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The first signs of aging begin to appear on the face after 25 years, and by the age of 30, the process is rapidly gaining momentum. The farther, the more reason for excitement, but in fact not a single woman does not want to lose their beauty! If you want to step over the 40-year-old frontier with supple and velvety skin, you will definitely need fitness for the face. The technique has existed for over 85 years, it is practiced by fitness instructors around the world, modifying and making their own adjustments. One of the famous instructors, Alyona Rossoshinskaya, developed her own exercises that help to preserve youth. What is fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya, how to perform these exercises and when to wait for the first results you will learn from the article.  

About fitness for the face

Fitness for the face or as it is also called face-building is a series of exercises aimed at restoring skin elasticity, adjusting the shape of the face and fighting age-related manifestations. In essence, this is a symbiosis of exercises for "pumping" facial muscles and self-massage.

The author of this technique is a German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz. He developed the first set of exercises for the muscles of the face especially for his girlfriend, a ballerina, who, after performing them, was a dozen years younger. Well, here, as they say, it started! The idea was quickly picked up in Europe and America. True in Russia, fitness for the face is known in wide circles for no more than 10 years, and the peak of popularity came in 2011, when one of the most popular TV channels "Live" Alena Rossoshinskaya demonstrated a miracle technique.

About Alena Rossoshinskaya method

There are plenty of photo and video materials in the network allowing to master the rejuvenation technique of Alena Rossoshinskaya. However, Alyona herself warns that not everyone will be able to learn it from videos on YouTube. Many women make a lot of mistakes, repeating the exercises, thereby only aggravate the skin condition. Unfortunately, it is impossible to transmit the force of pressing during video massage, but if you wish, you can take Alena’s training courses and then feel free to "build face"because this is the way the word is translated "Facebook building".

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The results of fitness for the face Alena Rossishinskoy

Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya will allow to achieve the following results:

  • You can rejuvenate your face without the participation of plastic surgeons, beauty injections or mesotherapy. The technique allows you to remove bullets, double chin, bags under the eyes, "crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes.
  • Exercises are aimed at improving blood circulation in the tissues of the face, which will positively affect its color.
  • Becoming younger and more attractive, you will feel self-confidence.
  • You will get a lively, rich and aesthetic facial expressions.
  • You will always have a good mood, and your reflection in the mirror will raise it.

Reviews show that the first results can be expected after the first week of classes, and after a month, women aged 30-40 will see noticeable improvements. Older women to achieve the same effect will have to do longer, about 2-3 months.

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Exercises from Alena Rossoshinskaya

We will not begin to paint you all the exercises included in the complex. "facial fitness minus 10 years" from Alena Rossoshinskaya, since the author has a lot of them. In addition, no text can convey the details that are visible on the video. That is why we attach a video with exercises, and below we will tell about the complex, which allows to remove the second chin. To perform it, it is enough to set aside about 10 minutes per day, but to achieve the desired effect, the workouts should be held no less than 5 times a week:

  1. For this exercise, you will need a regular towel. Wind it into a tight harness and place it under your chin, holding the ends in your hands. We rest our chin on a towel and press down, keeping the tension for 5 seconds. Make 5 such approaches.
  2. The following exercise is performed with a ball about 15 cm in diameter. Place the ball under the chin and push it down. Perform 10 of these presses. If you do not have the ball, you can substitute fists under the chin.
  3. Head tilts in different directions have a strengthening effect on the muscles. Perform the slopes without lifting the shoulders.
  4. Close your palms on the forehead. Straining the muscles of the neck, overcome the onslaught that has appeared.
  5. Stroke the side and back of the neck, soft movements.
  6. Somknite hands on the back of his head and try to fold his head back. This will strain the muscles of the neck. Keep the voltage for about 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  7. Perform circular movements of the head: 10 turns in one direction, the same in the opposite direction.
  8. The following exercise completes the set: put your hand to your temple and press. Tightening the muscles of the neck, try to resist the onslaught. After this, repeat the same with your other hand.

training with a ball and a towel

Tips for keeping your face young

Regardless of whether you choose fitness for a person minus 10 years or any other authoring method that is abundant today, the following recommendations will help you to maintain the results achieved as long as possible:

  • Try to smile as often as possible. This has a beneficial effect on the mimic muscles of the cheeks.
  • Simple conversations also have a beneficial effect on the appearance of your face. By talking, you train your muscles and help smooth out wrinkles.
  • Deep breathing improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood.
  • To improve the contour of the chin, chew gum, in reasonable quantities of course.
  • Do not forget to care for your skin, moisturize it and thoroughly clean.
  • Remember the importance of healthy sleep for female beauty.
  • Try not to eat foods high in salt, as it retains fluid in the body, and this leads to edema.
  • Watch the water balance of your body, drink enough liquid and this will make your face skin elastic and fresh.

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Alena Rossoshinskaya says that: "If you provide proper care for your body, forgetting about your face, letting everything go to chance, is simply unacceptable. No matter how young you are, more important is your desire to change for the better."

Video: face fitness with Alena Rossoshinskaya

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