Duckface - “long-running” trend or relic of time

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Dakfeys is such a common term among modern youth that no one has any question what is actually being discussed. However, today we will talk about what reasons push fashionistas on thousands of selfies on the Internet to choose duck lips, is it beautiful, and are there alternative fashion trends?

Causes widespread

Duckface (if translated from English verbatim) is a duck face, especially common among the female half of the population (this occurs in men, but less often). This is a special facial expression, in which the sponges bulge significantly outward and turn slightly, as if their owner tells the world “pü” or “iron”. At the same time, the mouth sometimes resembles the duck's beak, because of this similarity, it received a strange animalistic name.


Opinions of experts about the reasons for such a wide distribution of duck face diverge. Some researches of psychologists show even neurological abnormalities among lovers of the “pu” image, but this version is not proven 100%.

duck lips

Most psychologists believe that the propensity for such self-realization, a vivid demonstration of pout lips, which are folded into a "bow" or imitate a kiss with simultaneously pulled cheeks, signal the opposite sex about readiness for relationships and sexual emancipation. In fact, it is a flammable mixture of sexual dissatisfaction, internal hidden dissatisfaction, and a signal sent in all directions about it in such an innocent form. As a reaction to such photos, girls with dakfeys expect increased attention from the opposite sex to their person.

female and male version

Common Internet users are voicing more mundane reasons for using this phenomenon:

  • lips become fuller and juicier, like Angelina Jolie;
  • facial expression resembles a kiss;
  • the image in the photo becomes sexier;
  • the face appears thinner, and the cheekbones become sharp;
  • just looks cool in the picture.

Cupid's bow

Note that in some angles the mouth looks completely organically like a duck and doesn’t spoil the girl in the least, but not everyone can pick up that angle.

History reference

But how did it all begin?

  • In 1979, the cover of the album “Down On The Farm” (Little Feat) depicts a duck with painted red lipstick.
  • 1994 became the starting point of the popularity of duck face. In the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, hero Hugh Grant awarded this nickname to his silly girlfriend Henrietta, but in the Russian translation the word was interpreted as “platypus”.

world sponges

  • In 2003, duck lips reached a new level, as they became widespread among users of the Myspace social network, because 90% of avatars were executed in this style. A new synonym for duck lips “myspace face” has appeared.
  • In 2006, the concept entered the Urban Dictionary. And the brightest fan of duck face is considered to be Christina Ray, which has increased the lips to unreal sizes.

angle difference

Male opinion from

Girls with duck lips believe that their photos are the most sexy and stunning. In men, this is a completely different opinion.

  • Ivan: "When I see girls with rolled lips, they immediately recall the platypus."

  • Alexander: “Unnatural and vulgar. It looks disgusting. "

  • Oleg: “If such a photo is in a single copy, then all right. And if the system, then there are doubts in the mental abilities of the ladies. "

how does a girl and those around herself see

Silicon's Drifted Dreams

Now lips tubule is rapidly losing popularity, and the reason for this was the disappointment in their effect and relevance. But some blinkered ladies still spend huge sums in order to pump up fillers with bulging mouths, despite the proof of their absurdity.


  • Beauty. Strange, but the duck phenomenon seems beautiful to girls, although they create duck lips to attract male attention. As the survey among the guys showed, they are extremely skeptical of the "pew" - the person. To them, this effect is more like a dumpling or swelling.

Many of the guys even scared to kiss such ladies. There is a trend of focusing attention on natural female smiles among men.


  • Sensitivity. Artificially pumped silicone lips with a bow are not only not more sensitive, but can even on the contrary, partially lose it, even to the point of complete numbness.
  • Constancy There is no guarantee that the silicone in the lips will not escape. A modeling gel to increase will need to pin up systematically.


Dakfeys is no longer fashionable?

Today, the legendary lips duck appeared mass of competitors. Some of them are already popular and fairly harmless, but others hit the victims, who are women for a dubious and fleeting fashion for beauty.

lip position

  • Fishy yawn. Hollywood celebrities were among the first to spread the fashion to the "fish". This new trend of posing with a slightly open mouth. New-fashioned nip allows you to visually make your face more narrow. This star has already been chosen by Russian stars: Vera Brezhneva, Vika Bonya and many others.

fish yawn

  • Suturing While someone is dreaming of plump lips, someone is pumping gels and silicone, and someone is pulling them out, turning them into a duckface, in Asia the new fashion for Cupid’s lips is rapidly gaining momentum. This trend involves surgical modeling of the upper lip in the form of a bow bow. To do this, an incision is made along the mucous membrane, while the tissue is partially bent inward, forming a bright bend.

Cupid's bow

  • Eternal smile. A new fashionable wave swept over the eastern countries, it is also called the “Joker smile”. This trend involves cutting and tightening the corners of the mouth up to form a smile of the hero of the comic.

everlasting smile

  • Paw tyrannosaurus. The most fashionable, new kind of posing associated with the lips only indirectly. This is a hand with splayed fingers on the face, while one of the fingers may be slightly bitten.

new trend

In the maelstrom of changing standards of beauty, duck face has already done its job and surrendered leading positions.

family photo

The fashion changes daily, it is not known, but we will keep our hands on the pulse, what fashion trends will surprise social networks tomorrow.

Video: Uncle Zhora- Sponge duck (clip)

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