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The program slim energy- grow thin easily!

Almost every woman who wants to like herself and others is puzzled by the problem of losing weight. At the same time, many find it difficult to independently achieve the desired results and keep them for a long time simply with the help of diet and sports. Often, exercise and nutrition is not enough to get the desired effect and the market offers a variety of drugs that activate the processes of fat loss. Despite the fact that not all of them provide long-term effect and are safe for health, finding a high-quality natural product is quite real. The Energy Slim slimming program is an innovative invention, the principle of which is “lose weight easily at home”.

You can buy Energy Slim for weight loss in the online store NL International, the official website of which can be easily found on the Internet; in pharmacies, the complex is not for sale. The price of the whole complex is quite high - 3990 rubles. For this amount, the manufacturer promises tangible results after 25 days - to minus 8 cm at the waist. What is unique energy slim program for weight loss? How does she work? What are the real reviews about energy slim? Consider in more detail.

4 easy steps to lose weight

How does the energy slimming program work?

The Energy Slim slimming program gradually stimulates the metabolism and burning of fat deposits by activating various body systems. In addition, the complex of drugs helps to independently control the appetite and, thereby, to form the right food culture. The scheme of the use of fat-burning drugs is designed for 25 days and includes four stages.

1 step - wake up the body

Step-by-step instructions for taking energy slim

  1. Stage 1. DrainEffect - a draining drink that frees the body of excess fluid and toxins, eliminates puffiness, reduces waist and hips, cleanses the intestines, kidneys and liver and tones. The composition of the drink consists of plant extracts of white tea, lemongrass, peppermint, aloe vera, rhubarb, prickly pears. Available in the form of sticks, which before use must be dissolved in water at room temperature.
  2. Stage 2. FoodControl is a means to control appetite, eliminates the feeling of hunger by acting on the receptors and provides a feeling of satiety up to 5 hours, which allows you to create a proper food culture and reduce the amount of food consumed by up to 50% without feeling physical and psychological discomfort. The active ingredients are Fabuless DE, konjac gum and extracts of fruits and plants. Available in the form of sticks, which before use must be dissolved in warm water.
  3. Stage 3. Metabolic - stimulates the metabolism, the active ingredients - green and white tea, L-tyrosine and green coffee. Ginger, cayenne pepper, vitamin PP and picolinate increase fat burning, so excess weight goes faster. Available in capsules.
  4. Stage 4. BodyShape - a preparation for tightening and shaping. Active linoleic acid and raspberry extract support muscles and skin in a tone, block the formation of fat deposits, reduce hunger and cravings for sweets, chromium picolinate allows you to fix the result. Available in capsules.

Step 2 - control your appetite

Energy Slim application

The manufacturer’s instructions assume five meals a day and divide the process of taking drugs into five five-day blocks:

  1. Day 1-5. “Awakening of the body”: DrainEffect - twice a day 30-40 minutes before breakfast and lunch;
  2. Day 6-10. “Appetite Management”: DrainEffect (twice a day 30-40 minutes before breakfast and a day snack) and FoodControl (half an hour before lunch and dinner);
  3. Day 11-15. "Acceleration of metabolism": Metabolic (1 capsule after the daily snack, drink a glass of water) and FoodControl (twice a day, half an hour before lunch and dinner);
  4. Day 16-20. “Silhouette formation”: Metabolic (1 capsule after lunch and afternoon tea, drink a glass of water) and Bodyshape (2 capsules after lunch and dinner, drink a glass of water);
  5. Day 21-25. "Fixing the result": Bodyshape (2 capsules after lunch and dinner, drink a glass of water).

The manufacturer recommends to combine the program Energy Slim for weight loss with another product - Energy Diet. During the application of additives, weak and non-sweet drinks, vegetables, cereals, lean meats, fish and seafood, eggs, mushrooms, legumes, soy products, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese are allowed. It is recommended to use at least 2 liters of water per day. An important condition is also physical activity for a more active fat loss process.

3 step- accelerate metabolism!

Contraindications to the use of Energy Slim for weight loss

Individual drug sensitivity to individual components, pregnant women and nursing mothers is undesirable.

Real reviews on Energy Slim on the Internet

Elena: “I bought energy slim slim is easy recently and I really liked it. I started to drink the drug and I was pleasantly surprised by the result, despite the fact that I don’t have time for sports. Weight goes gradually, while I feel comfortable. "

Ksenia: “The complex helped me lose weight easily and comfortably. Ideal for those who want to get in shape. "

Marina: “After taking the drug, discomfort in the stomach appeared, and after the capsules, pain and tingling began. The weight did not go away, the money was thrown to the wind. ”

Alla: “I can’t say that I lost 30 kg of weight just by lying on the sofa and not denying myself sweets. In parallel with the intake of drugs adhere to the principles of healthy eating, I run in the morning. The complex is perfect for cleaning the body and fixing the result. Now I weigh 48 kg and the weight does not return! Energy Slim provides good health and gives a lot of energy. However, without training and diet nothing will be! "

4 step- shape your silhouette!

The result of the preparation for slimming Energy Slim

The energy slimming slimming program for slimming is easily positioned as a cleansing and fat burning, but it doesn’t fight directly with extra centimeters. Nutritional supplements facilitate the transition to proper nutrition, tone up and cleanse the body, but the long-term effect of weight loss is achieved only in combination with diet and exercise. The high cost of the product is not always a guarantee of weight loss without harm to health: despite the absence of side effects stated by the manufacturer, the drugs can cause discomfort. Therefore, if you decide to buy this complex, you should consult with your doctor before use and take drugs only under his control.

However, the complex in some cases really helped to lose weight effectively, for which he received encouraging reviews, so everyone decides for himself whether to try or not. If you have had experience using the Energy Slim program, you can tell about it in the comments under this article.

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