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Every woman who has problems with excess weight, sooner or later begins to get rid of him with all imaginable and inconceivable ways. The extra kilos, like an anchor of a ship, like a brake, keep a woman in one place, do not let her live a full life, like herself and others. Everyone knows that excess weight is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health. The desire of all obese women is one: "That would lose weight without diets and gyms!" Found a way out! And this is an earring for weight loss! Did not hear? We will tell you what kind of earring for weight loss, what the principle of its action and what results to expect, and whether to expect them at all.

On the method of losing weight with an earring Mukhina

The basis of non-standard method of losing weight with the help of earrings is reflexology or acupuncture. This effect on the points on the human body. The author of the method, Mariyat Mukhina, says that if you put an earring for weight loss at the desired point on your ear, you will be able to achieve incredible results in weight loss. And according to Mariyat, this is not about 3-5 kg ​​per month, but about really amazing figures, up to 80 kg for the whole weight loss cycle. Your appetite will decrease, craving for sweets will be removed as a hand, and the food regime will normalize. How can you not run to the clinic and not insert an earring for losing weight? Perhaps, as long as human laziness exists, such techniques will appear again and again. We all want to be slim and beautiful, but not indulge in the holidays of the stomach.

The vast majority of obese women have an insurmountable barrier separating them from the gym. This makes women overweight to look for an alternative, which has become a fly ear for weight loss. But as it often happens behind a bright sign, in this case, the usual diet! You really have a good chance to reset your "heavy anchor", but it will be possible to do this only by following a fairly strict diet. Modern dietology, unfortunately, can not offer today any really working way of losing weight without changing food habits and physical exertion.

Gold Earring for Weight Loss

How Mukhina Earring helps in losing weight

You ask: "So help or not?" Indeed, in addition to negative recommendations, the network also has positive reviews. Earring Fly for weight loss can be quite effective jewelry, because:

  • Ear ring for weight loss is a minus 10,000 rubles for the installation, 3,000 for the advice of a nutritionist, periodic paid receptions, massage, body wraps. On average, the price of the service is about 20,000 rubles. You will be able to lose weight, because you probably won't be able to buy a cake for some time.
  • Earring for weight loss will be a powerful reminder that you must follow a diet. It really motivates some, some fall under the placebo effect, and some simply feel sorry for the money spent and the diet has to be followed.

Yes, indeed, acupuncture is known to mankind for many years. But you need to understand that in itself the puncture of a miracle does not happen. To lose weight, you need to change the diet. And Mariyat Mukhina understands this, and therefore a leaf with recommendations or a strict diet is attached to each earring.

Lose weight with decoration in the ear of Mukhina

The decoration from Mukhina-it sounds like a new fashion trend, but no, we're still about losing weight. Although the author of the method took care of the aesthetics of his development, for an additional 3,000 rubles you will receive not a simple earring, but decorated with stones. Numerous reviews of those who have already tried this technique on themselves will help other women not to fall for this bait. So, after a golden earring for weight loss is firmly fixed on your ear, you will be given a diet that will make you slim even without a puncture.

Diet, reinforcing effect earrings

impact earrings

Exactly and not otherwise! After all, Mariyat Mukhina emphasizes that it is the puncture of the ear trestle that will help reduce your appetite and, as a result, lose weight. That is, not a diet will help to say goodbye to the pounds, and earring. But you probably already know at least a little about diets and, having looked at the menu attached to the decoration, you will understand that it is possible to lose weight just because of it, and not a puncture.

Actually, the menu is as follows: you can eat protein foods, vegetables, berries, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, drink vitamins so that your body does not weaken from such a strict diet. We exclude all harmful products that a priori do not make you slimmer: dumplings, sweet yogurts, pastries, pasta, cereals, absolutely all sweets, even diabetic chocolate. How do you diet? The diet is very effective and it really helps you lose weight. It is based on the well-known principles of proper nutrition. But a woman who has heard that a golden earring for weight loss helps to say goodbye to the hated excess weight, most likely, it will be very, very difficult to follow such a diet. For many in general, it becomes a disappointment that a diet is attached to the earring, because the advertisement of the method is silent about this before committing the puncture.

The danger of acupuncture slimming method

The method quickly gained wide popularity, many women tried it on themselves, someone lost weight, changing their diet, according to the recommendations, someone broke in the first days "starkach". Clinics Mariat Mukhina work in many cities of Russia, but also offers from competitors enough. If you still decided that the earring in the ear for weight loss should be tested by you, do not do the procedure in questionable places, even if the cost will be several times lower. Remember that acupuncture is a rather serious direction in medicine, and there are points on the human body, the effect on which can even lead to coma and death.

Contraindications to install earrings

In addition, the method has contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • anemia;
  • oncological diseases.

lose weight with a golden needle

It only remains to add that, alas, the miracle did not happen again, the solution to the problem of excess weight without changing the diet and exercise is not found. At the very least, these are not Mukhina earrings. And for those who want to be slim there is nothing else to do but to reconsider your diet, to gather courage and go to the gym. Believe me, there will be no people with skeptical or judgmental views. Most of those who go to the gym are the same people who want to change their lives, having solved the problem of excess weight, just like you. You can, of course, still wait, suddenly invent something new and another super-effective tool, and you can go on the most difficult, but really working and proven way! And we wish you success!

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