Hair removal in the ears

Hair cutting in the ears

There are people who have strongly grown hair in their ears and this can spoil the first impression of a person. In our time, hair removal in the ears is done by many, for this there are many painless procedures. Consider them in more detail.

Causes "auricular vegetation"

Many people consider the genetic predisposition to be abundantly growing hairs in the ears. But in studies, they proved the opposite: micro hairs exist in all people, they are located in the area of ​​hearing organs and serve as protection from dust and dirt. Most of the observed vegetation on the body of men because of the hormone associated with baldness, this is because of him the growth of hair on the ears increases.

You can observe unwanted fluff hairs in women on the face, which eventually begin to grow and change shape, so you need to get rid of them. If hair grows in your ears, there are many ways to get rid of them.

Impressive vegetation

But the procedure is not recommended in the presence of the following factors:

  • Viral infections;
  • Ear infection;
  • Skin damage;
  • Heat;
  • Purulent rash in the ear area;
  • The occurrence of allergies.

Effective ways to get rid of vegetation

Hair removal scissors

Some of them can be implemented independently, but in other cases you need to seek help from a specialist.

  • The hairs in the ears can be removed with tweezers, which removes them from the root. Such a result will last a long time. But be sure to choose a quality tool for the security of the session. Do not penetrate the ear canal, because it is possible to damage the membrane. Take care of the procedure;
  • Sometimes used and simple nail scissors. They are inexpensive and sold almost everywhere. But they need to work very carefully and not to cut the hair too deep, otherwise you can damage the organs of hearing with a sharp surface;
  • Hair in the ear can be removed with a depilatory cream. This is a painless depilation, with which the result is permanently preserved. The cream is inexpensive and easy to use. There are many depilatories from which you can choose the right price. Before use, carefully read the instructions and check your skin for allergies;
  • Electrolysis is an effective way to eliminate vegetation and is an expensive procedure that a cosmetologist must perform several times;
  • Removal is easily done by a laser, and the result of the event is saved forever. But the cost of the procedure is very high. Perform work with a specialist;
  • Waxing is one of the most popular procedures. The ear is well coated with olive oil, then wax is applied. The whole procedure takes 10 minutes. When the wax hardens well, unnecessary hairs are removed.

Trimmer is a popular vegetation disposal device.

Modern device

In order to effectively combat annoying hairs, many have long since chosen a reliable and effective device - a trimmer. This name has a hair clipper in the ears or nose. Its use is absolutely safe thanks to different nozzles in the form of a cone, providing high-quality care.

The tool works with a battery or battery. The blade is the main component of the trimmer. Choose a better sharp titanium or steel blade for a greater degree of comfort. Such products will serve for many years reliably. In models for a higher price, the coating is also silver.

There is also a special female trimmer, which is used to cut hair in the ears. It can be an additional element to the epilator and very carefully treats the skin, so you will not have irritations and cuts after use. In a typewriter, there are various attachments, and it can run smoothly and for a long time. In order to treat itself to the ear, requires a circular nozzle, which will eliminate even long hairs. For home use, a tool with ceramic blades is an excellent purchase for women. In use, they are very convenient and do not require additional care.

Trimmer action

Before you buy, be sure to find out if the blades can be changed. Thanks to several modes it will be comfortable to work with the device. The trimmer with a built-in battery is very convenient to use, it works independently for 40 minutes, during which you can do several full-fledged procedures.

Three of the most popular devices:

  • Philips NT5175 - it is based on 5 tips to perform high-quality vegetation removal procedures that are fully protected from injury. The correct angle of inclination ensures the elimination of hairs. The device works on battery. The only negative is the high cost;
  • Panasonic ER-GN30 - it can be used with water. The set includes a protective cap, brush. The double-sided hypoallergenic blade performs a flawless hair cut. Thanks to the self-sharpening of the blades, it is convenient to work. The trimmer is battery operated;
  • Maxwell MW2802 - the tool is available at a price and does an excellent job with the vegetation removal function. It treats the skin even in hard to reach places. The operation of the device is performed offline.

Methods of traditional medicine

Iodine and manganese

Folk remedies have a good result, which do not take much time and provide an opportunity to perform a session at home.

Hair removal with potassium permanganate

Often used to get rid of excess hair iodine and potassium permanganate. The process is preferably carried out before bedtime. The particles of potassium permanganate are dissolved in hot water and make the solution translucent - so that there is no skin burn. Wipe with a ready solution a part of the body where hair will be removed. This method is very effective, but it has disadvantages:

  • You can get burned;
  • Skin may stain.

Iodine Depilation

An effective folk remedy is iodine solution. It includes:

  • Castor oil - 5 g;
  • Iodine - 1.5 g;
  • Medical alcohol - 35 g;
  • Ammonia - 2 g

Sugar and shells from pine nuts

  1. These components are well mixed, then the mixture is left for 2 hours until it receives a transparent color.
  2. It is necessary to apply ready solution 2 times a day on problem sites no more than two weeks.

This popular way to remove unwanted hair is very effective and helps get rid of them for a long time.

Pine nuts shells

Shell pine nuts also gives excellent results.

  1. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to completely burn the shell of 10 nuts, collect the ash and dilute it with one large spoon of boiling water.
  2. Apply the resulting mass on problem areas of the ear for 10 minutes, take several sessions.

Sugar Depilation

A long-standing method of traditional medicine - removing hair from the ears with sugar:

  1. Take 10 cubes of refined sugar, a bit of citric acid and add 3 large spoons of water to the resulting composition.
  2. Keep on a weak flame until the formation of a plasticine mass of golden color. Apply the mixture onto the hairs and immediately remove it with a sharp movement; this method is called shugaring.

Remember the risk of damaging the skin. Before you put into practice all these folk remedies, consult your doctor.

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