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You have an important event, where you should look just perfect? Then you need a glossy makeup. This is a favorite technique for make-up artists, which allows the face to shine as if from the inside, adding gloss to the image. You probably noticed that the faces of the models and stars of Hollywood in the pages of magazines always have a glamorous sheen, in fact this is a shining makeup. About the intricacies of this make-up, about the rules of its application and the means that you need to perform a brilliant make-up, about who and when it comes, you will learn further.

Glossy make-up and its features

Despite the fact that today the most popular matte make-up, not everyone likes it and is not always appropriate. Agree, matte faces have a certain sensation of a plane, or it’sa shining skin with a natural blush! Glossy makeup makes the face "alive", playing highlights. But, of course, here we are not talking about sprinkled with sequined leather. You need to be able to apply shining makeup and you need to do it with the right means, then your face will look natural and your skin will look healthy.

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In the shining make-up, special means with reflective particles are used: shimmers, shining bases for make-up, bronzers, highlighters, portholes, glitters. All these products on the skin have the effect of a “sun bunny”, giving it the right shine. We will tell you the step-by-step instructions for performing such a make-up, believe me, he can do it with his own hands at home.

Who is the glossy make up?

It would seem that such a make-up is more appropriate for catwalks and photo shoots, but no! In real life, it is very applicable! Brilliant makeup was and will be loved by brides, it is perfect as an evening make-up at a gala event.

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If you are tired and you have it written on your face, owning the technique of applying a shining make-up, you will make your skin rested and refreshed by a wave of a magic wand. But it is worth remembering that such a make-up is contraindicated for porous and uneven skin with obvious defects, it will only strengthen the existing shortcomings. These techniques will be irrelevant in the age make-up, and are also not suitable for a wide face. In all other cases, radiant makeup is a must try!

We select the tool for a brilliant make-up

Pick a texture means for your skin type. Before buying, we recommend that you check the quality of the application: apply a drop on the back of the hand, if the product lays unevenly, clogs the skin or you do not like the consistency, it is better to put this product aside. On the skin of the face, this tool will look a little better, but all these shortcomings will also manifest to some extent.

Testing the tool before buying, see how it behaves in natural and artificial light. If you want to perform an evening make-up, it is better to choose dry textures, and creamy ones are more suitable for daytime make-up. Now consider in more detail what tools you need.

What are the means for shining make-up?

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The following products are used for applying a glossy make-up:

  • Shining makeup base. Any professional make-up begins with the application of the base. Many girls skip this step, especially for daytime make-up, but if you want to get a perfectly even face tone and a persistent "makeup radiant skin", you can not do without this tool. A radiant makeup base will prepare your skin for the application of subsequent products. If you have a cold skin tone, choose pinkish and pearl shades of primer, if warm, you can use a base of peach and apricot flowers.
  • Luminizer, luminator or illuminator. The composition of this cosmetic is ground mica. It is found in liquid form, it may be in the form of a pencil, but the most common is in the form of powder. Apply with a powder brush, giving the skin a healthy glow. Using the luminizer, follow the rule: The smaller the better.
  • Shimmer. The product can act as an independent means or be part of blush, eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss. Shimmer is dry, it can be applied as a final touch after blush, and it can be liquid, it is usually mixed in a foundation for a light shine.
  • Highlighter. Translated, the word “highlight” means “underline.” It happens liquid, cream, in the form of powder. Liquid highlighter is applied dotted, adding highlights to the face, for example, under the eyebrow, above the lip, in the corners of the eyes, on the zygomatic bones. Dry textures are applied to large areas of the skin with a brush. No professional make-up artist can do in his work without Guerlain “Meteorite” powder-highlighter, such a tool can be applied with a brush according to the rouge principle.
  • Bronzer or bronzer. It happens matte and mother of pearl, for a shining make-up, of course, you need to choose the second. The tool gives the skin a shade of tan, ideal for dark-skinned girls and in the hot season. Does not stain the skin for a long time, unlike tanning. It is applied on the protruding parts of the body: nose, cheekbones, collarbone. Bronzers are used in face sculpting, allowing you to simulate the correct shape with a dark shade and hide flaws.
  • Glitter. The tool is a small crumbly glitter. Used in the creation of a festive and evening makeup, most often for the eyes. Fine glitters can be mixed with the foundation.

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If you do not have at hand all of the above means, you can create the effect of radiance on the face, using sateen- it is crumbly pearly shadows. You need to apply them with a makeup brush on top of the powder with the final chord. Makeup artists recommend the flickering shadows in the pyramids of Cinecitta, which, due to their translucency, do not overlap the color scheme of the make-up, but only give the face a flicker. They can also be applied on top of an already completed make-up of the eyes to make the look shine.

We do a shining make up do it yourself

Picking up tools for future makeup, you can proceed to its execution. Sit in front of the mirror and secure yourself good lighting.

A few rules for applying a glossy make-up

Use these tips if you want to make the perfect shiny makeup.

  • To make your face seem to glow from the inside, you need to highlight the upper part of the cheekbone, make a highlight above the eyebrow, in the middle of the moving eyelid.
  • Remember, the T-zone should always remain matte, otherwise your makeup will fail: you risk getting a greasy effect instead of radiant skin.
  • Using radiant means, consider the main rule: creamy products are superimposed solely on the tonal base, and crumbly dry ones on powder.
  • To make a shiny makeup look natural, use products with fine glitter.
  • To visually enlarge the lips, apply a shimmer over the upper lip and slightly below the bottom.

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The phased scheme of execution of glossy makeup

Now we will tell you how to do the glossy Hollywood make up yourself:

  1. Reflective textures look better on smooth skin, so you first need to even out the tone using a makeup base.
  2. Then apply a foundation with light-reflecting particles, suitable for you in shade, sponge. It is not necessary to apply the cream on the entire face, it may be only some areas that need to be applied tone. Carefully work out the hairline to get the most natural application.
  3. If you need to hide some skin imperfections and dark circles under the eyes, use the corrector.
  4. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and the skin above the lip, carefully shading the agent.
  5. Use the shimmering powder, causing it with a large brush.
  6. Shimmer arrange the glare on the face: touch the skin under the eyes, above the eyebrows, on the chin.
  7. Apply blush with a shimmer to the “apples” of the cheeks, they need very little.
  8. Work your eyebrows: comb the hairs with a special brush and apply color gel-fixer.
  9. To make up your eyes you can use pearl palettes of shadows of any shades, harmoniously combined with your appearance and image. The classic version: draw a black pencil along the cilia, blend it with a brush. Apply silver shades of 2 shades, lighter shade on the inner corner of the eye, darker on the outer corner. At the end, paint the cilia with black mascara for a volumetric curl.
  10. Apply a natural shade of fluid, such as coral, to your lips.
  11. Transparent powder remove unnecessary shine from the T-zone.

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Do not overload your face with excessive shine, remember that gloss should be healthy and natural. Use our recommendations and be always on top!

Video: glossy makeup on cream textures

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