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Coloring, plucking, different types of tattoo ... What else can be done to emphasize the beauty of their eyebrows? Many girls already know the secret of the attractive look. Eyebrow lamination is a new way to make your eyebrows attractive. Have you heard anything about this procedure yet? Well, then it's time to fix it.

What is eyebrow lamination?

This is a cosmetic procedure that aims to strengthen and stimulate hair growth. There is a lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, but today we will consider only the second type of procedure.

It should be understood that this procedure can not create a beautiful edge from scratch, but it can easily emphasize and consolidate the data already available. The bottom line is that a special product is applied to the hairs, which helps to soften and strengthen them. This procedure helps to make the edges more accurate, shade them and stimulate their growth. Maybe the result is immediately visible and will not be, but by comparing the photos before and after, you will immediately notice the difference.

effect before and after

Brow Lamination Indications

If any of the following disadvantages, you can refer to this procedure:

  • not satisfied with the shape of the eyebrow;
  • I do not like the direction of hair growth;
  • hair loss and thinning;
  • asymmetry of brow arcs;
  • too light hairs on arcs.

perfect edges

The effects of lamination. Before and after pictures

After the session, you can count on the following improvements in the appearance of brow arcs:

  • hairs fall out less;
  • they become stronger and thicker;
  • get more neat and well-groomed appearance;
  • color becomes more saturated, but it remains natural.

after and before the session

Brow Lamination Types

Depending on the purpose, there are different types of this procedure.

  • Modeling. This can be called a light version of lamination, since it consists solely in moisturizing the hairs with a special solution in order to give them a more well-groomed appearance. After the simulation session, the edge is easier to lay, and they become more neat in appearance;
  • Coloring. This is a traditional kind of lamination, which is usually implied when speaking about this procedure. Its essence lies in the fact that it, just like other species, produces a firming effect, but at the same time gives the eyebrows a more saturated shade. Color lasts for 3-4 weeks;
  • Medical lamination. Outwardly, this procedure is almost not manifested in any way; it will be difficult to make out in the photo before and after. But it leads to remarkable results in terms of eyebrow health: the hairs become more elastic, strong, they fall less. This is achieved through the effects of various plant, essential oils and other activators. This type of lamination is particularly suitable for the restoration of eyebrows after extension.

beautiful natural brows

Ways to laminate eyebrows

After a detailed description of all the advantages of this procedure, a reasonable question arises - how to make eyebrow lamination? There are two ways here.

  • For starters, you can contact the beauty salon. The entire session will take approximately 40-60 minutes. The cost of this procedure may vary, but on average the price of lamination is 2000-3000 rubles.
  • Another option is to make eyebrow lamination to oneself at home, either by completing eyebrow lamination courses or simply by carefully following the step-by-step instructions.

You can complete eyebrow lamination courses in almost any city. Their cost is about 2500 rubles. But I must say that this procedure is not so complex, and therefore does not require special in-depth knowledge. You can get eyebrow lamination training for more confidence, but there is no great need.

effect after lamination and staining

Eyebrow lamination at home

The procedure scheme itself is one, but there are various means by which it can be performed.

Brow Lamination gelatin

If you choose such a path, then you need the most basic products - 15 g of gelatin, 50 g of boiled water and 15 g of hair balm. Water with gelatin is heated, and then balm is added there. It is this mixture that makes home eyebrow lamination. But remember that this option is less stable - the effect will be visible in only three days;

Eyebrow lamination with cosmetics

If you prefer more proven and simple ways, and you also need a longer result, then you should buy a special care product. There are quite a lot of them, but here is a list of the most popular ones:

  • Yumi Lashes. This is the most popular brand for lamination eyebrows and eyelashes from Switzerland. This is a brand of professional cosmetics, but you can easily use this tool on your own at home.
  • LVL Another sensational brand, this time hailing from the UK. According to reviews, very high-quality products that can be easily bought on the official website. Eyebrow lamination with LVL gives a very intense result;
  • Paul Mitchell. Also a good tool, invented by the Americans. A special advantage of this drug is its absolutely natural composition: all components of plant origin.

before and after the lamination session

The price of all these funds is about the same - around 1000 rubles. But the cost may vary depending on what size kit you purchase. You can only buy a lifting preparation, and you can also order tweezers, degreasers, etc.

Home eyebrow lamination. Step-by-step instruction

Regardless of what means you choose, your actions during the procedure will be almost the same.

how to make

  1. How should defat the skin and rid it of cosmetics. This can be done with the help of any tonic;
  2. Apply the prepared preparation on the edges and spread it over the entire length in a uniform layer;
  3. Comb the hairs with a special brush;
  4. Leave the mixture on the hairs for 40-60 minutes (specify the time on the packaging of the product used; if you choose gelatin, then hold it for 40 minutes);
  5. Wash off with warm water. But be careful! Movement during washing should go strictly along the line and the direction of hair growth, otherwise the result will not be as good as we would like. The first time the edge is not recommended to wet.

That's all, this is all eyebrow lamination instructions at home. As you can see, it is very simple and fast. Try it!

final result

Customer reviews about eyebrow lamination

The best way to find out about a particular procedure is to ask those who have already tried it on themselves. If you enter this number, leave your comments below the article in the section. "Your thoughts, experience, opinion"

"Super! I am so glad that I still overcame laziness and reached the salon. Brovi immediately neat, well-groomed. And before that they stuck out like uncut bushes ... That's it, now I will regularly repeat the procedure! ”

“Well, I was not waiting for this, of course. I read reviews on the Internet, where they promised to directly super-duper brows after lamination. No, of course, there is a result, they have become more pleasing in appearance, or something. Hang around so much stopped. Well, maybe a little brighter now. But right grand effect is not, alas. For such a price, I expected more. ”

"Exactly what is needed! My eyebrows are naturally good, but after giving birth, they began to climb ... I tried gelatin myself to do lamination at home. And lo and behold! With regular repetition during the month, the hair actually began to fall less! ”

“Of the advantages, it is easy to do it yourself, cheap, it helps to correct minor flaws. Of the minuses, the cardinal problems do not solve. "

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