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To make the eyes expressive and deep-looking, you can use eyelash extensions. And so that they look as natural and organic as possible, you need a quality glue for the eyelashes, optimally suited for a specific procedure - eyelash extension, extension of beams, or the use of false eyelashes.  

Types of eyelash adhesives with specific examples

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For fixation of artificial hairs, glue for eyelashes is offered by different manufacturers. The most popular are Sky, Vivienne, Duo, IB, Mirage, Ardell, Ag Beauty, Lidan and some others. Depending on the characteristics of the glue of a certain manufacturer, it is intended for use either in the salon or at home. There is glue for eyelash extension, which can be used both independently and for professional activity.

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  • Sky brand glue is a tool suitable for false eyelashes, as well as for carrying out an accelerated and volumetric extension technique. High-quality components, liquid structure, high coupling speed, lack of a specific smell make it popular among professionals. To date, the most positive feedback from Sky Super glue, which can be bought in a tube of 5 g.
  • Vivienne glue is a product with a liquid structure and almost instant coupling, designed for professional craftsmen. In the line of Vivien presented several varieties of glue with different speed coupling. Products of this brand attracts hypoallergenic and no complications in the process of application. The cost varies depending on the specific species.
  • Glue for eyelashes Duo is a hypoallergenic agent, which is deservedly popular and has numerous positive reviews. On sale is black, including waterproof glue of this brand, as well as its transparent versions. In addition to sticking cilia, including overhead, it is also used to work with rhinestones and other decorative ornaments, so it can be used at home
  • IB (I-Beauty) glue is a series of products with different coupling times and long wear times. Attracts liquid consistency, elasticity, super durability and minimal odor. Depending on the variety, it can be used as a glue for false eyelashes or as a glue for extension.
  • Glue-resin Mirage - oil-based product, suitable for eyelash extensions and beams, false eyelashes, including beginners or with their own hands at home. On a consistence reminds pitch. It is simple to use, flexible, firmly glued together, provides high quality of connection, is hypoallergenic.
  • Ardell glue is a waterproof, hypoallergenic, latex-based product for professional lash makers. Suitable for single and beam eyelash extensions, as well as for securing false cilia. A relatively short period of wearing cilia is about a month.
  • Ag Beauty glue is a series of specialized eyelash extensions. Depending on the variety, it differs in thickness, coupling time and the period of wearing. Hypoallergenic, odorless, suitable for sensitive eyes. Depending on the choice and characteristics of a particular series, it can be used independently at home, but is most often used for professional extension.
  • Lidan glue is a high-quality, moisture-resistant, elastic, odorless resin and vapors for building and fixing false eyelashes, for professional use only. Allowed to use with increased eye sensitivity.
  • IRISK PROFESSIONAL glue is a professional tool only for trained masters, as it contains highly toxic substance cyanoacrylate, which, if misused, can cause a burning sensation and allergic reactions. Masters are attracted by durable good adhesion, water resistance. In contrast, Irisk PLANTING Eyelash Glue glue resin is a softer, odorless product that does not cause a burning sensation on the mucous membrane, so it can be used even with open eyes. Only for professionals. The price matches the quality.
  • Salon Perfect– latex-based eyelash extension glue. Due to the safety of the composition and ease of use with it, you can add additional cilia to yourself.
  • Macy is a series of adhesives for professional use only. The line also includes black glue for eyelashes. Fast coupling, strong fixation, long wearing period.
  • Lash Adhesive Adhesives are products from a specialized series for fastening false eyelashes and tufts. The advantages include the water-repellent effect, the safety and reliability of bonding, the absence of allergic reactions. Available in clear and dark versions.

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Which is better - glue-resin or liquid glue

Glue-resin for building is made on a natural basis without toxins, thereby ensuring hypoallergenic. As a rule, it has a thicker consistency, which ensures reliable and safe fixation of both tufts and individual eyelashes. In addition, it increases the resistance of cilia to external influences, that is, they are less responsive to moisture, sun, wind, mechanical damage, for example, during sleep. An additional advantage is that this resin is easily removed by special means, so the cilia are removed if necessary at any time. The disadvantages include the imposition of a thick layer, a tendency to knocking into unaesthetic lumps and a long drying time.

Glue with a more liquid consistency requires the skills in building, so it is often chosen by professional craftsmen. Also, in most cases, it has a very high coupling speed, 1-2 seconds, which also requires a certain skill. Its advantage over glue-resin is the absence of lumps in the process. In addition, with the instantly drying liquid adhesive, the time for the entire procedure of extension is significantly reduced.

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Of course, choosing the best glue for eyelash extension is done by comparing the characteristics and empirically, that is, in practice, especially since for comparison in the process of building you can buy tubes of small volumes of different brands. When choosing an adhesive, it is recommended to give preference to odorless products that do not contain formaldehydes and other toxic substances that could cause a burning sensation or allergic reactions. Of course, you need to purchase them only in specialized or company stores of manufacturers.

The use of glue for cilia

The choice of glue for cilia extension is an individual solution. Transparent means are imperceptible on curls, while black adds volume and brightness to them. The instructions for use depend on the equipment and skills, the whole procedure is carried out step by step. In any case, applying the adhesive, you should act carefully and carefully, so as not to get on the mucous membrane of the eyes and not provoke an allergy. In addition, there must be a debonder on hand, with which you can quickly remove a layer of adhesive material. Other required items are tweezers, a mirror, cotton swabs, olive or any vegetable oil, dark eyeliner (can be replaced with shadows), eyeliner, mascara and toothpicks.

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The procedure for applying false eyelashes is carried out in stages. In fact, this is exactly the sticking of a number of artificial cilia along the whole century. The scheme of eyelash extension involves the use of glue on each villus and its gluing to the “native” eyelash. This procedure is also carried out step by step, but in contrast to the false eyelashes provides a longer effect.

Since the glue for eyelash extension in a tube is quite a large number, it can be used repeatedly. Between procedures, it should be stored in a refrigerator with a tightly twisted lid strictly for a specified period. Before the next buildup, you need to get it out of the cold in about an hour so that the contents have time to warm up and soften. If the tool has changed color or lost transparency, then it has gone bad and you need a new one. Choose and keep this tool right and you will be able to surprise those around you with expressive eyes all the time.

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