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Catch in 15 minutes Such a difficult task confronts every modern girl in the morning when she is trying to create an attractive makeup. In our rapid pace of life, when every minute counts, it is not always possible to be in all its glory. Hurrying in the morning to work or study, but wanting to look perfect, the girls do an awkward makeup and go about their business. Throughout the day, they continually correct their make up, eliminating morning deficiencies. But each girl is very important to have a presentable look, how to be? How to create the correct daily makeup in the morning for such a small amount of time and at the same time be stunning all day?

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What do we know about makeup? Any makeup was created in order to emphasize all your virtues and hide unpleasant flaws in appearance. Proper everyday makeup should not resemble a mask with a layer of plaster, it should be light, barely noticeable and of course attractive. And of course, its creation should take as little time as possible. To make a beautiful makeup for every day, you need to get acquainted with some of the nuances.

What is needed to create a beautiful makeup for every day?

  1. Ideal skin on which there will be no flaws: redness, pimples, age spots, dark circles, bags under the eyes.  To bring the skin in perfect condition, you must take care of proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air, good sleep, as well as drinking enough liquid. In addition to all these daily procedures, you should peel the skin of the face 1 time a week, and then make a nourishing mask. Do not forget about the daily application of cream, day and night, suitable for your skin type.
  2. Of course, a set of good cosmetics and tools. If you decide to update your set of cosmetics, then stop your look at cosmetics from the professional series, it is with these tools you can create high-quality daily makeup, for which you will not have to worry. No less important detail in the creation of makeup is a set of necessary tools that meet the high quality materials.

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Necessary cosmetics

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In addition to the standard set: mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and blush, you should have some other cosmetic products:

  • Cleansing Tonic - with it, you will remove all impurities from the skin and give the face a matte tone.
  • Face cream (day) - to make-up lay perfectly, it is necessary to apply face cream, immediately before the make-up creation procedure.
  • Foundation cream - choosing this tool stop your choice on light texture creams, such as CC cream. It combines the two necessary effects, care and toning of all skin imperfections. As for color, it should ideally fit your natural skin tone.
  • Concealer - it is indispensable for eliminating such defects as: pimples or dark circles. By putting a little concealer on a visible flaw, you will make it less noticeable to others.
  • Powder- it should have a light crumbly basis, it is this powder that will help to preserve make-up resistance, without weighing it down.
  • Pencil for eyeliner of contra eye - its color is selected on the basis of the type of its appearance. If you are blonde, it is better to give up the black contour pencil, and stop your choice on the brown color.
  • The palette of shadows - the more colors it will include, the more variations of everyday makeup you will have. In the palette of shadows must be dark and light shades.
  • Mascara - when choosing a mascara, be guided by what effect of its application you need, lengthening, maximum volume or just separation and rich color. Blonde girls, do not choose black mascara, it does not always suit you. For you the best option would be mascara brown.
  • A pencil or eyebrow shade - the color of these products should be a bit darker than the color of your hair.
  • Lipstick for lips - its color must be selected based on the color of your hair. You can opt for a matte texture, glossy or lipstick with nacre or sparkles.

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Girls, if you create a daily day makeup, then stop your choice on a range of bright soothing shades. A riot of rich colors inappropriate in everyday makeup, better leave it for a festive make up. Light make-up for every day is an imperceptible make-up for others, which makes your look gentle and light.

Make-up toolkit

With a set of necessary cosmetics, we completely figured out. To create a perfect daily make-up is not enough one cosmetics, you must have a set of special tools. Every girl who decided to master the skill of visage should acquire a professional set of tools:

  • A set of make-up brushes - it includes a brush for the tonal framework, corrective means, powder, several different brushes for applying shadows, a brush for combing eyelashes and eyebrows, a brush for applying shadows on the eyebrows, a brush for lipstick.
  • Sponzh- it is necessary for the careful distribution of the tonal framework. If you are allergic to hairs that make up makeup brushes, then the sponge will become an indispensable tool. Your cosmetic bag should have at least 2 sponge.
  • Eyebrow tweezers - without it, it is impossible to make an eyebrow shape adjustment, and ideal eyebrows are a very bright detail in the image of any girl.

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Remember that all these tools require proper and timely care. To keep the instrument clean as long as possible, place it in a special case or box after use. All brushes, brushes, combs should wash when visible contamination is formed. This also applies to the sponge.

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Create makeup for every day

how corrective means are applied

So, we proceed to how to make the right perfect makeup for every day at home:

  1. We clean the skin with a tonic and a small cotton pad. After this procedure, the skin will become dull.
  2. We apply your usual day care face cream. This will help to nourish the skin with moisture and make it velvety.
  3. Now you need to start masking the flaws with the help of concealer. Apply it to all zones that require correction with a special brush.
  4. Having finished the masking procedure, proceed to applying the pitch. This will help you foundation, tone cream must be applied with a brush or a soft sponge.
  5. To fix the tone on the face, slightly powder it with powder, paying special attention to the T-shaped zone.
  6. Now you need to highlight the perfect brow line, apply some shadows or a pencil on the hairs and comb them well.
  7. To make a simple eye makeup, it is enough to apply graceful arrows on the eyelids with the help of a contour pencil that suits your shade.
  8. Simple eye makeup can be done with the help of shadows alone. Apply one tone, all eyelid and eye makeup is ready. Of course, you can make a heavier make-up for every day, you can combine light arrows and several shades of shadows in it.
  9. The last chord in the make-up of the eyes is mascara; we apply mascara in 1-2 layers, not more.
  10. The line of lipstick, if you have done a complete eye makeup, it is better to give up colored lipstick, apply a balm or a colorless gloss on the lips. If your daily eye makeup is made modestly, i.e., on the eyelids, arrows or just eyelashes are highlighted with mascara, then you can safely afford colored lipstick, but its color should not be screaming.

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We select a simple make-up for every day for all eye colors.

For green-eyed beauties

lilac green eye shadow

Casual makeup for green eyes requires some caution in the choice of color, it should not be too bright, as well as blend with the iris.

  • For green eyes, shadows in the violet tones are ideal, ranging from delicate lilac to dark eggplant.
  • Casual makeup for green eyes with purple mascara on eyelashes will be unusual.
  • As for the makeup of the lips for every day, lipstick should be a warm shade of the palette.

For brown-eyed beauties

Casual makeup for brown eyes should be made in warm delicate gammtsvetvetov.

  • The warm color of the face, gentle shades for brown eyes, the color of lipstick in everyday make-up brown eyes, may undergo small changes and become brighter, such as wine tint.
  • For the owners of brown eyes and pale skin color suits everyday makeup, which uses silver and purple shadows and berry-colored lipstick.

brown makeup

For blue-eyed and gray-eyed beauties

pearl blue eye shadows

Makeup for every day for blue eyes, as well as gray has some features. Owners of blue and gray eyes have a feature to change the color of the iris, depending on the mood, lighting, clothes and of course the makeup itself.

  • If you want to emphasize the sky blue of blue eyes, then apply a pearl-blue shade on your eyelids, and lipstick is better to choose from a natural range or completely abandon it.
  • As for everyday makeup for gray eyes, it is better to give up shadows in it, and to decorate the eyelids with beautiful eyeliner and mascara, make lip makeup not too catchy, this is a fairly simple makeup.

We hope that you understand what a proper daily make-up is, in what tones it is performed and what specific tools and cosmetics are necessary for it. Using our small tips, you can easily master make-up at home, and you can create unique images for every day in 5-10 minutes!

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