Epilation of the upper lip - fighting with the antennae

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Epilation of the upper lip is a real salvation for girls who have had to face such an annoying problem as unwanted facial hair, namely, antennae. Soft fluff over the upper lip is the norm, according to endocrinologists, and it is in every degree of manifestation in every woman. But what if the hair above the lip is hard and dark? It makes a woman shy and be unhappy with her appearance, it becomes a complex and a whole problem. Fortunately, there is not one way to get rid of unwanted antennae. We will talk about them.

Why is this happening?

Modern endocrinologists consider hair growth over the upper lip, like the hair around the nipples, to be a sign of intersexuality. This means that such a sign can be inherent in both men and women. If the hair is not so much that you have to pull it out daily, this is not a deviation. If dark hair grows in the middle, there is a reason to consult a specialist. The reasons for the growth of unwanted facial hair can be several:

  • Heredity.
  • Hormonal failure in the female body.
  • Incorrect work of the endocrine system.

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It is believed that hormonal pills, among which are well known to pregnant Duphaston, as well as many birth control pills and pills, can contribute to an undesirable mustache. They affect the hormones of a woman and can trigger this problem.

What to do with unwanted facial hair?

Even with the removal of the cause of the appearance of unwanted facial hair, they, unfortunately, will not go anywhere on their own. Shaving is strictly prohibited, it will only aggravate the problem. In place of old hair new ones will grow in even larger quantities, and thin hairs can become stiff, like men's bristles. At home, you can remove unwanted mustaches by yourself with tweezers, but not every woman can withstand such torture. And even more so if this torture is daily. Depilation of the upper lip with a special cream will not correct the situation for a long time, after a week or another, the hated tendrils will appear again.

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Depilation over the lip with creams most often removes only the upper visible part of the hair, but the problem remains deeper in the bulb. But, turning to the beautician, you can forget about this trouble forever, and epilation of the upper lip will help you. There are quite a few types of this procedure; each of them has both disadvantages and advantages.

Laser epilation of the upper lip

According to beauticians and reviews of happy women, laser hair removal of the upper lip allows you to say goodbye forever to an unaesthetic misunderstanding. This procedure is painless for many girls, but if you feel discomfort during the session, the beautician may suggest anesthesia for you. The skin area with unwanted vegetation will be smeared with a special cream and laser hair removal of the upper lip will not cause you negative emotions. The procedure is very simple: after anesthesia, all the hairs above the lip will be gradually processed by a laser; at the end of the procedure, the skin above the lip will be smeared with Panthenol.

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The disadvantage of this procedure can be considered the duration of the course and high cost. To permanently get rid of the antennae, you will need to visit the office of a beautician about 10 times. This manipulation lasts only a few minutes, and the cost varies from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles, depending on the city and the level of the cabin. That is, to obtain the desired result, you will need to pay an average of 30 thousand rubles. Not every girl can afford to use this service.

Elos upper lip epilation

One of the subspecies of photoepilation is Elos epilation of the upper lip. Two types of radiation - light and radio frequency - affect the hair simultaneously. At first, the light energy heats the hair, and then a high-frequency current is passed through it, which destroys the hair follicle. Step by step process is as follows:

  1. Before the manipulation, the beautician will remove the extra hairs with a razor or scissors.
  2. A special gel will be applied to the area above the lip that will prevent burns and skin irritation.
  3. Goggles will be worn over your eyes.
  4. The beautician with the help of a special apparatus with a nozzle, which produces short light flashes, will process the desired zone, capturing the area around the antennae.
  5. After the procedure, the beautician will tell you about your own skin care instructions, which includes applying sunscreens and prohibits hot baths and peeling.

Elos procedure

Elos epilation of the upper lip has a destructive effect on the follicles that are in the growth stage, that is, “active”. A "sleeping" will need to wake up after a period of time, so that the procedures need a few. The amount will be determined by a specialist in each case. Subsequent procedures are carried out with an interval of 6 weeks so that the “dormant” follicles have time to go into the “active” phase. The cost of the procedure is an average of 2,500 rubles, but the course is slightly shorter than in the previous type of hair removal.

Waxing on the upper lip

Such a procedure as waxing hair removal over the upper lip can be performed both in the cosmetology office and at home. If you decide to do it yourself, you need to purchase either special wax strips or special wax, paper and a spatula. Wax strips on average will cost you 300 rubles, and waxing at a beautician will cost about 400 rubles. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a professional and make the procedure correctly.

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The master knows all the details of the case and minimizes the risks of skin irritation and the likelihood of removing particles of the skin along with the hairs. This procedure is quite painful and not every girl will be able to conduct it to herself, much less to do everything correctly. Hair removal over the upper lip is done with cold wax. Waxing the upper lip will allow you to forget about the antennae for 2 months, and repeating the manipulation all the time, you can gradually get rid of them forever.

QOOL hair removal over the upper lip

QOOL epilation over the lip is a subtype of laser exposure. This method is considered one of the most modern. The advantage of QOOL hair removal is painless and high efficiency. Since the skin of a woman does not heat up, the method can be applied even to the most sensitive skin. The procedure is non-contact, the beautician will not even apply any gel to the skin, including painkillers. During QOOL hair removal you will only feel a slight tingling of the skin.

QOOL hair removal

In the process of QOOL hair removal, the skin is not exposed to laser at all. The radiation acts exclusively on the hair, burning it. This epilation over the lip is the first in the history of epilation, not prohibiting sunbathing. The price is about 2000 rubles per session, you may need up to 10 visits to a beautician.

Although cosmetic procedures are quite expensive, it is possible to say goodbye to unwanted hair growth over your lips forever. Thanks to modern technology and cosmetic products, women who have had to face this problem will be able to permanently give the right to wear mustaches to men.

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