Eyelash extensions at home and in the salon

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Do you want to increase the cilia, but do not dare? This cosmetic procedure causes violent disputes among the fairer sex. Of course, curvy curls look very impressive, but eyelash extensions can be expensive and it's not just about financial expenses. The sad experience of girlfriends or work colleagues, who, after removing artificial curls, their eyelashes looked very pitiable, makes you wonder if it is worth it? Let's look at this issue and weigh the pros and cons.

What is this procedure?

Lush and black, beautifully curled eyelashes every day without embellishment and curling tongs - is this not everyone's dream? Today it is possible, each girl can fulfill her desire, using such a service as eyelash extensions.

The procedure is very simple: artificial hairs will be glued to the base of your natural cilia in stages. Eyelash glue can be transparent and black. You yourself can choose the desired length of the future curl: some like the maximum length almost to the eyebrows, and some prefer a more natural look.

What you need to create an effective curl

Most likely, it will be interesting to you what materials for eyelash extension the master uses, the price of the service depends on their quality and type. During the procedure, the eyelash extension master uses:

  • Silicone pads for eyes. Master puts them under your eyelashes, for the convenience of the procedure and protect the skin around the eyes.
  • Degreaser. It is applied with a special brush on the hairs before the procedure.
  • Eyelashes for extension. They come in different lengths: from 8 to 14 mm. Can be made of various materials: natural silk, natural hair or mink, and artificial synthetic. Eyelashes for extension are individual hairs, bunches and ribbons. The choice of colors is also varied: from classic black to bright orange and silver.
  • Glue for eyelash extension. How long your new curls hold out depends on the glue. Glue comes in 7 categories, from the weakest to the most stable: A, B, C, D, S, Ultra Strong Ultra, Super Bonding. The stronger the glue, the easier it is to work with it, which means that the work of the master will be cleaner. Of course, adhesives that seize quickly require skill and experience from the master. Glue may be meant for sensitive eyes, to be hypoallergenic, but the result after them will please you less time.
  • Tweezers, clamp. These tools and carried out the procedure, including the extension of the lower eyelashes. With a clip, an eyelash extension master holds the material, and with tweezers it separates your natural eyelashes to choose a place for the future bundle.

puppet look
These are the main materials for eyelash extension. In addition to them, the master can use decorative elements, such as butterflies or rhinestones, which will make the work of the master exclusive.

Eyelash extension technology

With any type of extension, the materials remain unchanged, the technology of eyelash extension can change. There are 2 main technologies: Japanese or Eyelash and 3D:

  • Open eyelash extensions or Japanese technology. This technology allows you to get the most natural effect, as each hair is step-by-step glued to your present, as a result, the number of cilia remains the same, but according to your desire, you can make your look more voluminous by gluing more pieces. Reviews of technology by the eyes indicate a long-lasting durability of the result. This technique is very popular recently.
  • Eyelash extensions 3D. This eyelash extension technology is designed for girls who are naturally rare. For each natural is attached 2-3 artificial hairs. Eyelash extensions 3d allows you to create real masterpieces around the eyes. The master can use hairs of different sizes and colors to make an incredible volume, and using different colors you can create a festive image.

Effects of eyelash extensions

Depending on the desired result, the master can offer you different effects eyelash extensions. By placing workpieces forever according to a certain scheme, one of the following effects can turn out:

  • Fox eyes. Smooth transition from short hairs (6-8 mm) at the inner corner of the eye to long (up to 14 mm) at the outer corner.
  • Doll eyes. Long hairs of the same size evenly fastened along the entire curl line.
  • Natural effect. Here the master creates a natural curl, distributing not very long hairs evenly along the growth line of your real cilia. At the inner corner of the hairs are glued 1-2 mm shorter than the main.
  • Round eyes. The effect of rounding is achieved by attaching the longer hairs in the center, and short along the edges.
  • Butterfly wings. It uses an alternation of long and short hairs. This effect allows you to visually stretch your eyes.

attachment points

Of course, these are not all the effects of eyelash extensions. Each master can independently expand this list, experimenting with length and volume. The above are the most popular effects that are appropriate for everyday wear. For special occasions and bold, outrageous girls, there are many more ways to make the look unusual: the “squirrels” effect will create unusual tassels on the outer corners, and the shocking volume will provide a “glamorous” effect.

Effects of eyelash extensions

Reviews of satisfied girls are prompted right now to run to the master and join the ranks of lucky girls. But like any procedure here, too, has its drawbacks. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in bringing out the extended cilia, and then without harming one's own, get rid of artificial ones. The consequences of eyelash extensions can be very bad. Probably, each of us can cite as an example a girlfriend who was left without cilia at all, having passed with a curl for several months.

To enjoy the result, minimize the consequences of eyelash extensions and protect your own eyelashes after extension, you must follow the curl care instructions, follow all recommendations and restrictions, and also not carry out the procedure if there are contraindications. And, of course, you need to carefully choose the master.

  • Failure to follow the technology or getting materials in the eyes can cause itching, irritation, and even chemical burns to the eye mucosa. In case of violation of technology, a girl can feel discomfort immediately after the procedure.
  • If the master made mistakes, the cilia could be glued incorrectly. Even if you endure discomfort, the cilia will look worse every day, will become tangled, and it will be impossible to comb them.
  • Falling out, the blank will take with it not only the hair on which it should have been glued, but also the neighboring young ones. As a result, spoiled own cilia and complete disappointment from the procedure. That is why it is important to find a professional who will not be afraid to trust his eyes.

Some girls are afraid to carry out the procedure at home, but as evidenced by the reviews, it is in vain. The result depends on the professionalism of the master, so you can hold eyelash extensions at home or in the salon. If the master knows his business, it should not affect the result.

Contraindications and recommendations

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • Allergic reactions.
  • Chronic eye disease.
  • Involuntary flow of tears.
  • Tendency to irritation and swelling of the mucous.

To lashes after the extension you only pleased, follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not soak curls for 2-3 hours after the procedure, so that the glue can get a good hold.
  • Do not use fatty creams that destroy the resin.
  • Do not touch the cilia! This can be done only twice a day while washing.
  • Avoid contact with steam for 2 days after the procedure.
  • It is forbidden to use waterproof mascara, as the wash for it contains oils that dissolve the resin.
  • To remove make-up, use lotion or mycelial water, for example, mycelian water. "Absolute tenderness from L’Oreal" .
  • Do not sleep, buried his nose in the pillow, so as not to deform the cilia.
  • Reviews indicate that wearing contact lenses and extended cilia are not very compatible. When putting on and taking off lenses, the hairs will fall out very quickly.

hair fastening process

Himself master eyelash extension

Of course, you can only entrust this painstaking procedure to a professional, it’s impossible to build eyelashes by yourself. Not every master manages to do this qualitatively, what can we say about building one's own hands with one closed eye. The cost of building in a beauty salon about 3000 rubles. If you want to carry out eyelash extensions at home, you can get eyelash extension training. You can take both individual and group courses, the cost of the course is on average 5 thousand rubles.

Having finished training, eyelash extension can become not just your hobby, and even earnings. To carry out eyelash extensions at home, you need to purchase everything you need. Buy materials for eyelash extensions can be in specialized stores or ordered online. Approximately a set for eyelash extension costs about 1500-2000 rubles:

  • it is possible to buy eyelashes for extension for 300 rubles for a small jar, up to 1000 rubles for a set of premium class;
  • glue will cost about 600 rubles;
  • additional materials: silicone pads, tweezers, degreaser will cost another 500 rubles.

By increasing the cilia, you will be at any time of the day or night fully armed. You can forget for at least a month and a half what mascara and curling tongs are. And so that the result pleased you and delighted those around you, approach responsibly the choice of the master and follow all the recommendations.

Video: video lesson- eyelash extensions

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