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Headbands are considered the most stylish accessory today. Their variety allows you to choose a jewelry for any look and make even the simplest of your hairstyle a stylish part of the ensemble. We will tell you about the fashion trends of 2015 in accessories, show you how to choose this jewelry for the hair style and how to make headbands for your hair with your own hands.

What are headbands in fashion in 2015

The hair band has long ceased to be just a practical thing, designed to remove the curls back on your face. Today the headband has become a really stylish element of the hairstyle. Fashion trends could not but leave their mark on this detail, let's get acquainted with the main trends of the current year.

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Massive jewelery with stones

Headbands in 2015 compensate for minimalism and simplicity in clothing, and therefore they can be massive, flashy. Leading designers offer girls to decorate the hair in a truly royal accessories, reminiscent of a crown.

hoops with stones

Luxurious headbands with stones adorned the heads of the models at the latest Dolce and Gabbana shows. Such accessories are not suitable for everyday look, but will be a harmonious addition to the evening dress.

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The simpler the better

Minimalism has not bypassed this decoration as well - laconic metal decorations look particularly advantageous on perfectly smooth strands.

fashion jewelery

Urban casual style will harmoniously complement monochromatic hoops of textiles and leather. Still remain spikes, they can be present in this accessory.

spiked hoop

The rim of gum remains in demand among women of fashion, which allows not only to decorate the head of a beauty, but to collect curls in her hair. Headbands with flowers remain trendy, but this year the elements become smaller, more tender.

delicate jewelry with flowers

The hair band with flowers can be made of textiles, for example, chiffon or polymer clay. The color range is the most diverse, but it is better to give preference to natural, pure shades: beige, gray, brown, black, white.

For extraordinary personalities

Ethno-style accessories continues to hold the lead, fashionably looks woven of leather ribbons on the headband, decorated with wooden elements. Perhaps a slight influence of Moroccan or African culture will refresh your image this season.

ethno jewelry for hair

Boho chic got to this trendy detail. In 2015, multi-layered textile decorations with the most unusual prints will be relevant.

boho style dressings

In order for this stylish hair accessory to highlight your style, it is important to properly execute hair with a rim. Stylists recommend wearing them in combination with loose smooth strands and even parting. Boho hoops with sloppy styling look great "beach wave".

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Handmade dressing master class

This stylish decoration does not necessarily need to buy, it can be made with your own hands. Our photo instructions will tell you how to turn an old T-shirt into a new hair accessory.

weaving workshop

Step by step scheme is as follows:

  1. Cut the T-shirt into strips, approximately 4-5 cm wide, such strips should be 5 pieces.
  2. Gather the ends of the strips together and sew them. The machine stitch will look neater, but you can also sew the fabric manually.
  3. Pull a little on each strip, they twist a little bit into a tube.
  4. Lay the workpiece in front of you with the stitched ends on top. Now, according to the scheme in the photo we weave our future accessory.
  5. When finished weaving, check whether the rim size is right for you.
  6. Sew the ends together.
  7. Take another small rectangle of cloth. Wrap them with the junction of the ends of the future decoration and, having tucked the edges of the fabric, carefully sew.

pattern of weaving strips of fabric

Stylish decoration for the hair is ready. You can choose any color of fabric for this accessory and make it of any width.

stylish braided accessory

Decorate your curls with the most fashionable hoops and be always irresistible!

Video: How to make your own hoop with flowers

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