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Healthy elastic "silk skin"- the dream of every woman. With age, this wonderful gift of youth gradually fades away. To keep it for years to come, essential oils for the body are invaluable. They are the basic basis of aromacosmetics, the use of which has its own specific rules.

The effect of essential oils on the body

The culture of using essential oils has a long history, and today aroma cosmetics is recognized as the most promising direction in cosmetology. Why do these amazingly scented fluids have a unique effect on the skin?

The answer is simple - they include a huge range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. Moreover, the molecules of these substances are very small in size, which provides them with excellent absorption by the skin. This makes them ideal ingredients in personal care products.

ylang ylang and lavender

  • They perfectly heal, nourish and soften the skin.
  • The oxygen molecules contained in them penetrate through the cell wall, participate in the transfer of nutrients to the starving cells of the body and ensure their proper absorption.
  • The presence of antioxidant properties in these incenses prevents all pathological cellular processes.
  • The use of aromacosmetics allows you to slow down the process of extinction of the hormonal status of the body, which largely determines the condition of the skin.

Essential oils for the skin of the body will reveal all their great features only when they are skillful and regular use.

How to choose aromacosmetics for body care

Proper selection of aroma oils to a large extent guarantees an excellent result of their use.

The selection criteria are:

  • the type and condition of the skin, the problems from which to get rid of;
  • the purpose of each oil component;
  • a procedure where you intend to use this oil arsenal.

aroma baths

The use of essential oils in the bathroom for skin care

All subsequent information is provided for skin care at home.

Enjoying a fragrant bathroom

  1. In a bath filled with warm water, add a glass of kefir with aromatic additives: 2 drops of lemon oil, 4 - rosemary and 6 drops of thyme.
  2. Take a bath for 20-25 minutes. This bath not only improves the condition of the skin, but also gives you great pleasure.
  3. It is quite permissible to dream with the use of precious fragrant drops. For example, by stirring 1 teaspoon of honey in water, 2 drops of ginger and black pepper aroma oil, you will improve blood circulation and general well-being.

For oily and porous skin

The best essential oils for the body with oily and porous skin are lemon, lemon balm, rosemary, eucalyptus, bergamot, pine and juniper.

The scheme for the most effective combination of these components is as follows:

  1. Mint - 3 drops, 2 drops of eucalyptus and lemon, or this ratio - 2 drops of juniper and bergamot, and chamomile and lemon - 3.
  2. Enjoy a bath with such ingredients should be no more than 20-15 minutes.

the beginning of the massage session

Getting rid of cellulite

For parting with the hated cellulite pits on the skin, your reliable allies will be citrus essential oils. For this:

  1. 2 - 3 drops of the oil of these solar fruits are dissolved in 200 g of milk and added to the bath.
  2. But it should take no more than 20 minutes.
  3. An important warning - after such a bath can not sunbathe.

Massages and wraps

Independently get rid of not only cellulite, but also from annoying fatty deposits will help essential oils to massage the body. This procedure is doubly effective, because the healing effect of the massage itself is combined with the healing properties of the oil components.

Of course, it is better to carry out such procedures in the massage rooms by hands of experienced massage therapists. But at home, by carrying out these procedures to yourself regularly and energetically, you can achieve noticeable results. Massaging the skin along the massage lines should not overdo the impact on the inner thighs. With a predisposition to fragility of blood vessels, you can “decorate” yourself with bruises.

All essential oils for body massage can be applied to the skin only in diluted form. It is advisable to use ready-made aroma mixtures. But if you want, you can make your own composition of useful and charming aromas. The instruction is attached to each aroma product. After carefully studying it, you will gain information about the beneficial properties of a particular product and the most suitable base oil.

film wrapping

  • A wonderful effect gives a honey massage of problem areas with citrus essential oils.
  • Today's popular can massage with special silicone cans is very effective when combining anti-cellulite gels and essential oils from grape seed, citrus and wheat germ.
  • And here is a very effective recipe for youth and beauty of your body: rub all problem areas with a mixture of sea salt, 3 drops of lemongrass and dill oil, 2 drops of black pepper oil and 1 drop of cinnamon. Make massage movements from top to bottom. After 15 minutes, take a regular bath. Repeat the procedure every 2 days. Only 10 procedures.

Anti-cellulite essential oil wrap

Now let's consider step by step how to use essential oils for the body with anti-cellulite wraps:

  1. mix 1 tbsp. l base oil (almond, olive) with 4 - 5 drops of citrus aroma oil;
  2. add this composition to blue clay (50 g) and “spice up” 10 g of ground cinnamon;
  3. using water, bring the mixture to the consistency of sour cream;
  4. we put it on problem areas, cover them with a film and carefully wrap a warm blanket;
  5. get “pleasure” 40-50 minutes;
  6. wash off the mixture with warm water;
  7. we put anti-cellulite cream.

Such procedures take no more than an hour, they should be performed 1 time in 3 days. Course - 10 wraps. The effect of the procedures is achieved both by wrapping and due to the active components of oils that improve blood microcirculation.

belly massage

Fight with stretch marks

Many unpleasant moments give young mothers a legacy in the form of skin stretch marks left by a past pregnancy. We will not be in vain to encourage our readers, the proposed recipe does not completely save you from these scars, but only make them less noticeable. Massage with rubbing in an oil mixture of base oil, as well as geranium and rosemary (2 drops each) and lavender and lemon (1 drop each) will significantly restore the smoothness and uniformity of the skin.

Body masks

Take care of the health and beauty of your skin and help mask with essential oil for the body. They, like other procedures, will improve its appearance due to the deep influence of essential oils on cell membranes and activation of metabolic processes.

Gradually, this procedure is as follows:

  1. from the list of flower essential oils you choose the desired fragrance;
  2. check whether he will cause you allergies;
  3. enrich them with their usual cosmetics (a few drops per 10–15 ml of base);
  4. apply this cream or gel after taking a shower or bath.

girl in oil

Applying essential oils to the skin of the body, women not only get rid of specific skin problems, but also receive pleasant sensations, returning the tenderness and sensuality lost in everyday affairs.

Video: essential oil in the fight against dry skin

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