out the procedure at home is that there is a high risk of crookedly sticking a hair, putting glue in the eyes or damaging your own eyelashes. Errors can be fixed with eye drops and oil, which easily dissolves even dried glue. On the Internet you can find video tutorials with step by step instructions.

Cilia should be glued in stages - after each hair should be inspected at a distance of the eye as a whole: their length, thickness and density, so that in the end they are even and symmetrical.

Thick long cilia

Experienced masters, so that the session goes faster often prepare bunches of 2, 3 and even 5 and 6 hairs. You can watch the video on how they do it.

Video: Beam formation for Hollywood volume

The procedure is carried out step by step according to this instruction:

  1. Removal of cosmetic products from the eyes.
  2. Degrease hair with a special lotion.
  3. Under the lower eyelid is placed collagen pad.
  4. Artificial curls are removed from the container with tweezers, a small amount of glue is applied to the attachment and gently glued to the natural hair at the base.
  5. Should move from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, gradually increasing the length and thickness of curls. In one eye, this technique takes from 10 to 25 curls (depending on the desired effect).
  6. In conclusion, the treatment is carried out with a special fixing gel.

Hollywood volume creation

The event is painstaking and requires patience - it will take 2-3 hours for eyelashes to grow themselves. Also it is necessary to take into account that damaged materials can not be reused, so a session at home can be more expensive than the work of the master in the cabin.

Video: Step-by-step Hollywood eyelash extension

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