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Ozone therapy is a new generation care procedure. The use of ozone by physicians began in the first half of the 20th century after the most positive reviews of the miraculous properties of this inert gas called ozone, and ozone therapy, as a treatment of the human body as a whole, began to accumulate in medicine of that century. Ozone is an inert part of active oxygen, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other immunomodulating properties. Ozone is capable of destroying various types of viruses, fungi, infections and is used in medicine in almost all of its branches, with the goal of completely curing many diseases and preventing these diseases.

Ozone Therapy - skin rejuvenation treatment

The working material in ozone therapy is inert ozone gas, with which it produces an antiseptic effect, prevention of age-related changes, correction of fat deposits and cellulite, lightening of pigmentation, as well as the elimination of stretch marks and scars. Face ozone therapy is carried out by introducing a mixture of oxygen and ozone under the skin through injections into problem parts of the body. Cheeks, neck, chin, eyes, forehead, etc. can be safely attributed to such problem areas. In addition, intravenous injection of ozone can significantly reduce the time of medical treatment of complex chronic diseases, prevent the development of acute complications, improve the body's immunity.

Indications and contraindications for ozone therapy

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There are several aesthetic problems, faced with which, ozone therapy for the face can bring both maximum benefit and harm. So let's take a closer look at such a question as indications and contraindications for ozone therapy and we begin with the indications.

Indications for the procedure

  • Inflammatory skin disease. Usually, troubles such as allergic dermatitis, rosacea, acne and others are only external signs of an internal disease. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of ozone, it is possible to eliminate not only the external signs of the existing problem, but also its causes.
  • Flabbiness of skin, wrinkles, lack of tone. In this case, the injection is carried out according to the method of mesotherapy - superficially. It turns out an excellent lifting effect, because being saturated with oxygen, the skin gets a healthy color and a trim look. Injections can be made on absolutely any part of the body — face, hands, abdomen, back and hips.
  • Scars, stretch marks. The regenerating properties of ozone, combined with enhanced blood circulation and metabolism, significantly improves the appearance of fresh scars and scars. To achieve the best result, the skin itself is cut off near the scars and stretch marks.
  • Alopecia. Thanks to ozone injections, there is a positive effect on the condition of the hair follicles and scalp, which makes it possible to substantially stop the process of hair loss at an early stage and strengthen them. Also, thanks to this completely painless procedure, you can get rid of problems such as seborrhea and dandruff. We present you a photo: face ozone therapy before and after

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Contraindications to the procedure

Very often, the procedure of ozone therapy is called extremely friendly and completely safe for humans. This is partly true, but it is worth considering that the opposite opinion still exists in medicine. There are no hard contraindications, there are side effects instead. These include mild dizziness, drowsiness, short-term weakness. There may be an allergic reaction to the skin, such as urticaria, which quickly passes without much additional effort.

Face machining

This is quite a painful method. Therefore, just before the start of the ozone skin rejuvenation procedure on the treated area of ​​the face, it is advisable to apply an anesthetic cream and leave it for a short time (20-30 minutes). Then they include an ozonizer, which is a small ergonomic device, at the end of which there are very small and thin needles. Ozone is supplied to them through a special tube consisting of five branches.

mechanical face ozone therapy

Ozone therapy for acne

Classical ozone therapy for the face of acne takes a course in 5-6 sessions. A cosmetologist is obliged for each patient who approached him to choose an individual treatment, and this is usually a complex of injections with general ozonization and with the use of cosmetics containing active oxygen. The treatment is as follows: the area of ​​the skin of the face on which the acne is located is surrounded by ozone by means of microinjections. After 24 hours, or so, due to the intense effects of active oxygen on the acne, they simply come out. At the site of injections, there will be no scars or redness.

before and after the removal of acne

Often, along with ozone therapy, treatment is carried out in conjunction with ozonized oil or water. This method of treatment of acne is not exactly medical, but the effect very often exceeds all the expectations of patients, especially since it is completely simple to perform and does not cause absolutely no side effects. And the positive efficacy of this procedure lies precisely in the fact that gaz-ozone can not only quickly heal inflamed areas of skin, but also affect the metabolism. Due to the active effect of ozone, the functions of the sebaceous glands are normalized, which reduces the release of subcutaneous fat. This not only cleans the skin, but also the whole body, increases immunity, improves the metabolic process, and therefore, such a problem as acne is solved.

Cost, and how is ozone therapy for the face

Customers' expenses will largely depend on the method of the procedure - whether additional blood collection will be carried out, what the dosage is, what is the size of the area being treated, etc. The average price for one session of intravenous injection in different regions ranges from 1 thousand to 3 thousand rubles. Thus, the full cost of the anti-aging course, with all the discounts, and they are possible, if you pay several additional procedures at once, can be from 5 to 20 thousand rubles or more.

Video: facial ozone therapy procedure

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