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Olga Kartunkova

Olga Kartunkov is the only female captain of the KVN team. Mad humorist has achieved thanks to a successful stage role. A fat 134-pound woman had the reputation of a formidable despot, mocking his colleagues on the scene. But lately, only one question does not give fans of peace: how thin is Olga Kartunkova? After all, the famous humorist lost weight rapidly and dramatically. We learn the principles on which the diet of Olga Kartunkova was built, and what efforts an extreme weight loss cost the woman.

before and after losing weight

Biography laughter

Olya Kartunkova was born in the village of Grape Gardens of the Stavropol Territory on March 4, 1978. A sparkling sense of humor was traced in the girl from a young age.


Back in school, she loved to tease her classmates. Brisk and sharp, Olya fought for her right more than once with her fists. For her cheeky temper, they put her on record in the police room. Parents sent a restless daughter to study at the law school for the specialty "Clerk".


In 1999, she successfully graduated from college. Not a single day in her life, Olya did not work in her specialty, but got a job in a recreation center as a methodologist for working with children. Once she had to replace an absent boy on stage. Since then, the scene has become a second home for the girl. In the KVN team, she quickly became the leader. After well-deserved fame, she was repeatedly invited to the TV programs “Let them talk”, “Once in Russia”, “Comedy Woman” and others.


Olga Kartunkova's weight loss history

The woman repeatedly heard “pyshechka”, “donut”, “pampushka” in her address. It is not surprising, since Olga's appearance since her youth was distinguished by remarkable dimensions. The star itself admits that the extra weight never caused her complexes, but rather helped her in creating the stage image of the woman-thunder.

humorist prettier

Olya recovered most of all after the birth of her second child, because during pregnancy the woman did not limit herself to eating goodies. Yielding to the trend of fashion for slender beauties, she often tortured herself with diets, but her kilograms were steadily returning, taking with them a couple of top. Soon the desperate war of humorists and kilograms gained universal proportions.


Slimming Olga Kartunkova

The cause of the exacerbation of the war with kilograms was a leg injury. Due to excess weight, the effects of the fracture were much more serious, because the load on the injured leg was significant. Pulling himself together, the star of the screens completely changed his life.

bright woman

  • Consultation nutritionist. Olga Kartunkova began her way of losing weight with a trip to the dietitian doctor. There she made a detailed program of weight loss. Based on the permitted volumes of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, she built her daily diet.
  • Sport. Olga Kartunkova lost weight thanks to an integrated approach to her own appearance. The gym has become a place where the well-known humorist went with enviable consistency in search of ideal parameters.

weight loss

  • Pool. Photos before and after losing weight show that Olga Kartunkova has turned from a plump donut into a beautiful smart woman. The woman did not cancel trips to the pool even on those days when she was maximally loaded with rehearsals and shootings.
  • Diet. Asking the question on which diet Olga Kartunkova has lost weight, do not expect a quick answer. Comedian in no hurry to share their female secrets. Secreted by seven seals, it only casually reveals the elect.

result of diet

Useful tips for slimming from Oli Kartunkova

On a strict diet sat more than one thousand women. From her own experience, the popular humorist gives all those who are looking for the ideal weight useful tips:

noticeable improvement in appearance

  • drinking mode, at least two liters of water per day;
  • do not eat later than two hours before bedtime;
  • no food from fast food;
  • rejection of all bad habits;
  • abundant content in the food of vegetables and fruits;
  • everyday walks over long distances.

weight loss

Diet of Olga Kartunkova

The program of slimming humorist is based on such whales:


  1. Consumption of seventy grams of protein, less than one hundred and twenty grams of carbohydrates and about thirty grams of fat.
  2. Refusal of smoked foods, convenience foods, flour products and fatty foods, as these products contain a large number of calories.
  3. Reducing the volume of servings and increasing the number of meals. Experts recommended eating at the same time.
  4. Drink plenty of non-carbonated purified water and green tea.

not sweets, but fruit

According to nutritionists' instructions, only such products as milk and sour-milk drinks, fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meat, buckwheat and oatmeal appeared in the refrigerator for losing weight.

Day menu of the famous humorist

Even now, in 2016, the thinner Olga Kartunkova continues to adhere to the chosen lifestyle. Her daily diet consists of:

  • Breakfast. Fruit salad (250 gr.). You can use a variety of fruits. The only exceptions are grapes and bananas. Of all the fruits they are the most calories.
  • The second breakfast is a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Dinner. The menu is overly ascetic. For lunch, Olga Kartunkova, who is losing weight, eats only boiled chicken breast without salt and without a side dish (200 gr.).

The humorist herself says that the first three days were the most difficult to reconstruct, and she was on the verge of collapse.

  • High tea A glass of carrot juice.
  • Dinner. A little low-fat cottage cheese (200 gr.).

diet food

Naturally, this is only a day in Oli's life, and she ate not only these products. Having varied her menu with useful dishes, she managed to lose 37 kilograms. Olga is not going to stop there. Her cherished goal is to lose another 15 kilograms in order to maintain good spirits and excellent well-being.

minus 37 kilos

Recipes dietary dishes from the menu of Olga Kartunkova

The famous humorous actress lost a few dozen kilograms after the diet, using dishes prepared according to the following recipes:

  • Fruit salad. Apple, orange and pear peel, and cut into medium pieces. Mix in a plate. Season with low-fat yogurt and mix.
  • Dietary soup. Slice peeled potatoes and onions. Chop cabbage and carrots. Put all the vegetables in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Throw some millet into the pan and cook on the fire until done. Garnish with dill.
  • Dietary chicken breast with tomatoes and basil. Rinse a couple of chicken fillets, make a cut in the middle. Inside, place the cubes of tomatoes and basil leaves. Pierce the edges with toothpicks and put in a pan, greased with olive oil. Cook on each side for 3 minutes.

prettier humorist

Auxiliary exercises for burning calories

Initially, Olga perceived any physical exertion as hellish. However, looking at the result obtained, I changed my attitude to the sport. Now help a woman lose weight:


  • Walking on a treadmill. The humorist's mileage increased from 500 meters to 1.5 km per day.
  • Squats. With a flat back, standing the entire surface of the foot on the floor, squat, keeping your back straight. Start with three sets of five squats.
  • Balancing Standing "on all fours", straighten your right arm forward and right leg back. The position of the body should turn into a flat line. Stay in this position for 90 seconds.


Olga Kartunkova, shining on the humorous scene, always caused a storm of positive emotions among viewers. Full or thin, the woman possesses unique charisma and charm. Sparkling humor and the ability to laugh at yourself brought to the humorist frenzied popularity. The diet of Olga Kartunkova showed that a woman possesses remarkable strength of will and perseverance in achieving her goals. Dropped kilograms only decorated the girl and allowed to normalize health. “And even though I can’t eat my favorite dishes, as before, but I like my own reflection in the mirror, and I’m not going to go back to my former appearance,” says a beautiful and successful woman.

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