Emo style make-up - secrets of creation

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Imagine adherents of the youth subculture without a specific make-up is quite difficult, especially when it comes to fans of the emo style. According to experts in the field of makeup, make-up in the style of emo is quite difficult to do. Success will be achieved only if the internal mood corresponds to the chosen image. In other words, if you have the necessary attitude, you can apply such makeup at home with your own hands.

Cosmetics you need for emo makeup

  • tonal cream powder;
  • loose powder;
  • eyeliner in black;
  • black eyeliner;
  • eyeshadow is dark;
  • bright eyeshadow;
  • black waterproof mascara;
  • lip gloss or lipstick.

Before you do emo makeup, you need to decide on its purpose. Like any other, emo makeup is divided into day and evening. The first involves the use of fairly bright shadows, for example, gold, pink, blue, silver, purple or purple.

two emo girls

In the evening, emo makeup for girls may look even more daring - large glitters are applied to the eyelid area, very voluminous false eyelashes are used. In addition, special attention is paid to the application of powder and blush, which make the shape of the face more expressive and emphasize the texture.

Rules for applying emo makeup

The basic rule that should be taken into account when doing emo makeup: you need to do everything possible to give the skin a perfectly smooth look and natural tone. To disguise flaws, you should use the tonal and compact powder, as well as the corrector. Further, eyes should be emphasized. Makeup for emo among others stands out precisely brightly outlined eye area. Eyes are painted gradually, starting with a soft pencil of dark gray or black color. It is worth noting that at first the inner corners of the eyes are highlighted with light movements, and then the contour on the lower eyelids is created with a medium-fat line. Arrows are created by intersecting the contours of the upper and lower eyelids.

Without the use of shades of saturated colors, it is rather difficult to call emo makeup complete. The image will play only if the eyelids are tinted in thick asphalt, purple, gray or other colors. It is important to note that regardless of the chosen color of the shadows, make-up for emo involves their careful blending. This simple technique will visually enlarge the eyes, especially if combined with the addition of light strokes. In addition, around the dark contour, you must create a halo of brighter shadows. Then eyelashes are colored, preferably with black mascara, which increases the length and volume.

makeup application process

Because emo makeup focuses on the eyes, lips do not need to be distinguished in any particular way. A normal lip gloss or lipstick of neutral tone will be quite enough. If there is a desire to make the skin a little paler than a natural shade, you can apply a thin layer of light, crumbly powder.

Features of the image

The make-up of an emo girl will not allow you to completely create an image, if you do not complement it with an appropriate outfit, manicure and hairdo. Nails in this case is given not the last value. Emo makeup goes well with black painted nails, as well as variations on French manicure, such as black with pink or blue. However, without the presence of a black manicure would not be so successful.

It is very important to pay attention to the correct choice of lipstick. Emo makeup does not allow bright shades to color the lips. Red and cherry colors, as well as fuchsia, are not strongly recommended. They can completely ruin the emo girl's makeup and make the image absurd.

girl with black lips

Also it is worthwhile to separately talk about skin leveling. Emo style make-up is absolutely incompatible with such derma problems as redness, acne, acne and bumps. If any of these ailments is present, it must be carefully masked with a tonal tool, it is desirable that it also has a healing effect. It should also be remembered that low-quality cosmetics can only worsen the situation.

Emo image transformation

If more recently, the image of emo did not provide for the use of bright cosmetics, but today the situation has changed radically. Such colors as pink, blue and violet became firmly in the emo-fashion, which means that the whole emo-style has become more cheerful. This image will make you feel like a real princess, with big eyes and long eyelashes.

bright pink hair
Requirements for eyeliner and mascara also softened recently - now you can use not only black colors, but also experiment with dark gray, blue and purple.

Video: creating a make-up in emo style

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