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cucumber circles for face

Cucumber is an excellent beautician, therefore it is more often than other vegetables included in various cosmetic products. Today we will understand how to use natural cucumber for the face at home, what is its use and is there any harm? In addition, we will talk about the best recipes for masks from this wonderful vegetable.

How does cucumber on the skin

Fresh face cucumber and masks based on it are effective because of the rich and slightly unusual chemical composition of this gift of nature.

Interesting! Even despite the fact that 90% of the vegetable is water, the remaining 10% contains organic acids, vitamins and other mineral elements.

After these substances enter the upper layers of the epidermis, they are fed. They cannot penetrate deeper, since the lower layers are well protected by special layers. The effect that appears can be immediately seen on the face.

  • Water is the most important component in the composition. It gives the vegetable excellent moisturizing qualities, and cucumber masks become an ideal remedy for flaky and dry skin. Moisturizing is also necessary for normal and oily skin.
  • Retinol is called the gold standard of beauty. It takes part in the fight against fine wrinkles and acne, it has a smoothing and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Potassium provides care for the oily skin, because this substance has the ability to control the production of sebum and helps cells retain moisture as long as possible, preventing its evaporation.
  • Tiamin - has long been known as vitamin B1 optimism. It performs the functions of protection (it will not allow the covers to burn in the sun and freeze in the winter). Rejuvenation is manifested in the smoothing of the "crows feet". The facial cucumber mask is able to tone up even the fading skin.
  • Riboflavin (B2) - with it the face fully breathes, the pores are cleaned of all sorts of dust, the cells receive oxygen in full.

for freshness

  • Pantothenic acid (B5) - aligns the texture, makes the face more clear and taut, eliminates bags of fatigue under the eyes.
  • Pyridoxine (B6) - with it there is an active stimulation of metabolic processes, as a result of which the condition of the integuments improves.
  • Folic acid (B9) - helps to cope with inflammation, acne and other problems.
  • Ascorbic acid (C) - stimulates the production of natural collagen in the cells, from which the face will become more elastic and resilient.

with white clay and lemon

  • Tocopherol (E) - regenerates damaged tissue, promotes the renewal of old ones.
  • Biotin (N) - works in tandem with tocopherol.
  • Fillohinon (K) - against edema. That is why the face mask of cucumbers is superimposed on the skin around the eyes. Fights redness; legendary whitening properties.
  • Niacin (PP) - helps restore and refresh a healthy complexion.

against inflammation

By all indications, face cucumber is an excellent whitening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory agent with a rejuvenating effect. Prepare a cosmetic product at home, and it is suitable for almost any skin type.

Note! If you use cucumber regularly, you can soon get rid of all the problems with the epidermis: irregularities, peeling, feeling of tightness, pigmentation, swelling under the eyes.

Considering the simplicity and ease with which cosmetics based on this vegetable are prepared, they are at the peak of popularity among women of all ages.

Benefits and tips for using cucumber

Homemade recipes from cucumber have a number of significant advantages over all other similar means.

  • The first advantage is a cheap price. Even if you do not live on the land, all year you can find green, fresh cucumbers in any supermarket.
  • The body responds well to a vegetable, because it is not exotic.
  • For the lazy, he is just perfect - put green circles and watch the effect. And if you wipe your face with cucumber every day, get the perfect face without oily sheen and pigmentation.

Remember some of the most important points:

  • The benefits will be only from the use of fresh vegetables, it is preferable to choose cucumbers without bitterness.
  • Before starting the preparation procedure, wash them thoroughly, peel them off (it could absorb toxins during the ripening process). Clean the seeds, they can injure the integument.

spray and compress

  • Cut into circles and distribute over the entire face and décolleté, do not forget to put a circle on the eyes. After 10 minutes, clean and enjoy the tone and freshness.
  • Grind green gift garden in mashed potatoes can be in a blender or grated. Cucumber gruel is usually used in masks.
  • Juice cucumber for the skin can be obtained by squeezing through a cheesecloth puree. On the basis of the juice lotion is prepared, which can wipe the face daily, refreshing and toning the skin.
  • Cucumber juice, frozen in ice tins, is an excellent refreshing and rejuvenating agent that wipes your face every morning.
  • A green vegetable almost never causes allergies, but it doesn’t hurt to check by putting a little on the wrist.

delicate texture

The best recipes for cucumber masks

Considering how useful a green vegetable is for all skin types, you should select the type of mask according to this criterion. Apply all products to the skin, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

  • With parsley for the skin around the eyes. Connect 2 table. tablespoons chopped garden gift with a teaspoon chopped parsley.
  • With honey from pigmentation. 2 table. l Mix the minced cucumber with a teaspoon of heated natural honey. Cucumber and honey perfectly whitens the face and perfectly removes even the darkest specks and reddening.
  • With lemon for whitening. 2 table. l slaughtered vegetables connect with 1 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice. Be careful not to use this recipe for sensitive skin.

with honey and lemon

Interesting! Freckles with which women struggle, including with the help of a cucumber, have remained at the peak of popularity for a year already.

  • Rejuvenating with milk, cottage cheese, parsley and olive oil. Take 2 tbsp. Of cucumber + 1 tbsp of fat milk + 1 tbsp of cottage cheese + 2 tsp of chopped parsley + 1 tbsp of warm olive oil.
  • With potato wrinkles. 2 tablespoons of pimply vegetable + 2 tablespoons of raw potatoes, minced in mashed potatoes.

with parsley and potatoes

  • With carrots and oatmeal. Whitens thin and delicate covers. Combine 2 tablespoons of carrot and cucumber + 1 tablespoon each of oatmeal and sour milk.
  • With kaolin for smoothness. Proportions 1: 1.

with carrot and kaolin

  • Cucumber and sour cream for the face have a moisturizing effect. Take a couple of spoons of ingredients. Note that sour cream should be fatty, better if homemade.
  • With herbs for dryness. Mix a tablespoon of chopped green vegetable with chopped basil and mint (per teaspoon).

with apple and sour cream

  • Classic acne. Most simply, from what is brilliant. Rub on a cucumber terke, put on face. The composition should be kept on the face for about 10-15 minutes.

gruel and pieces

  • With curd from inflammation. Mix products in equal shares, apply to the whole face, paying attention to the most problematic area.

All those who are aware of the benefits of the cucumber for the face, always return to the time-tested recipes, when you need to quickly bring a person in order. Remember that if problems arise from time to time, be sure to stock up on a couple of green crispy cucumbers for making effective and healthy cosmetics at home.

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