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The Estonian diet is among the hungry, and therefore not everyone can observe it. If you can boast of willpower and you have a strong desire to lose weight, then in 6 days of severe dietary restrictions you can lose up to 6 kg of excess weight. We will tell you how your menu should be during this time and give recommendations to make the Estonian diet as effective as possible.

The essence of the Estonian diet

The Estonian diet consists of 6 monodietic days. Every day you can eat only one specific product. Reviews losing weight confirm its effectiveness, already on day 3, the plumb can reach 3-4 kg. Weight loss on an Estonian diet is calculated for 6 days, but if these days are easy for you and you want to achieve even greater results, you can continue it for one more day, but no more. Estonian diet for 7 days will allow you to lose about 7 kg. Since this method of losing weight is quite tough, it does not suit everyone. To abandon it should be women with health problems.

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Advantages and disadvantages of losing weight in Estonian

The Estonian diet for 6 days, besides the fact that it allows you to lose quite a decent weight in a short time, and the fact that you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing food, has no advantages. But she has a lot of disadvantages:

  • The Estonian diet for 6 days is poorly tolerated by women. Due to a poor diet, headaches, dizziness, nausea are possible. Moreover, it can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, beriberi and reduce the protective functions of the body.
  • After the end of weight loss, the weight can return as quickly as it left. It’s usually difficult for women to eat right after getting out of it "breaking bad", the weight will quickly become the same.
  • A hungry diet leads to slower metabolism: the body goes into energy saving mode and the accumulation of reserves.

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However, despite these drawbacks, there are a lot of people willing to try this technique on themselves. Think twice whether this weight loss system is right for you. You might like this diet of 7 petals., which is designed for the same period and also applies to mono diets, but does not have such strict restrictions on the volume of portions.

Estonian diet menu

Many women call this protein diet system as the first 3 days in the menu will be exclusively protein foods. Estonian protein diet implies the following diet:

  • Day 1. Your 6 day willpower test begins with an egg day. Boil 6 hard boiled eggs and divide them for the whole day.
  • Day 2. The menu is half a kilo of low-fat cottage cheese or with a low percentage of fat without the addition of sour cream, sugar, honey or fruit. Eat clean cottage cheese all day.
  • Day 3. Boiled chicken breast (700g), cooked without salt and spices, is divided into the whole day.
  • Day 4. Boil 200 g of any kind of rice. You will get about 600 grams of cereal, eat it without salt and oil.
  • Day 5. 6 medium-sized boiled potatoes should make up your daily diet.
  • Day 6. Apples complete your slimming period. Their number is not limited, but it is advisable not to exceed 6 pieces per day, although by the finish you will need only 2 apples for supersaturation.

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If you decide to hold out for a maximum period, the Estonian diet for 7 days requires an extra kefir day.

Estonian weight loss recommendations

In order for the Estonian protein-based diet to give maximum results, and its negative effects to be minimal, follow these guidelines:

  • Before you start losing weight by this method, it is recommended to reduce your daily calorie content, then your body will not experience such severe stress from starvation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. You can drink clean water, or you can prepare Sassi water, which will help remove toxins from the body and provide the body with vitamins during these difficult 6 days.
  • If you feel keenly hungry, it is allowed to enter into the diet of some green vegetables, for example, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage.
  • At the end of losing weight, it is important to know how to get out of the diet correctly in order to keep the result as long as possible.

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Once again, we remind you that this method of losing weight is suitable only for women who have no health problems. In fact, the weight loss system has nothing to do with Estonians, and they themselves do not use it. And the fact that its author remains unknown, a little alarming. Perhaps you will choose one of the methods developed by nutritionists, which are many on our website.

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