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Ekaterina Mirimanova, diet - 60

Catherine Mirimanova's diet is one of the most popular methods for women who want to get the perfect shape and at the same time not deny themselves tasty food. This diet allows you to eat almost all the products familiar to your diet, but gradually abandon the most harmful of them in favor of substitutes. How does this system work, you ask? What will cause the body to lose weight, if you can eat all that before? The thing is that the -60 diet from Ekaterina Mirimanova has clear instructions on meal times. The emphasis is on the fact that the human body is able to burn fat as much as possible before noon. Athlete Ekaterina Mirimanova independently developed this technique on her own experience, dropping weight from 120 to 60 kg. Her experiences are inspired daily by hundreds of women around the world.

Basic diet postulates -60 kg

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Diet -60 from Catherine Mirimanova is the right weight loss. It does not enter the body in a stressful state, limiting the supply of nutrients or dramatically changing the diet. You do not have to torment yourself by refusing food. Observing simple rules, you will gradually approach the figure of the dream:

  • Three meals a day is the norm. Do not refuse your body to a full breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Observe a clear meal time: breakfast until 12 o'clock, lunch until 15, dinner until 18.
  • Leave in use only small plates, this trick will help you not to overeat.
  • Beverages that contain sugar, such as yogurt, sweet tea, fruit juice, are food, not drink.
  • Gradually replace white sugar with brown.
  • Do not abuse the fruits, a large number of which can slow down the body's metabolic processes.
  • Combine diet with body care and drink vitamins, especially in the winter.
  • No hunger strikes and fasting days.
  • Do not overdo the food so as not to cause puffiness.
  • Eat a variety of cereals: buckwheat, rice, millet, barley.
  • Be sure to include in the diet of dairy products.

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Mirimanova Diet is suitable for people who have the correct daily regimen. If you are accustomed to go to bed very late, and wake up by noon, your body will not be able to adapt to the system. This diet should rather be called a system of proper nutrition, rather than weight loss. But it is the wrong eating pattern that is often the cause of overweight in women.

Breakfast in the diet Mirimanova

Breakfast is the basis of the diet. It must be full and nutritious.

  • If you are not used to having breakfast in the morning, at first you can make 2 breakfasts: 1 early lighter and 2 more dense, closer to 12 o'clock. Breakfast starts in the body metabolism.
  • It is allowed to moderately use any food, even fried potatoes on bacon or fresh pastries. Diet minus 60 kg allows you to eat even sausages and meatballs.
  • The main thing is not to try to eat in the morning meal for the whole day.
  • Breakfast can be at any time comfortable for you up to 12 hours.

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Lunch on a diet minus 60

Lunch should take place between 12 and 15 o'clock, but consider the time of the morning meal. The menu of Ekaterina Mirimanova’s diet for lunch has some limitations:

  • it is forbidden to eat bread, in extreme cases, you need to replace it with rye;
  • do not overeat, watch portions;
  • do not combine pasta and potatoes with meat and fish dishes;
  • give up sugar and honey.

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Try every day to eat first courses. You can cook a variety of soups, fry in olive and vegetable oil is not prohibited. It is even allowed to add mayonnaise or sour cream, but up to 14 hours. If you want to eat cake for dessert, do not deny yourself such a pleasure, just do it for breakfast the next day. If you feel like eating lunch, make dinner easier. Try to feel the balance between meals on your own. Remember that you are aiming for a perfect figure.

Dinner on the Mirimanova diet

The menu of Ekaterina Mirimanova’s diet for dinner should be as mono-component as possible. The easier foods eaten for dinner, the better for the body.

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  • It is best to eat cottage cheese for dinner and drink a glass of kefir. If you have a yogurt maker, you can make yogurt with your own hands at home. To do this, use the step-by-step cooking scheme indicated on the package with yeast and you can make fresh yoghurts and kefir to yourself daily.
  • Try not to add fillers to dairy products and discard sugar.
  • It is possible to eat fish, chicken, vegetables for dinner, but not to combine products, but to cook one of them as an independent dish.
  • You should not have dinner too early, on the contrary, it will slow down the process of losing weight. If you go to bed very late, you can move the dinner time to 8 pm, but the slimming effect will come later, numerous reviews confirm. Try not to eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Water regime on a diet minus 60

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The diet of Catherine Mirimanova has the following recommendations for fluid intake:

  • No need to drink water through force. Drink as much water as your body requires.
  • Ekaterina Mirimanova considers it useless to drink 2 liters of water per day, since this does not affect the number of kilograms left.
  • Put a carafe with water in sight.

Body care

Everyone knows that with a sharp decrease in weight, unappetizing forms may be replaced by an unaesthetic kind of loose skin. It is very important when losing weight to pay enough attention to your body.

  • You can use as folk remedies to improve elasticity, and finished cosmetic products.
  • You can independently do massage problem areas.
  • Regarding exercise, doing them will not interfere. This can be an easy exercise or just a couple of exercises. The main thing that it does not bring you discomfort, and was not burdensome. As Ekaterina Mirimanova herself says: “In the process of losing weight, you need to maintain a positive attitude.” So do not force yourself to play sports if you do not like it. This will not give the expected effect.

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Diet minus 60 kg has numerous positive reviews. This technique has already helped many women and has become their lifestyle, as the body is gradually restructured and adapted to the correct eating habits.

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