Eyebrow stencils - moving to perfect shape

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For anyone who wants to be in trend and apply make-up to herself qualitatively and quickly, the question is how to use a eyebrow stencil ?! We learn what it is, what it is intended for and how to use it. And most importantly, is it worth it at all?

Types of eyebrow stencils

Now, many manufacturers of cosmetics offer ready-made eyebrow stencils of the following varieties:

  • Separate stencils for one edge. This is a card of bending plastic, it can not be attached to the face, but sometimes it has markers for a symmetrical arrangement with respect to the eyes and nose. It is supposed to hold it with one hand while applying makeup. Eyebrow-like stencils are sold, as a rule, in sets with several different options for the shape of the slits;
  • Stencil for both eyebrows in the form of a strip. Most often, such a strip is attached to the back of the head with elastic tape. Conveniently, if the distance between the eyes fits into the standard of the manufacturer;
  • Mask-stencil with a cut in the shape of the nose. It is suitable only for women with almost perfect proportions of the face, however, such a device is very comfortable and saves time with eyebrow makeup. It is worth taking the time to find the mask pattern that is right for your face.

types of eyebrows

The photo clearly shows how much easier the procedure of visual correction of eyebrows is for those who use templates. In addition, you can pull out eyebrows with a stencil, without fear of making them asymmetrical to each other.

If you use a single eyebrow card, you should take care that the inverted map will lie in absolute symmetry to the already drawn arc. This is difficult to achieve from the first time. In addition, it is not very pleasant to overpay for cards that are not useful, which can be up to five in a set.

the rules for creating the perfect eyebrow shape

Because many people choose a strip on the forehead or a mask, if you can find a suitable one. But even here a trick can wait. Sellers "in load" to their favorite form offer a set for plucking - tweezers, a brush, a mirror. And there is nothing left for fashionistas, how to buy everything to get the desired goods.

That is why many stylish beauties resort to homemade production of this stylish assistant, and how to do it, we will consider step by step in the next paragraph of the article.

brow arcs

DIY eyebrow stencils

What you need to make a stencils for eyebrows with your own hands? Not so much, the main thing is accuracy, desire and a clear idea of ​​the desired shape of the eyebrow arc. There is a whole science of eyebrow shape to face type. Not to mention the fashion for natural, wide brows or a “string” - different forms have the right to exist, otherwise it would be just boring to live.

For those who have firmly decided to make a stencil for eyebrows at home, here is the following list:

  • Plastic base. You can purchase a thick transparent folder in the clerical department; or you can give a second life to a large plastic bottle or food container;
  • Bright marker (preferably indelible);
  • Knife for cutting paper or nail scissors, "herons";
  • Needle, thread;
  • Belts or braid, elastic;
  • Lock fastener or flypaper;
  • "Pattern" - that is, the pattern of your eyebrow, its ideal shape.

Consider the step by step instruction:

  1. First, we mark the center of the forehead (you can use a tape measure or a ruler to be exact), as well as the center of the strip-base for our template.
  2. We mark on the mask the point of beginning of the eyebrow (at the eye), its highest point, and then we connect these two points with a line. This is a very important guide for work, and you can get useful eyebrow stencils with your own hands only if these guidelines are correctly marked. After all, we select templates on the upper border. They can be independently found and printed out from the net– good, there is enough variety there.

do-it-yourself pattern

So, the sequence of actions:

  1. Print the appropriate picture, put it under the transparent rectangle and circle the marker.
  2. Then cut the windows with a stationery knife, very carefully, without burrs and protruding edges - because the plastic will touch your face.
  3. The next stage, as our instruction says, is to make fastenings. Cut the plastic at the edges, insert the braid and tie (we sew it — as you like). We try on to find out how far from the face there will be velcro or a lock. Then we sew (glue) them to the straps.

beautiful asian

As we can see, the scheme for making a brow template at home is simple. On the contrary, it is a fascinating and creative process that will make you more attentive to the shape of your face and give you a legitimate sense of pride on a daily basis when using the strip.

Video: do it yourself eyebrow stencils

Ready stencils: prices and reviews

If you are not set up to “reinvent the wheel”, but are ready to spend money and let the professionals do their work, then you have whole lines of eyebrow care from famous brands.

stencils from avon

  • For example, Avon, a democratic company that won the love of our ladies with small prices and bright catalogs, offers to buy a set of stencils "Design Creation", the cost of which is just over 100 rubles. Reviews of stencils for eyebrows of this manufacturer are ambiguous. Someone is sure that for little money there will be no sense (justifying the lack of dexterity and dexterity with the low quality of the product). Others are delighted with the packaging, detailed instructions, compact packaging - those who have come up with at least one of the proposed forms. But, as a serious disadvantage, it is worth noting the lack of auxiliary marking, without which it is so difficult to achieve symmetry when dyeing and removing excess hair.
  • Those who like to make inexpensive gifts to themselves, as well as fans of low-cost experiments, we offer to look at Aliexpress, where their price starts from almost 20 rubles. per set (and frankly, it looks like the real cost of a piece of plastic with a couple of three strokes painted). The reviews about these democratic helpers are not bad, they are not much worse than their more expensive ones to congregate of “noble” origin.

kits with aliexpress

Conclusion: we are looking for a cheaper template, but with markup, and we fill our hand. Or we make stencils independently. The main thing is systematic training, and then (in a couple of weeks) you will have symmetrical brows of exactly the form you dreamed of.

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