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Units of beauties were lucky to get thick eyebrows and eyelashes of rich color as a gift from nature. Most girls still have to use little tricks to give expressiveness to their eyes, making them darker. One of these tricks is the paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. What are the advantages of staining and what is better to buy paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, you can find out in our article.

Why do I need eyebrow and eyelash dye?

For some girls, whose framing of the eyes is light and sparse, coloring eyebrows becomes a procedure of first necessity. Of course, you can emphasize eyebrows with shadows or a pencil, and cilia with mascara. But dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows with paint gives a long and lasting result. You will look like a beauty around the clock, while spending on the whole process no more than 30 minutes and ultimately, saving hours of time to apply make-up. Often, and beauty, whose brows are moderately dark and thick use this method, as the paint for eyebrows and eyelashes gives a natural effect, does not weigh the eye, but only enhances the shade of hairs.

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Staining formulations undergo a thorough ophthalmological examination and do not cause allergies. They are safe to use at home, subject to all the precautions specified in the instructions.

Paint for eyelashes and eyebrows: choose the best

Usually an oxidizer, a paint, a brush and a container for mixing them are included in the box with this product. The principle of applying formulations for all manufacturers is the same, and the exposure time is different for each woman depending on the desired hue saturation.

After reviewing the range and focusing on the numerous reviews of girls who conduct the procedure at home, we have selected the most popular brands for you. We will tell you about them so that you can choose the best option for yourself.


Paint for eyelashes and eyebrows of this company is presented in two shades - black and brown.

  • Price: this product is one of the most budget, its estimated cost is about 80 rubles, you can find it in almost any cosmetic store. Often girls buy the box of Rocolor at a lower price at a Fix Price.
  • Resilience results: up to 2 weeks.


Estel enigma

Estel dye for eyelashes is popular not only among girls who perform dyeing procedures themselves, but also among professional craftsmen. Purchase goods is not difficult, since Estelle shops are in every city. You can choose from 9 shades, so that even the most capricious young lady can find the perfect color. Estel for eyebrows and eyelashes practically does not color the skin, so with it you can count on the most natural result.

  • Price: about 280 rubles.
  • Resistance: Estel's eyebrow and eyelash dye is one of the most resistant, the result will last up to 2-3 weeks.

Enigma by Estelle

Estel Only Looks

Estel for Only Looks eyebrows is presented in 4 shades. It has the same consistency as the aforementioned Enigma, but when applied to the hairs it darkens more slowly and it takes more time to endure it. However, for girls who perform staining for the first time, this will be an advantage, since the risk of overexposing the composition and getting too intense shade is reduced.

  • Price: paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Estel costs about 150 rubles.
  • Toughness: Estel Only Looks less erosive than Enigma. Re-tinting may take a week and a half.

only looks from estel


The paint for eyelashes Refectocil is presented in 8 shades from blond to bluish-black. This is a professional product, shades can be mixed to achieve the desired tone. The peculiarity of RefectoCil is painting speed, the manufacturer recommends keeping the product on the hairs for no more than 10 minutes.

  • Price: Refecto Cil eyelash dye will cost you about 450 rubles. In the box you will find only a tube of dye, and you will have to buy an oxidizer separately. If you choose the same company, the oxidizer will cost you about 280 rubles.
  • Resistance: eyebrow paint is very resistant, the result will please you up to a month. If the product gets on the skin, it will be quite difficult to wipe it off, but the remuver of the same company copes with it. "with a bang".



The paint for eyelashes and eyebrows Concept is ammonia-free, its advantage is the absence of a strong chemical smell and a more gentle effect on the hairs. However, this increases the exposure time to 25 minutes.

  • Price: Concept eyebrow and cilia paint is sold for an average of 150 rubles.
  • Resistance: low resistance, the result will remain for about a week.


Secrets of successful staining

By choosing a product that meets your criteria, you can go directly to painting eyebrows and cilia. So that you are pleased with the result, and the whole procedure went through, as they say, without a hitch, there are several secrets:

  • Before applying the dye, circle around the contour with a white or beige pencil for makeup. It is necessary to create a kind of frame with a pencil. So you get the perfect shape, and the pigment does not stain the skin.
  • Do not pull out hairs before painting, and do it after. Otherwise, the agent may cause irritation, hitting microscopic sores at the hair growth site.
  • To paint the cilia more carefully, you can purchase special protective strips for the skin.
  • The amount of paint recommended by the manufacturer, specified in the instructions, is usually 2-3 times higher than that actually used. For the procedure, a pea-sized dye and 4-5 drops of oxidant are sufficient. Packing you enough for more than 15 colors.
  • If your brows are rare, the tattoo effect will help to thicken them, just hold the composition for a couple of minutes longer than the recommended time.
  • Often the brushes that come with the kit are inconvenient for a neat covering of the hairs with the composition. It is better to use a beveled makeup brush.
  • To get a natural result, start applying the dye from the end of the edge at the temple.

If you know any secrets of this skill, share them with our readers in the comments under the article. Your experience may be useful for other girls.

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