Evening makeup for brown eyes from a to z

girls with brown eyes

Brown eyes are considered bright, mysterious and sexy. Nevertheless, the correct evening make-up for brown eyes should be performed, according to certain principles, to emphasize the natural showiness of the appearance of its owner. Such a make-up for brown-eyed ladies is radically different from the day, in which naturalness is preferred. In the evening, chic and glitter, sophistication and glamor reign.

General rules evening makeup brown-eyed ladies

It is quite possible to do a make-up yourself for the publication without resorting to the services of a professional makeup artist. When performing evening makeup for brown eyes, you should use only high-quality and durable cosmetics - beauty will last on the face until the end of the party. Some tips to the brown-eyed to make a beautiful and flawless makeup for a celebration or a trip to the club:

make up the eye in a gentle peach brown tint

  • Eyebrows should look brighter than usual - they give the face a character. Makeup artists recommend to emphasize their line with shadows, comb and fix the result with a special gel.
  • The colors for the evening out should be rich and bright, but with a sense of proportion, so that the image does not turn out tasteless and ridiculous.
  • If you are not very confident in the make-up technique, you should not choose its complicated options for doing it yourself. You can limit yourself to one or two shades of shadows, and brightly colored eyelashes will give expressive look to the look. Evening make-up for brown eyes with false eyelashes looks spectacular in the evening.
  • The skin before applying cosmetics must be cleaned, before applying the foundation, you must use a moisturizer.
  • To get a bright make-up, use a black or colored eyeliner.
  • Evening make-up is desirable in advance to think through and practice to do it.
  • The image for the party can be complemented with sparkles.

blue shiny shadows on the eyelids

Shades of makeup shadows

Brown-eyed girls can safely experiment at home with colors of decorative cosmetics, as most shades suit them. For the publication, the right choice is the mother-of-pearl light shades of bronze, vanilla, pink, brown, purple, blue tones, as well as matte dark. Beautiful combinations give brown eyes a combination of contrasting shades. Evening makeup for brown eyes must perform with their shade:

  1. For light brown eyes - plum and pink tones;
  2. Dark eyes fit purple, pink, blue, beige shades;
  3. For caret greens, emerald green and khaki are good;
  4. Brown eyes with a shade of yellowness emphasize lilac and purple colors favorably.

very beautiful makeup

Bright evening make-up option for brown-eyed

Makeup artists consider bright makeup the most attractive for brown eyes - colorful or smoky ice. To create it, you need to choose soft shades of shadows and blush, add false eyelashes and eyeliner with purple, turquoise, gold or silver sparkles.

girl with smoky shadows on the eyelids

Low-key make-up for the evening

One of the most interesting options is a light makeup for brown eyes for publication. Shades of shadows can be chosen from any scale that is most suitable for you, the main thing is that there should be no more than three of one color, differing only in half a tone. Step by step this version of the makeup at home is done like this:

girl with a gentle palette of eyeshadow

  • The shadows of the middle tone are applied to the lower eyelid;
  • The darkest shade narrow strip lies on the bottom of the upper eyelid;
  • On a half of the moving eyelid, over a dark tone, an average color is applied;
  • The rest, up to the eyebrows, fills the lightest shade - it can be replaced with a light golden, creme brulee or silver;
  • A little sparkle is added to the eyelids;
  • Eyelashes are covered with super lengthening and waterproof mascara.

light evening make

Irresistible blonde with brown eyes in the evening

The choice of decorative means for brown-eyed blondes, often with ashy hair color, is not very large.

dark-skinned blonde

  1. Makeup artists recommend using yellowish-pink or bronze powder for their own make-up.
  2. Lipstick of varying degrees of intensity should be pink for light skin. In combination with the tan looks great lipstick coral and orange tones.
  3. Shadows for blondes with brown eyes are recommended to pick up blue, gray and bronze with brown patches.
  4. Mascara also need to pick brown.

shadow casting technique

Fireworks pitch hair and brown eyes

In any make-up for the evening, you must clearly highlight the eyebrows. For brunettes, the shadows can be in contrasting shades, applying glitter on the eyelids is possible. Bright evening makeup for brown eyes and dark hair:

brightly painted beauty

  • Shadows are applied to the entire surface of the mobile eyelid and are gently distributed in the direction of the temple, creating an almond-shaped eye;
  • The line is carefully shaded to create a smoky effect;
  • Eyes are emphasized with black eyeliner;
  • The inner corners of the eyes emphasize bright shadows.

Makeup Kim Kardashian

You can independently make such a spectacular version of an evening make-up for brunettes, built on the use of contrasting colors:

  • To cover the entire eyelid with shadows, for example, a fuchsia shade;
  • The outer corners should be emphasized with a contrasting color (emerald) and well shaded by the middle of the century;
  • Eyelashes underline black;
  • Adding a small amount of sparkles completes the image.

step-by-step dark shadowing scheme

The charm of dark eyes and blond hair

Owners of brown eyes and blond hair focus on makeup is desirable to do on the eyes. The correct choice for this appearance is the gray-blue or gray shade, you can use beige, sand, golden brown or chocolate shades. It is advisable to keep your distance from blue, bright pink and orange colors. Complement the makeup elegant black arrows. Make-up for light brown hair and dark eyes is applied exclusively on the upper eyelid. The eyelashes are emphasized with a lengthening charcoal-black mascara.

girl with dark blond hair
Leona lewis makeup

Video: technique of creating evening makeup for brown-eyed persons

In the evening, the club and the solemn make-up is extremely important to use cosmetics of the highest quality, because walking, dancing and having fun will most likely be all night. Inexpensive funds are not always able to withstand the night party.

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