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What have you heard about lip fullips? But the whole world is already talking about this beauty device, which can make sponges fluffy and sensual! The first independent opinion could be heard from American beauty bloggers, because it was in America that this simulator was invented. He became a definite must-have for many American girls and "guest" most popular tv shows. In Russia, the Fullips lip enlarger appeared recently. But like among American beauties, he caused a real "boom" at our compatriots, becoming on a par with the legendary sponge Beauty blender and comb Tangle-teaser. What is the Fullips lip simulator, how to use this funny device and what result can you get with fullips? First things first.

What is Fullips lip enlarger?

We are already at a reflex level skeptical of all the emerging new beauty industry. And before you personally get another bestseller, I want to know about him as much as possible. What is Fullips lip machine?

training sucker

The appearance of Fullips beauties from all over the world are due to Arizona resident Linde Gomez. The woman did not want to put up with the fact that her lips with age became less luxuriant and sensual, but she categorically rejects the injection lip augmentation. Everyone knows the sad cases of brute force with Botox, when the result is already irreversible. With Fullips for lips it is not necessary to be afraid.

Externally, the Fullips lip device resembles a plastic cap with wide sides. The set includes 3 such "cap" different sizes. The action of the simulator is similar to the principle of the suction cup: you must bring the cap to your lips and draw air out of it, creating a vacuum. Just a couple of minutes in front of the mirror and for a couple of hours you were the owner of sexy lips.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fullips for lips

Lip augmentation with Fullips has its pros and cons. Benefits that make red "caps" became permanent "residents" Beautician beauties around the world are as follows:

  • Efficiency. The Fullips lip enlarger really works, no matter how naturally thin your sponges are, the increase in their volume will be noticeable.
  • Natural result. Unlike the same Botox or hyaluronicum injections, "Fullips cap" will not make you an ugly duck face. The sponges will become more lush, but there will be no striking contrast.
  • Availability. It is already possible to buy Fullips in Russia, although the Russian girls who first tested the simulator had to make an order from the USA.
  • Security. The product is certified and subject to the instructions, its use is safe.
  • Rapidity. To pump up the sponge need just a couple of minutes.

original trainer from the USA

But the flaws, like any product, the device has. The disadvantages include:

  • The short duration of the result. On the one hand, this is good for those who do not like their face with enlarged lips. But those who will like the effect are clearly upset that in an hour or two it is necessary to repeat the manipulation.
  • Ability to run into a fake. The unusual popularity of the product led to the appearance of fakes. If you decide to buy Fullips, be careful when choosing a seller. Of course, on sites like Aliexpress, obviously they will not sell the original goods from the US, but in Russian online stores there is a chance to buy a Chinese fake. Be careful, too low cost should alert you. The price of the original is about 20 dollars.

With a tendency to dry skin on the lips, lip augmentation with Fullips is recommended using "grease"For example, balm to reduce discomfort.

set of three suction cups

By the way, if you are considering increasing your mouth with injections, you can first pump your lips with Fullips and see how harmonious your face will be with the new volume. Simulator Fullips can be called a kind "probe" for those who are determined to injections of beauty.

How to use Fullips correctly?

To pump lips with Fullips, you must perform the actions in the following sequence:

  1. Take the biggest "cap" round shape and attach it to the jaws.
  2. Pull the air out of the suction cup and gently remove it from the mouth.
  3. Then we take an oval-shaped sucker more and repeat the same steps.
  4. We complete the manipulation of a small oval "cap".
  5. The final bar is covering puffy lips with glitter, lipstick or just a transparent balm.

photo before and after

Having tried the device in action, you can follow the example of many girls and use only one of the suckers or change the order of their use in order to achieve an optimal result for yourself.

Numerous videos on YouTube clearly demonstrate this beauty device at work, and the photo before and after the effect of it. The result is noticeable and natural, it is a pity that it is short-lived. Although Linda Gomez herself says that she only needs these two hours of effect to look like a candy at a social event.

the result of the simulator

But if at your party there is an afterparty, you can always repeat the two-minute manipulations, especially as the device fits in the smallest female clutch. Why not try, all the same for us the girls tried?

And what do you think about such a lip simulator? We are waiting for your feedback in the comments under the article.

Video: How the Fullips simulator works

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