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Beautiful edges - this is one of the pledges of an alluring charming gaze. If they are excessively light, rare and thin, it can adversely affect not only the appearance of the eye, but also on the whole image as a whole. Therefore, each girl seeks to know as many ways as possible to give them brightness and density. About makeup and tattoo have already heard, everything must be. But such a procedure as brow buildup is something interesting. How to raise eyebrows? What is the cost of this service? Can I do it to myself at home? Read all the answers to all the questions below.

What is eyebrow extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are a procedure recently appeared on the beauty market that saves girls with inexpressive eyebrows from everyday tedious makeup. Its essence lies in gluing artificial eyebrow hairs to the present. This is a very delicate process that only certified craftsmen can successfully complete. Incompetent hands can not only add brightness to your look, but also spoil the natural beauty. So, consider the choice of a specialist very carefully.

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Where can I build eyebrows?

As mentioned above, this work can be performed only by professionals. They, as a rule, can be found in good beauty salons, where they will perform this procedure in just 1-2 hours. The cost of the service depends on the type of your problem. If this is a small form adjustment, then the price will be 1500-2000 rubles. If you want, for example, to completely change or restore the edge, then the procedure will cost you 4000-5000 rubles.

There is also an option to make yourself an eyebrow extension yourself. But here you can not do step-by-step instructions from the Internet. To achieve a good result, you need to undergo special training. Similar courses exist in almost all major cities. They will describe the necessary materials for eyebrow extensions, a step-by-step scheme of actions, and you will have the opportunity to practice this procedure under the supervision of masters.

The price of such courses depends on many factors: the city, length of study, school solidity, etc. On average, the cost can vary from 2500 to 4000 rubles.

Indications for the procedure

  • Asymmetrical edges;
  • Unsuccessful attempts at self-correction;
  • Hair loss from chemotherapy;
  • Dissatisfaction with the shape and thickness of brow arcs;
  • Natural lack of growth of eyebrow hairs;
  • Scars in the area above the eyes;
  • Hair loss due to illness.

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The advantages of eyebrow extensions

  • Eliminating the need to do makeup every morning;
  • Getting the desired shape and volume brovok;
  • Long-term result;
  • Eyebrows look natural;
  • Painless procedure;
  • Accessibility in beauty salons;
  • The ability to do eyebrow extensions itself;
  • Acceptable price.

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How to build eyebrows at home?

As mentioned above, first of all, you need to be trained in special courses. Next, it is necessary to determine the way in which you are going to build your eyebrows. The fact is that there are two ways: the first is to stick finished strips with hairs, which are sold in special kits for eyebrow extensions; the second, one after another, glue the artificial hairs to the natural ones. The first method is good because it is simpler, materials are more accessible for it and it is easier to reproduce. The advantages of the second method are in a more natural form and the possibility of a more individual selection of the shape of the eyebrows. But nevertheless we advise you not to risk and for the home procedure to turn to the simpler option, or to go to the beauty salon for an appointment with the master.

Now that the main points have been clarified, it is worth thinking about purchasing the necessary eyebrow extension kits. You can buy them in large specialized stores of cosmetics, in beauty salons, and also they are sold on the Internet. From the tools you will need:

  • Separate artificial hairs or a finished strip with latex hairs;
  • Eyebrow glue;
  • Special fine forceps;
  • Eyebrow stencils (optional);
  • Means for removing fat.

brow arc after building

When materials for brow extensions are collected, you can proceed to the workflow. Recall that we are considering a simplified version of this procedure. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Determine for yourself the ideal shape of eyebrows. This is one of the key stages from which you need to dance. Look in the mirror and, relying on your appearance and taste preferences, draw the outlines of your future eyebrows with a pencil. If you have special stencils, this step becomes even easier;
  2. Using ordinary tweezers, perform the usual procedure: pull out the eyebrows with tweezers, thus getting rid of those hairs that are not included in the intended shape;
  3. Using a special tool, remove excess sebum from "work area";
  4. Clay walk around the entire hair strip;
  5. Quickly, before the glue has dried, attach the strip to the “native” arc, moving from the bridge of the nose to the temple;
  6. Allow the strip to fully lock. To do this, avoid touching it, as well as its contact with water;
  7. After complete drying, you can make a correction of the extended eyebrows to more fully achieve the desired shape.

Browning Form Definition

Eyebrow correction

Correction of extended eyebrows is one of the main disadvantages of this procedure. Of course, if you just stuck artificial strips according to the instructions above, then things are much simpler: just wet the work area, wait for the glue to soften, and then remove the artificial hairs with tweezers. The only drawback is that after removal you need to wait for about three weeks until the native edge grows.

If you chose the option of attaching a single latex hairs, then the correction of extended eyebrows will require great effort. The result, though it lasts a long time, but it requires regular amendments and careful maintenance. It is better if all these procedures are performed by specialists from beauty salons.

Eyebrow Tips Reviews

The positive effect of this procedure can be judged by the photo. Just look at the photo of eyebrow extensions before and after, and you can see how much more expressive and attractive look becomes. In addition, excellent results can be judged by the numerous reviews of satisfied customers.

before and after brow extensions

“I finally had eyebrows! The very same draw laziness in the morning, and the hands do not grow out of there, to make up beautifully. And here is the beauty, although it is not a shame to get out of the house :)) "

“Very high quality procedure, I was pleased. A friend made herself a tattoo, I also thought to repeat it. But then something read reviews and decided to build. Say, it looks more natural. And you know, I don’t regret my decision at all. Indeed, if we compare us now with a friend, then her tattoo looks like painted, and mine is very natural. Super, I advise everyone.

“It is, of course, good, beautiful, aesthetically, I am pleased with everything. But regular correction, of course, makes a not weak hole in my budget ... Although, on the other hand, tattooing also requires correction, so, in any case, either to draw from the hand or to shell out: D "

result from the procedure

Eyebrow extension is a great way to give your look a zest, make it more expressive. You can become even more beautiful than you are now, the main thing - try, you will succeed!

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