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Eyelash extensions are an affordable cosmetic procedure, with which you can quickly add expressiveness to your eyes. However, to achieve the expected effect and create a truly beautiful look, you need quality materials for eyelash extensions, which will not only look natural, but will not cause an allergic reaction. You can buy such, including for building at home, in specialized stores.

What is needed for eyelash extensions

The implementation of eyelash extension implies the presence of certain materials. To perform it, eyelash extensions and certain eyelash extension tools are needed, namely:

  • directly cilia, from artificial or natural materials, single or puchkovye (depending on the selected method);
  • tweezers for eyelash extension; they are distinguished by sharp tips, with the help of which it is convenient to pick up individual eyelashes;
  • glue for eyelash extension - the choice depends on the method of performing the procedure, the expected effect and the sensitivity of the eyes;
  • the debonder is a liquid for removing artificial cilia (it will also be useful to remove cilia from the skin during the procedure);
  • degreaser - is used for skin degreasing, thanks to which cilia stick better and last longer.

set for leshmeykerov

In addition, you will need toothpicks, with the help of which it is easier to separate the cilia and remove excess glue, a white sheet of paper so that the laid cilia can be clearly seen, a small disposable container for the glue (the glue remains hardened, so something is needed that is comfortable then throw it away). All this should be bought in advance so as not to be distracted during the procedure. If you use the services of a professional master, then you should not worry about acquiring everything you need.

How to choose eyelashes for extension

The material of which eyelashes are made for extension is one of the main criteria for their selection. Today, the beauty industry offers silk, sable and mink cilia. They are used by both professionals and beginners who want to build eyelashes on their own. For the optimal choice it is worthwhile to study their characteristics in advance, for example

  • mink cilia - different natural appearance, making the eyes look as natural as possible;
  • sable cilia is an excellent option for a bright image, as they differ in their characteristic brilliance. However, their lifespan is less than that of mink ones, besides their thickness is greater than natural curls, but thanks to this, it is easy to increase the volume of cilia, including with your own hands.
  • silk - the easiest. Due to the diameter of 0.1 mm, they do not weight the eyelid and do not burden the cilia of their own, adding lightness and expressiveness to the look.

black and color materials

Color eyelashes for extension

Today, cilia can be found on sale to build a wide variety of colors and shades, but the most popular are still black - with their help, eyes are perfectly emphasized and become especially expressive. The choice in their favor is most often done by brunettes. Blondes and redheads often prefer brown or dark gray cilia, due to which the image is more natural. If you need a bright original make-up, then you can choose curls of green, red, lilac, yellow or any other color yourself, including with rhinestones, feathers and other decorations.

curls with ornaments of different colors

How to choose the length of false eyelashes

When gluing additional cilia their length is important, because of this will also depend on the naturalness of the image. For example:

  • a small thin face with too long cilia is unnatural and may even be vulgar;
  • if the face has large features and a sufficiently large width, you can safely use long and thick eyelashes.

artificial curls

The golden rule when choosing the length of artificial curls is longer by 2-4 mm, while varying depending on the part of the eye from short to longest (from 4 to 18 mm). The most popular among the masters are cilia number 8, number 10 and number 12. The extension instruction takes into account the length of “native” curls, so the invoices also differ. In addition, it is convenient to glue the cilia stepwise in precisely different sizes, moving, for example, from the shorter ones at the inner corner of the eye to the longer ones at the outer corner.

Thickness is important too

Eyelashes for extension differ not only in color and length, but also in thickness. This should be considered when choosing, as the final result depends on the thickness. For example:

  • 0.1 mm thickness allows you to create natural curls that are as close as possible to the natural appearance, making the eyes look sophisticated, soft, because, due to their light weight, such cilia are practically not felt before the eyes;
  • a thickness of 0.15 mm helps to create the appearance of eyelashes made up with mascara - a more elegant and solemn version;
  • 0.2 mm thickness due to the rather high stiffness and weight of the curls makes the look deep and spectacular, perfectly suitable for festive and entertainment events;
  • 0.25 mm thick - for a bright original, but short-lived image.

materials of different lengths and thicknesses

Bending will add appeal

With the help of a phased procedure of eyelash extension, you can not only add thickness to them, but also change the bend. Commercially available artificial cilia are divided into the most popular categories:

  • J - they are distinguished by the lightest, almost imperceptible bend;
  • B - cilia with a natural, weak bend;
  • C - medium curved cilia that help add openness, expressiveness and even coquetry to the look;
  • D (CC) - the most powerful and spectacular bend.

curl bend

What professionals use

Today, the trade sector offers materials for eyelash extension in a very wide range, and if the eyelash extension tools are simply selected, focusing on their convenience, then eyelash extension tools will have to be selected for a particular person considering their physical condition, especially the eyelid skin and eyelashes directly. Of course, the price can vary significantly depending on the parameters and characteristics, composition and even the country of the manufacturer. If you choose premium materials for eyelash extension, then their cost will be much higher than popular consumer brands.

materials from Dolce Vita

Choosing everything you need for eyelash extensions, you should also take into account that today there are series for professionals and for home use. The first should be acquired by experienced craftsmen who already have good working skills. The second is suitable for those fashionable women who want to try to change the ciliary row with their own hands.

set for a premium leshmeker

Each master has his own preferences, but in the salons you can often find products for eyelash extensions of such companies as City Lashes, Andrea, Titania, 3D Lashes, Dolce Vita, Ardell, Glams, “Macy”, “Novel”, “Ag Beauty”, etc. It is worth choosing among them, having carefully studied the characteristics. If there is a possibility, carry out the procedure with an experienced master in a professional salon. This will create a beautiful look and avoid negative effects in the form of irritations and allergies.

Video: Tips for Leshmakers on the choice of materials

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