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Losing weight in a short time by 26 kg, Larisa Dolina attracted to her person, perhaps, no less interest than at the peak of her singing career. The public is shocked, and every woman suffering from extra pounds dreamed of finding out the secret of the singer’s success. Today, the diet of Larisa Dolina has only gained its popularity, and there are more and more happy weight loss stories by this method. But diet is difficult to sustain. It is among the low-calorie, which means that the will power and the desire to start a new “slim” life must be very strong. What is the kefir diet of Larisa Dolina, you will find out in the article.

"I have not eaten sugar for 20 years!"

The stunning results of losing weight singer could not fail to attract journalists and TV reporters. Larisa Dolina began to be invited to talk shows related to weight loss, and a photograph of a slender star was on the front pages of magazines and Internet sites. The singer herself proudly shares her success and gladly gives advice to people who want to change their lives, starting with a figure.

Diet from Larisa Dolina helps to lose those extra pounds, but as the singer herself notes: “Without physical exertion I would lose a few pounds, but my muscles would not have become elastic.” Therefore, women who hope to lose weight without effort and effort, a diet for losing weight Larisa Dolina is unlikely to work.

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As the Valley recollects, the problem of excess weight originates in the childhood age of the singer. Wrong eating behavior, grafted by parents, shaped the attitude to food in Larissa and in adulthood. And like many women, Dolyna became a “hostage” of those extra pounds that didn’t want to leave after the birth of her daughter. Larisa decided to start working on her body because of the desire to like herself and people. And this is the best motivation for women!

Basic Postulates of the Valley Diet

As Larissa herself says, one cannot see without abandoning the sweet and far from the slim figure. On the whole, this system of weight loss has quite strict rules and restrictions. But the results are amazing! Ready to become slim in just a week, losing a kilo per day? Then do it!

To repeat Larisa Dolina’s slimming experience, follow the basic recommendations:

  • You need to eat in a clear-cut pattern, dividing the entire allowed amount of food into 6 servings, every 2 hours, starting from 8 and ending at 18. The last meal should be no later than 6 pm.
  • Before you go on a diet, you need to do a fasting day.
  • It is necessary to conduct daily bowel cleansing with enema.
  • Each meal should start with 50 ml. infusion of herbs, which is easy to prepare yourself at home. Cooking instructions for the following: Pour a glass of boiling water with St. John's Wort, calendula and chamomile, a teaspoon.
  • The maximum amount of water you drink per day is half a liter.
  • Drinks allowed green tea, water and a cup of unsweetened coffee in the morning.
  • The basis of the diet is kefir. Everyone knows about the benefits of this fermented milk product. Diet Larisa Dolina implies the use of this drink almost daily for half a liter. Choosing a product in the store, buy 1% fresh kefir. Ideally, it is better to cook kefir with your own hands at home, but you can also buy a finished product.

famous domestic singer

Benefits of Diet Valley

The kefir diet of Larisa Dolina helped more than one thousand women to become beautiful and desirable again. The benefits of dieting are:

  • Efficiency. All who used this system of weight loss, show visible results.
  • The speed of the first results. Seeing on the scales minus 1 kg on the first day, you will receive an incentive to continue to "keep" on a diet.
  • The opportunity to lose weight on the system until you see the desired figure on the scales, alternating a week of diet with a week break.
  • Irritability and bad mood minimize herbal infusions, which the author of the method recommends drinking before each meal. St. John's wort is a powerful antidepressant, chamomile soothes the nervous system, and calendula helps clean the intestines.
  • The diet is not "hungry." You will not feel a constant feeling of hunger, because eating often, but little by little, food is quickly absorbed, satisfying it.

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Disadvantages of the diet Larisa Dolina

Of course, like almost all existing methods of losing weight, the diet of Larisa Valley has minuses:

  • Far from every woman can withstand strict regime throughout the week. Many give up for 2-3 days.
  • Nutritionists note an insufficient amount of protein foods in the menu losing weight.
  • At the end of weight loss weight can go back, and very rapidly. It is important to get out of the diet correctly, namely: the first week is recommended step by step to introduce the usual products, but give up the sweet and flour.
  • Enough uncomfortable is the need for daily enemas. Many women do not comply with this method.
  • Diet Valley on kefir does not fit the "owls" who used to go to bed late and get up by noon: the first meal should be strictly at 8 am, and the last at 6. This will bring inconvenience to women "owls" up to the impossibility of adhering to the diet schedule .
  • You can lose weight by this technique for no longer than 7 days in a row. But after taking a week break, you will be able to start again 7 days of losing weight step by step until you are happy with your figure.

eating healthy foods and avoiding sweets

What can you eat by the method of the Valley?

The entire daily volume of food must be divided into 6 equal portions. A menu losing weight for a week should look like this:

  • Day 1. 5 boiled potatoes and 2 tbsp. kefir.
  • Day 2. A glass of sour cream, 2 tbsp. kefir.
  • Day 3. 200 g of cottage cheese and 2 tbsp. kefir.
  • Day 4. Half boiled chicken, 2 tbsp. kefir.
  • Day 5 and 6. According to 2 tbsp. kefir per day and 400 g of fruit, for example, apples.
  • Day 7. A liter of mineral water.

Undoubtedly, as sung in the song by the Valley: “The most important thing is the weather in the house ...”, but what it will be depends directly on whether the keeper of the hearth is pleased with herself. Eat right, lead an active lifestyle and love yourself!

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