Exercises to increase the female breast

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Exercises to increase the female breast with proper and regular performance can give this part additional volume without lifting or implanting operations. Regardless of how your sys look now, it is in your power to make them more beautiful and luxuriant without much time and money.

The benefits of physical activity for the chest

The size of the mammary glands of a woman depends on the genetics and body structure. It is impossible to make more of them without external help in the form of surgical intervention, but you can visually lift up and give volume by increasing the pectoral muscle, which is located directly under the mammary glands.

The developed muscles serve as a “frame” for the breast, which allows it to firmly hold and not to lose volume even after feeding the baby or a strong weight loss.

Long-term home exercises for breast augmentation with regular performance make the muscles more bulky and bulging, which is why the bust acquires beautiful symmetrical roundness. In contrast to the mammary glands, when weight loss decreases in the first place, muscle mass is maintained for a long period of time, regardless of the overall condition of the figure.

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Possible outcome

For a positive effect, occupations to increase the bust should last at least four weeks. During this time, you will notice the first changes in shape and size, and after a few months these changes will occur:

  • Increase elasticity;
  • Giving "tits" beautiful rounded shape;
  • Raising the bust by 0.5-2 cm;
  • An increase of 1 size due to the growth of muscle mass.

Complex training

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to do workouts at home.


Exercises to increase the bust should begin with a warm-up - to warm up the muscles, it is enough to complete the tilts to the sides, rotate the arms and pull them to the sides.

  1. Body position: standing by a wall or sitting on a chair. The back is flat. Hands bend palms to each other and squeeze with effort, as if trying to crush a nut. Concentrate forces should not be on the arms or back, but on the pectoral muscles. At the highest point of tension, you need to linger for 10 seconds, then relax and repeat again;
  2. Stand in the doorway, and, having leaned your back on the door jamb, “push” the opposite side with your palms, until tension in the pectoral muscles appears;
  3. Face the wall: you need to rest your palms so that the body forms an angle of 45-60 degrees with it. With elbows set aside, pushups are performed to tremble in the arms and chest;
  4. Classic pushups from the floor include the second week instead of pushups from the wall. It is necessary to start with 1-2 repetitions, gradually increasing the amount to 20-25 times;
  5. Lying on the floor: in the hands of dumbbells, pressed to "buffers". Hands rise up above the body and gently fall down. The muscles should be as tense as possible;
  6. Standing with dumbbells in hand, the movements of the hands are performed, as when boxing. The legs should be shoulder-width and half-bent;
  7. For training the triceps in the complex with the chest perform push-ups on the chair: sitting on the floor, back to the legs. Arms bent in elbows are placed on the harnesses. Then slowly rise up, leaning on the palm. It is necessary to monitor the position of the chair to avoid injury;
  8. Exercise "bridge" well trains the pectoral muscles - if you do it yourself is difficult, you can ask someone to insure you.

It is necessary to complete stretching exercises for breast augmentation - bending to the sides, abstraction of the hands behind the back or meditation with palms closed on the solar plexus.

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Perform each exercise should be 5-10 times in two approaches. The complex will help not only to pump up the bust, but also to strengthen the back and shoulders - a smooth beautiful posture visually makes the bust taller and longer.

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Tips and tricks

Exercise for breast augmentation should be performed according to the following rules:

  • For normal growth, muscles need not only stress, but also rest. The optimal scheme is three workouts per week lasting 20-40 minutes with an interval of a day;
  • With proper implementation of approaches in the chest should feel a little pain and tension;
  • Loads need to be increased in stages, starting with easy approaches, and ending with more complex ones;
  • For the trenches it is necessary to use weighting agents of 5-7 kg;
  • During exercise, the back should be straight and the bust raised high up;
  • You need to train for at least 2-3 months.

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Principles of nutrition

Classes will not give the desired result if the power is wrong. With a lack of protein and other nutrients, the process of building muscle will not come, and all classes will be in vain. The diet for a beautiful breast should be based on the following principles:

  • Drink plenty of water;
  • The use of complex carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals and pasta from durum wheat) to replenish the energy needed for training;
  • The source of protein should be lean meat, fish, dairy products and eggs;
  • For skin tone and prevention of stretch marks during the extension of the pectoral muscles, the consumption of vegetable fat is recommended - 1 tbsp. l olive, flaxseed or sesame oils.

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Cosmetic procedures

Means for external use are not able to increase the volume in the desired areas, but their use is necessary to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin. To do this, it is recommended to finish each stitch with a contrast shower and use firming and nourishing oils.

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